Tuesday, December 31, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): eavesdropping

jeans, shirt, vest, socks ~ Kohls
boots ~ b. (a resale shop)
earrings ~ gift from in-laws
necklace ~ H&M

before i begin, i will admit something, i am a total eavesdropper. if i overhear something remotely interesting, i will continue to listen. i know that's not a great thing, but i can't help it...i'm nosy. 

so now on to my story...you'll be happy i eavesdropped.
i went to the dentist yesterday and while i was waiting, i couldn't help but notice the group next to me. after all, it's a small area, and they were making quite a scene. a teenager had just gotten some dose of drugs to get her teeth pulled and they made her wait in the waiting room while the drugs kicked in. she was being quite dramatic. as a side note, i will mention that she had super cool rainbow colored hair, and she was wearing a raccoon tail...as a tail. so yes, i noticed them. at this point i wasn't trying to listen to them talk, but that's because the mom hadn't started talking yet.

they came to get the girl and the mom stepped outside for a moment. when she walked back inside, the receptionist asked her to sign a waiver for the girl to get her teeth pulled. and that is when the mom started talking....

"yeah, it's the craziest thing. she has three sets of teeth. that's why she's getting these ones pulled. when she was younger, she grew an inch-long fang where your two front teeth are supposed to be."

amazing, no? wouldn't you have listened, too?

of course as soon as i got home, i googled "person with one middle fang" and found nothing, so maybe she was exaggerating. it doesn't matter though, i still would have listened.

megan bird

Monday, December 30, 2013

inspiration monday: christmas shopping

megan bird


sweater, necklace (gift from money from parents and in laws) ~ Forever 21
leggings ~ Marshalls
earrings ~ gift from in laws
boots, hat ~ thrifted

nora bird

watch~ gift from jim
jacket~ TJ Maxx
shirt~ F21

necklace~ gift from my sister, carrie
sweater~ Marshalls
dress~ F21
belt~ vintage

every year for christmas, our parents give us money. our mom finds a fun way to present it to us (this year it was wrapped in the softest fleece blankets imaginable), and on december 26, we all go shopping together. it's a fun tradition....this way the gift opening can be about the kids, and we get to shop and pick out whatever we want.

there are a few places that i will shop with abandon...places that i know it will be easy for me to get back to should i want to return anything. target, marshalls, tj maxx...all examples of places that are easy for me to get to. forever 21 is close, but if you've ever been to the mall of america, than you know it's not necessarily easy. on any given day you have to drive a good 20 minutes just to find a parking spot, and then walking through the mall is a whole other story. anyway, i digress. what i am trying to say is that when shopping at forever 21, i make sure to buy only things i know i will want to keep. marshalls, tjs, and target, i will buy the whole store, only to return 3/4 of it the next day.

this sweater and necklace are part of the forever 21 lot that made the cut. i also bought about 10 other sweaters at the aforementioned stores, and ended up keeping two. and even though i didn't end up keeping everything, the fun day spent with my family was well worth the extra trips returning it all.

how were your holidays? link up to share your favorite gifts!

two birds

Friday, December 27, 2013

inspiration for january 30: your favorite gift

the inspiration
we're making it easy for anyone to link up next monday. we would love to see what you got for the holidays...show us your favorite gift that you got this month. did you get a new purse? a watch? a car? well we want to see it. we will make sure to share a few of our faves, too.

click here to see how to play along.

we hope your holidays were fabulous! see you on monday! 

two birds

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

happy holidays!

we will be taking the rest of the week off, so we wanted to take this opportunity to wish all those who celebrate a very merry christmas.

we'll leave you with each of our family christmas cards from this year...

(may your holiday season be just right)

happy holidays,
two birds

Monday, December 23, 2013

inspiration monday: dogs that look like cows

the inspiration
gwen stefani
megan bird

sweater ~ thrifted
boots ~ Urban Origina;
leggings ~ Marshalls
necklace ~ F21

nora bird

 sweater ~ TJ Maxx
tank ~ H&M
leggings ~ F21
booties ~ b. (a resale shop)

our little sister is in town from las vegas, so naturally we all hang out as much as we can. nora (unfortunately for us) is spending the next few days at her in-laws' house. she emailed all the sisters yesterday and said, "what are you guys doing today? whatever it is, i'm jealous and wish i could be with you" (this does not mean she doesn't want to be with her in-laws, they are super fabulous people...she just misses us when we're not all together.)

in all honesty, none of us emailed her back, because to put in to words what we were actually doing would have confirmed how ridiculous it was. here's a short list of what we did all day.

~ googled "dogs that look like panda bears"
~ googled "dogs that look like lions"
~ found a site where dogs looked like all sorts of animals, and laughed a little and cringed a little at knowing that people shave and dye their dog's hair to make them look like a tiger
~ googled "cats with short legs" 
~ googled "world's cutest puppy" (are you seeing a theme here?)
~ ate cheese and crackers for dinner
~ watched tosh.0 trust falls on youtube
~ made some microwave burritos when the crackers weren't enough
~ laughed a lot at really stupid things
~ watched some really disgusting tosh.0 videos with our eyes half closed
~ maybe talked for at least five minutes about boogers
~ googled "dogs that look like cows" just to see if there were any (there aren't) 
~ there is, however, this

what did you do this weekend?
two birds

Friday, December 20, 2013

bird.i.y: antler necklace

this is a super fun and easy diy! the antlers could easily be made into many things: christmas ornaments, wall hangings, necklaces...okay, maybe just a few things. i decided to go the necklace route and make my mom and sisters some fun little gifts!

what you'll need:
polymer clay
embroidery thread
necklace chain(s)

first, take a small amount of clay and roll it back and forth into a long tube.

next, fold the tube piece in half and make the shape and points of the antlers.

i went ahead and made six of these. one for my mom, each of my sisters, and myself! once you are happy with how your antlers look, poke holes on either side where the necklace chain will go using the yarn needle. then bake them according to the directions on the clay package.

once the antlers are baked and dry, wrap them with embroidery thread (gluing as needed) (i used hot glue on the first necklace and then, when reminded how much i hate hot glue, switched to fabric glue.) and attach the necklace chain! i had fun choosing colors that i thought my mom and sisters would like! i had many colors to choose from, seeing as i am a crafting supply hoarder and had a multitude of embroidery thread! you know, even though i don't embroider.

like i said, this was super easy and fun. and i think they turned out well! i hope my mom and sisters think so, too!

would you wear an antler necklace???

xoxo, nora bird

p.s. please note: i did not come up with this diy! i found it on this blog and i loved it so much, i made my own! gotta give credit where credit is due!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): (not) holding it all together

dress ~ H&M
sweater ~ thrifted
booties ~ b. (a resale shop)
earrings ~ F21
bracelet ~ garage sale

when i got the call from henry's school that he broke his arm, i started crying right away. i figured it was ok because he didn't see me (only all of my coworkers saw me). i figured that i could get the cry out then and when i saw him, i could be the strong mom who holds it together for her son so he doesn't get more scared. i'd be the super mom who makes her son feel like everything will be ok.

and i did hold it together. i picked him up from school, walked him to the car, very carefully got him buckled in, and talked to him the whole way to the hospital because inside i was secretly freaking out that he would go into shock.

then we got to the hospital. they took the x-ray, and the doctor walked into the room, looked me in the eye, and said, "it's a horrible break, he's going to need surgery", and i immediately burst into tears. not sobbing tears, just the "i'm trying not to cry, so i'll be quiet" sort of cry where tears just silently fall down your face. and henry saw me, and i felt horrible because i wanted to be that mom, that strong mom.

instead, i continued to cry the whole time, and henry was the one who held it together. i told him that he knows me and that i cry all the time, and he told me i was hysterical. we were both right.

in the end, i was able to calm his fears, stroke his hair, kiss him as much as possible, and talk to him about what was going on. but in the back of my head, i still felt horrible for not being able to hold it together when it mattered the most.

thanks for all of your well wishes yesterday. henry is feeling much better. his full cast goes on next week, and i think he's secretly looking forward to the bragging rights he will get with a full arm cast.

megan bird

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

inspiration picture for december 23: gwen stefani

gwen stefani always looks amazing. she is how ever many months pregnant in this picture, rocking the heels, looking totally awesome. i for sure never looked this cool while pregnant. i love her oversized, asymmetrical, zipper sweater. and is she wearing cow-print pants? she is seriously the only person who could pull that off. or is she? let's all put ourselves to the test on monday! we hope you play along! extra points to any of you that actually owns cow-print pants!
not sure how to play? click here to find out!

xoxo, two birds

love*birds: 12.18.13

things i am loving this week:

 i'm going to say my kids and leave it at that. henry broke his arm so bad the other day that he needed surgery. he had, and still has me in awe. he was honestly so brave that i couldn't help but be proud of him. he went 7 hours with no pain medication because they needed an empty stomach to operate. and i cried more than him, a lot more. he is amazing.

also amazing is my now 7-year old daughter. yep, her birthday was yesterday, and she spent it caring and sharing everything with her injured brother. she also makes me proud every day.

(i will also say that because of the above, i have been a little absent in the blogosphere this week. my apologies...i can't wait to catch up!)

and here are some other things we are loving this week:
megan bird
black and gold dress
i am envisioning the ball dropping and a champagne-filled countdown in this dress. how gorgeous is it?

pierre cardin cardigan
this sweater looks both cozy and stylish. i love the length and pattern!

high-waisted pleated tulip skirt
this skirt could be worn so many ways...casual, dressy, you name it. i love the pleated pocket look!

velvet cocktail dress
yes, i know, another black party dress. but come on, this is too pretty to pass up. i love the mixed material and the fun neckline.

sequin sparkle clutch
and everyone needs a beautiful sparkly clutch to wear with their party dress. i can find nothing wrong with this one!

chin up buttercup
 i think mona is beautiful to start with, but add in that gorgeous smile and sparkle in her eyes and you can't help but smile when you see her. then throw in the most amazing zippy sweater...what is it about zippers in unique places that make clothes all the better?

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capturing a photo of my family where we are all smiling and desi is laying calmly next to us is nearly impossible. ok, it's taking three hands and an elbow to keep him in the photo...but still, i love this picture!

nora bird
sequin top

slouchy tops are my favorite. and i love how glam this top is while still looking totally comfy!

colorful prep bowls

mimi and i love to bake, especially during the winter months. i think having such a beautiful set of measuring cups would make it even more enjoyable than it already is!

cupid's arrow ring

another week, another gorgeous, dainty, gold ring. i know what i like, and i really like this ring!

i think i may have actually owned a kid-sized version of this dress in the actual 80s. and i feel like i could possibly, maybe rock it again? it's so cute!

there is almost nothing better during winter than a hot beverage in a pretty mug. and this mug is certainly very pretty! i adore the hand-painted gold feathers!


catherine is looking super festive and fun in her cute leopard skirt, snowflake sweater, and sassy red lip! i adore this outfit. and now i definitely want a leopard print skirt!

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i snapped this photo of my snuggly boys this weekend. it warms my heart. they look so cozy and cute!

what are you loving today???

xoxo, two birds