Tuesday, November 26, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): regular

jeans ~ b. (a resale shop)
sweater ~ Marshalls
shoes ~ Urban Originals
earrings ~ Heartbreaker

i don't know if this says good or bad things about me, but i believe there are a few places i am becoming a regular in our great city.

the other day, i stopped into b. (a resale shop), which is a fabulous local shop. i walked in, and the owner looked at me and asked, "are you a size 8.5?" (why yes, i am.) she then pulled out the most fabulous pair of booties for me to buy. bam, just like that...i didn't even have to shop (although that didn't stop me from buying more, including these awesome camo jeans.)

and maybe even more telling, last week, nora and i, along with our husbands, went to the local bar to do a little karaoke for nora's birthday. when i got up to the mic, one of the waitresses yelled, "love is a battlefield" loudly. yes, she knew what i was going to sing before they even announced it. (unfortunately for everyone, i decided to switch it up for george michael's faith instead.)

i'm sure the people at target and the local thrift stores recognize me, as well, but i can think of worse things than being a regular. in fact, i rather like it.

are you a regular anywhere?
megan bird 


  1. These jeans are pretty awesome, and look amazing with those bold shoes!

  2. I adore the pants! Love the pairing with the statement shoes! :) T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  3. I'm a regular at the local liquor store, the Southdale Madwell, and Christo's (on Nicollet). You know where I'm not a regular anymore? The gym.

  4. i'm a regular at a restaurant by my house. they treat me like family. i love it.

  5. A waitress at my Sunday morning restaurant gets angry if I change my order. She is so used to me ordering the same exact thing every Sunday!

  6. They put in our orders at our local Chinese food restaurant when they see us walk in :) Also, the people at Savers always come say hi to me and ask how I'm doing when they see me in the store (I go in every Saturday...). Is it embarrassing that I'm really proud of both those things?!

    Love the camo + orange together!!

  7. Hi there!! Hehe, it's great being a regular of somewhere, especially charity shops-I'm a regular in a couple too but no-ones put aside anything for me-just as well I like rummaging! Love your bright shoes with this outfit xx

  8. I always order pizza from the same place and the woman that delivers it is my neighbor. She'll usually deliver my pizza first before anyone else's, hehe. So it pays to be a regular!

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  9. I'm a regular in all our little shops in downtown Prior Lake. I love giving my support to the shops in my community, so I don't feel one bit of guilt that they all know me by name. :)

    I love your pop of orange - so great!

  10. great post but those shoes? my goodness how fun are they? i'm a local at my coffee shop and grocery store, but, then again, aren't most? i'm gonna have to step it up and become a little more known about time :)

  11. LOVE the shoes! They're awesome!

    I'm a regular at the coffee shop by my house and a brewpub that isn't far either - even while pregnant we've still been up there a bit and they know us by name when we come in! I should be a regular down at b.! They've got the best stuff!

  12. LOL Lately I'm a regular at . . . Quizno's. And I recently got outed on my pregnancy by the Korean woman who makes my sandwich everyday. "Ohhhhhhh!!! You have more baby! You already have three baby! Ohhhhhh this one a girl! I know! This one a girl!" Hmmmm . . . .

    I love your new camo jeans and I really love your colorful pumps too!

  13. I need to find a couple places to be a regular at! I've always wanted that feeling you got!

  14. I used to be a regular at a certain coffee place. The guy always knew my order and would have it ready for me. But I haven't been since I've gotten pregnant so I'm sure he's forgotten about me already!

    And I love the camo jeans with those heels!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  15. haha, i use to be a regular in my Target & several restaurants in my old town ... that was always fun and uncomfortable, lol. i hope to be able to become a regular in this new town very soon!

    and now i feel the need to rock my camo jeans very soon!

  16. love those bright shoes with that outfit!

  17. I love this! I have been on the hunt for cameo pants for a cosplay that I want to do, and also because cameo pants. lol! We are regulars at quite a few places. The dorr guy at our karaoke bar actually pushes us away if we take out ID's, he is all "I KNOW who you are!" lol. The waitresses at one of our favorite diners said they were worried when we hadn't come in a few months. It is kinda nice I think.

  18. I like the pop of color with the heels. :-) I'm not a regular anywhere and I prefer it that way because I don't like attention.


  19. Your pants are perfectly on trend and the orange pumps are the perfect accent!

  20. The man in my local supermarket who reduces the bread at the end of the day knows me well!!! And the self service checkout at another one!! Awesome red shoes!! X

  21. LOL I would love to hear you sing Love is a Battlefield! Plus you have the whole look down.

    That sounds like a good consignment store.

    Several vintage stores and a couple consignment stores now know me and my husband by name.

    You did well to buy those pants. They look hot on you. Sexy with the wild neon shoes.


  22. Oh at my local Savers! Yup, the know me by name! Sometimes I just hit up another Savers just to NOT be noticed. hahahaha

    It is a great thing to be recognized. Keep up the GOOD WORK!

  23. LOVE those camo jeans!! We're new to the area... Again. But since the hubs is a cop & just a talkative guy, people usually seem to know him. It helps he's not a cop in the city we live in, otherwise it would happen all the time!

  24. Being a regular is a good thing! I love love LOVE those shoes!!!! You look fabulous!

  25. Aww, being a regular sounds like it has it perks! Makes shopping a more enjoyable experience too I find. Those cameo jeans look great on you by the way and I love how you styled them with a comfy sweater!