Wednesday, November 13, 2013

love*birds: 11.13.13

things i am loving this week:
~ cozy sweaters and boots. it is cold this week!
~ the warm hats and scarves my mom knitted for my kids just in time for the cold!
~ easy crock pot meals. i made this on saturday and it was super yummy!
~ my mom agreed to babysit the kiddos this weekend so jim and i can go out to celebrate my birthday!
~ my birthday is coming up next week! i love birthdays.

and here are a few other things we are loving this week...

nora bird

this necklace is so pretty. i love the dramatic, midnight blue color and the contrasting gold!

i want one of these shirts for each of my kids. and perhaps one for me and jim, too! so adorable!

i am always carrying a ton of stuff. diapers, snacks, extra clothes, snacks, crayons, snacks. not to mention all of my own stuff (and snacks)! so i love a giant shoulder bag with tons of pockets. and when i find one this cute and in a fun color, i love it all the more!

these handmade resin rings are so simple yet so gorgeous. i love the gold flakes and the vibrant colors. they are perfect for stacking! i want one in each color!

this is such a fun, unique hoodie. i love the asymmetrical cut and the draping. it looks so cozy and perfect for layering!

amia looks super chic in this outfit. i love the polka dots! and her pencil skirt fits her like a dream!

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my kids love reading books! story time before bed is one of our favorite times. i love this sweet photo of jim reading to the kids.

megan bird
rhomboids necklace
 i have a fondness for geometric jewelery. this necklace is no exception. it's the perfect accessory!

i love you to the moon and back pillow covers
i love this book, and i love these pillows. these would be a perfect baby shower gift...or a fun stocking stuffer for your own kids.

penguin love sweatshirt
this is hands down one of the sweetest sweatshirts i have ever seen. can we all agree to call it a sweetshirt?

vintage hooded sweater
cooler weather is a little more bearable with cute sweaters like this one, right? i love the colors and design.

vintage red dress
i can't think of a single occasion to wear this dress to, yet i still really, really want it. moreso, i want to look as stunning as the model does in it.

pretty little things
steph from Pretty Little Things looks fall perfect in this amazing outfit. i love the scarf and jacket paired together, and the booties are a great addition. she is the epitome of fashionably cozy...i might have to copy this whole outfit!

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chris was not all too excited that i snapped this picture so early in the morning, but i wanted to show him off a little. one, he is so handsome, and two, he is growing his facial hair for movember. yes, i know, it's not just a stache, but he can't go to work every day with a pervy stache...he is growing the full beard until the end of the month when he plans on shaving it into various fun mustaches. to learn more about movember, click here.

what are you loving today?
two birds


  1. such cute things as usual! i love the penguin sweatshirt. too adorable!

  2. Ahhh, I love your lovely things!! So fabulous. Excellent choices and clearly will keep you smiling today :)

  3. That soup looks absolutely divine! Can I come over and have leftovers???

  4. thanks for the blog shout out and featuring one of my favorite outfits ladies! xo

  5. Hehe that lettuce turnip the beet tee is adorable! It is freezing here too and I could use that yummy potato soup right about now :)

    The Tiny Heart

  6. it is definitely crock pot meal weather- just made a batch of soup in mine last night!

    always, koru kate

  7. i love that big bag!! and i want that penguin sweatshirt! :)

  8. I forgot you're a November birthday too Nora! November birthdays are the best!

    I really love the penguin sweatshirt. Seriously love. Penguins are my favorite!

  9. THAT PENGUIN SWEATSHIRT! I love it! I might need to get one... Cute husbands both of you have :)

  10. That tee-shirt and those pillows! WANT. I don't care if the shirt is for kids! lol :P

  11. That vintage red dress is to die for! Love everything about ti!

  12. Nice list! I like the let's turn up the beat tee. ;-) The hoodie is different and cute! :-)


  13. that gray hoodie has my name on it
    and how cute is that little kids t

  14. Thanks for the blog love! I love that kids tshirt, too cute!!

  15. my husband has the lettuce turnip the beet tshirt and it is his favorite -- 1/2 the time people ask if he is a vegetarian, and the other 1/2 they laugh and give him a high 5. it's awesome.

  16. Well, now I'm definitely loving that little shirt. Lettuce turnip the beet indeed!

  17. LOVE 1 & 2. That shirt is too adorable!

  18. The resin rings look beauties. I like the penguin sweater too!x

  19. aww pics of your men. lettuce turnip the beet is clever and cute. :)

  20. I love both of the necklaces the "love you to the moon and back" pillow cases and the pic of Chris and of Jim read to his kids. awh ~