Monday, November 25, 2013

inspiration monday: rugrats

the inspiration
sienna miller
megan bird

 dress ~ H&M via Clothing Mentor
vest, belt ~ thrifted
boots ~ b. (a resale shop)
tights ~ Marshalls
earrings ~ Burlington

nora bird

jacket, dress ~ F21
shoes ~ b. (a resale shop)
tights ~ Target
necklace ~ H&M

last weekend, chris and i decided to have a guilt-free spending weekend. not being too crazy, we hit up stores like marshalls and kohls. we ended up just buying things without trying them on (and then returning most of it later), and it was super fun to be a little reckless like that. when we got home from shopping, we didn't quite feel like we were done, so we decided to order a new rug for our living room.

i searched all over and surprisingly, found one on that we both really loved. so we ordered away and a few days later it was at our door; the completely wrong color, but at our door nonetheless. 

so i threw it in the car without even opening it, and drove to target to return it. while there, i decided to look and see if they had any cute ones in the store. they did, so i bought another one...which was too small for our room.

so the next day, i searched again, and found one i loved at urban outfitters...but i wasn't sure which color would work best. because he knows me so well, chris' advice on the whole thing....order them both.

so, in a matter of three days, we bought four rugs.

let's hope we like at least one of the new ones!!

have you ever had a guilt-free day of shopping? if not, i highly recommend it.
two birds


  1. Ha! I hope you like one of the new ones too! That's the only problem with shopping online isn't it?
    I had a good spend on Saturday, everything I bought was needed but I'd be saving up the trip until I had lots to buy so it felt really extravagant!
    Both looking fab as always x

  2. I love to shop! I'm guessing one of the four rugs you've purchased--you'll adore. :) Great stylings, you two! Thanks for hosting this lovely link-up party! xo T.

  3. II need one of these furry things! My house is so cold in winter, i'd just wear it around!

  4. I LOVE this! I don't think I could pull it offf but I really want to try anyway :-)


  5. Oh my god, rug shopping is awful! When we were searching for a new rug in our family room I swear we looked at 20 different places. Hopefully one of them work for you! You ladies always look gorgeous. Both of these outfits are pretty awesome!

  6. Haha I hope one of those rugs works out! Sounds like me when I'm ordering clothes online. I buy all this stuff and then half the time I wind up returning it because it doesn't fit.

    The Tiny Heart
    Uncommon Goods Giveaway!

  7. I love both of your dresses!!! They are so fun!

    Rug shopping is tough! My favorite rug in my house is one that my husband found for the baby's room at a garage sale of all places! I think if he hadn't found it I'd have bought several before I found the one I liked too!

  8. hahahaha, Megan that is pretty hilarious (4 new rugs at once) hahahaha. We bought a car on a whim once. And it was the biggest lemon -- ever!!!

    You have on patterned tights so similar to the ones I had on last Thursday. Mine are so comfortable. Hope yours are, too!
    I love the interpretations on this 'INSPIRATION' you both did. Note: no interpretation on my part, but none the less a photo of a cool scarf. I know, I'm being lame but it is THANKSGIVING to blame, right? (hug)

  9. You both look awesome! Love it. Rugs are hard, I agree. I need one for my bedroom still but haven't found one that I love yet. Maybe I'll check Urban and Target!

  10. LOL Well that certainly sounds like an ordeal! But I'm glad that it worked out. I love your animal print dresses ladies! So fantastic!

  11. how funny would it be to go somewhere together looking oh so similar? has that ever happened? and nora, my goodness you make leopard look SO classy - i love it :)

  12. This is such a cute inspired look! Love both of your options! I am going to have to try out this look soon, I have a leopard print pencil skirt and furry white jacket!

  13. Once in a while, a guilt-free shop is a great thing, I agree! Trouble is, I always feel guilty!!! X what super take on the look! You've got it spot on. Especially love Nora's swing coat and Megan's tights!!! X

  14. Hi there! Both of your looks are very inspiring and spot on in Sienna style!! Love both of your outfits xx

  15. You read my mind! I've been dreamin' of this look for so long! Obsessed with the leopard and furry vest combo ♥

    ♥, Jo |
    Fashion | Food | Travel

  16. My main take away from ya'll looks and the inspiration is ...
    I need a leopard print dress in my life!!!

  17. Guilt free shopping is definitely a lot of fun! Hope you ended up keeping a few good things and I really hope one of your new rugs works out!
    Chic on the Cheap

  18. You are both so fabulous! Love this combination of two of my favorite things :)