Tuesday, November 5, 2013

love*birds: 11.6.13

things i am loving this week:
~ at least as i type, the weather is fabulous...last weekend was the quintessential fall weekend with lots of sun, red leaves, and crisp weather. (now, ignore this message if it starts snowing, which it is supposed to.)
~ "sleeping in". yesterday morning, i decided that instead of working out in the morning, i would get that extra hour of sleep. it did wonders for my mood.
~ will power. ok, i don't really love it. ok, i do. either way, i am trying to refrain from eating all of the leftover halloween candy...and so far, i am doing a pretty good job.
~ my almost clean basement. i spent a good portion of last sunday cleaning our laundry and storage room in the basement. i didn't love the act itself, but now when i do laundry, i look around with a sense of pride and accomplishment.
 and here are a few other things we are loving this week.

megan bird
white gold stacking bracelet
i love how this bracelet is minimalist, while still being so unique. the mixed media textures and metals are so great together.

gold hologram leggings
are you kidding me with these pants? i don't know if i have the courage to wear them, but that doesn't mean i don't adore them. there's got to be some hotty out there who reads our blog that could rock these!! i can think of a few right now....come one...someone buy these!

gold sequin party dress
do you see a theme here? i guess i'm in a gold and sparkly mood today. i am thinking i need this for a party that i haven't been invited to yet. anyone? anyone? someone throw a princess party, and i'll be there with this dress!

carved bronze geode ring
oooh, i am in love with this ring. it reminds me of when we used to camp in the black hills and pan for gold as a kid. i love the natural shape and feel to this ring.

vintage gold skirt
i decided to just keep it all gold this week. and what a way to finish with a fabulous vintage gold pencil skirt. i think we all need one!

H&K Style Journey
heather's sweater in this post is so amazing...i am in love with the whole outfit. and if you are a daily reader of her blog, you will know that she always looks this great and put together! also, her post has inspired me to possibly (possibly) not shop this month!

follow along @meglets

i told you that the weather was fabulous last weekend. we bundled the kids up and took a nice walk...i love fall walks (and my family)!

nora bird
brown sweater

i am slightly obsessed with this sweater. like, i haven't stopped thinking about it since i first saw it! my birthday is coming up so maybe someone could send this link to jim???

i love legwarmers and i like to wear them all winter long! the colors and print on these ones are so pretty!

i adore dainty, minimal gold necklaces. this teeny, tiny cube pendant is so delicate and pretty!

oh my gosh, this is the sweetest, hand-painted baby blanket! this would make a wonderful gift for a special child or an expectant mother. i am in love!

i want to buy this and wear it all winter long! how warm and cozy does this look? not to mention super cute!


dale is making me wish i had a pink coat! and her gorgeous back drop is making me want to plan a trip to switzerland! everything about this post is gorgeous!

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these crazy little animals are always making me laugh. the second i turned on the camera they made these silly faces. i love them the most!

what are you loving this week?

xoxo, two birds


  1. i love gold and sparkly things too!!! and that cube necklace is adorable.

  2. ooohhh those legwarmers! They'd look great layered under some tall boots. the sparkly party dress is very pretty - you should recreate that look for the holiday season.

    and extra sleep? sleeping in? totally jealous.

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

  3. stop stop stop.. too many good things in this post.. i was scrolling down thinking about commentary and it almost got to be to much:love the charm bracelet, want the sequin party dress, and i'm currently googling aztex legwarmers. have the best day :)

  4. That gold and tulle dress is breathtaking! It would make a fabulous NYE dress!

    The Tiny Heart

  5. Loving the Aztec leg warmers and the gold leggings. Either one of you could totally rock these! And thanks so much for the blog love. That sweater is like a cozy blanket!

  6. MB you need those leggings you minx. NB you need those legwarmers for sure. Love you both! Snow! Ah!

  7. I´m in love with tiny and delicate necklaces too and we could rock those gold hologram leggings with a darker and longer top! ;)

  8. I haven't worn leg warmers since I was kid but those are so cute I may have to start again :-)

    always, koru kate

  9. I'm pretty sure I now need a party dress with a giant tutu attached. Love. That.

  10. That sparkly party dress... oh my! I love it. I have nowhere to wear but I want it anyway.


  11. I love Heather's blog - and that awesome sweater she had on too! I put a similar one on my birthday wishlist! I too am attempting to not shop in November!

  12. Great post - I love all the photos and the gold is making me drool :)

  13. Fun photo! : )

    Some really great choices here. You simply MUST buy that sweater. Gawgeous!

    And those gold pants. I've been coveting gold pants for a while now. If only I were 20 years younger, had 4 inch longer legs and lost another 10 lbs I'd buy them for sure ; )


  14. I am loving all of the gold and all of the cozy things in this post! It is still a bit warm here, good for running, but not for coats.

  15. Great favorites. Adore this post, love. If you get a free moment, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest post.
    MyBeautyBox giveaway!!
    Follow me on Cosa Mi Metto???

  16. Love the instagram pictures this week! I can totally see you in that sweater, Nora. Megan, you can totally rock those gold pants!

  17. Oooh, I love that first sweater Nora! Get it get it Jim! x

  18. That gold sparkly dress is amazing!! I am obsessed! If only I had a place to wear it.


  19. omg that tutu dress and those aztec leggings
    obviously not worn together LOL

  20. Great pics! I adore Dale's blog and her coat!!! Hugs, T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  21. yes someone please have an adult or children's, that i can dress up and attend, princess party! hooray for gold sparkly things, and that brown sweater is divine. i've discussed how i hardly ever get to wear sweaters in hot as hell texas. now let's talk about totally cute kid silly pics with their mommy, and couple pic on family walk. both birds look grand sporting eyeglasses!

  22. I need a gold sequin party dress!