Wednesday, November 13, 2013

inspiration picture for november 18: miranda kerr

the inspiration
miranda kerr
i heard a rumor that justin bieber was the reason for the alleged split between miranda kerr and orlando bloom. it's a good thing she has great taste in clothes, because if that rumor is true, she apparently has horrible taste in men. (who would pick bieber over legalos?)

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two birds


  1. She's got great style--no doubt! Are those nylons versus tights? Hmmm... Perhaps they are making a comeback... I may need to pull mine out and style them with a pair of booties! :) T.

  2. Replies
    1. To the possible Bieber connection. Not her cute outfit.

  3. love orlanda. i'll take him? excited to see you rock this look (thank goodness for the leggings in this cold though)

  4. I'll take him! I hope they get back together though. Can't wait to see you do this one!

  5. Can't wait to see your interpretations of this outfit...very cool!

    Bieber? REALLY? The Great Scot says he'd love to stick the brat in Mama Jacqueline's bootcamp. ;-)

  6. ewww! bieber over orlando bloom? wtf? reminds me of secret hollywood society episode on E! they said bieber had 1 guy to every 4 or 5 girls at his parties. he'd ask girls 3-5 questions. if they gave the answers justin wanted, he'd take them back into a room. i hope it isn't true. sounds piggy. was that TMI?

  7. Ewwwwwwww. I saw Justin Bieber in concert with one of my kids and thought he was cute and very talented. He was 15. He has not grown up well. I can't wait till this lowride pants thing is over and he pulls up his pants!!