Wednesday, November 27, 2013

love*birds: 11.27.13

things i am loving this week:
~ thanksgiving is tomorrow! the best meal of the year! mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, pie!
~ our little sister is in town for the holiday. she recently announced that she is pregnant and i am so excited to see her and her little baby belly!
~ family! i am so excited to spend time with family over this nice long weekend.
~ nice long weekends.
~ mashed potatoes.
~ pie.

and here are a few other thanksgiving-y things we are loving this week...

nora bird

i love these napkins! i especially love the "no cell phones at the table" one because that is a big rule in our house. so cute!

i think this would be the perfect dress to wear on thanksgiving! loose-fitting, comfy, and cute! this would be perfect with some cozy leggings and booties.

this is the cutest vintage tablecloth! i love the bright colors and the bold print. what a great way to dress up your table for the holiday!

this is the perfect apron in which to whip up a pumpkin pie! such a cute fall print!

i don't actually eat turkey, but i would totally wear a gold wishbone necklace! so simple and sweet.


georgina looks so cute in her adorable babydoll dress in this post. and i am so jealous that summer is just beginning in new zealand since it just got so cold here in minnesota! enjoy the sunshine, georgina!

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the two cutest little firefighters ever.

megan bird
cat hat costume
i don't own a cat, but if i did, i know what he'd be wearing tomorrow. how adorable is this?

oversized sweatshirt
it's an oversized sweatshirt, with a peter pan collar. need i say more?

handcrafted mukluk moccasins
i can't think of a better way for my feet to spend thanksgiving.

arrow leggings
 if you haven't guessed already, my idea of thanksgiving involves food, wine, and comfort. these leggings are both cute and!

dry erase gratitude board
 why be thankful just one day out of the year? i love the idea of a gratitude board...i know i could fill it up daily!

Sprinkles and Sequins
liz is wearing what i imagine would be a perfect thanksgiving outfit in this post. those boots, that sweater, and all fancied up with that necklace!! i love it all. also, i am loving her knuckle rings!

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i am so thankful for this guy. he is an amazing friend, husband, and dad. basically the perfect man (don't tell him i said that).

what are you thankful for this week?
two birds


  1. My cat would seriously murder me if I tried to make him wear that hat!

  2. Hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'm looking forward to all the food too :)

    The Tiny Heart

  3. That turkey cat hat is too funny!

    Happy American Thanksgiving!


  4. I'm laughing too hard at the cat turkey hat. I don't think my kitties would like it all that much!

    Happy Thanksgiving Megan and Nora!

  5. If only I had a cat, so I could put that turkey hat on them - love. Happy Thanksgiving!

  6. I love the gold wishbone! It's so elegant and simple.

  7. Those leggings are pretty cool! The gratitude board is a super idea!x

  8. I love the Turkey hat... if only it was for dogs!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


  9. Loving the cat costume hat and the wishbone necklace. :-) Have a great Thanksgiving!


  10. Such a wonderful collection of finds! Thanks for including our leggings among them! -J&K

  11. Thanks for such a sweet post!! Thanks for featuring me! hope you have a fabulous thanksgiving!! :)

  12. Great post! I want that wishbone necklace, how cute would that be to wear for thanksgiving dinner?!?! And that apron is beautiful, more stylish than some dresses I own! hah