Friday, November 8, 2013

bird.i.y: front door decor

i am not huge on decorating my home for the different holidays. yes, we carve pumpkins on halloween and i have a jack-o-lantern wreath that i hang up in october. and we hang stockings and put up a winter-y wreath in december. we have gotten a christmas tree once, the year we had mimi, because we thought she should have one. she was eight-months old and just wanted to play with the ornaments and didn't really care about the tree at all. since then, we haven't put up a tree. i do have a teeny tiny charlie brown tree that i manage to put out some years, but not always. i know! i am boring! but we travel so much during the holidays that it just seems silly. and the grandparents all have awesome decorations (seriously, if my mom and jim's mom combined snowman collections it would be a little scary. like, creepy scary. like, snowmen would be taking over the galaxy.) really, i can't compete. anyway, why am i telling you this? because now it is november and i took down the jack-o-lantern wreath and am not ready for the winter-y wreath yet. and i am certain that someone sells thanksgiving wreaths, but really...i don't need another wreath. so, i decided to make a little hanging for my front door. i wanted to do something cute, with fall colors, but not necessarily a wreath (i feel like i have now said the word 'wreath' way too many times). i also didn't want to spend any money. i have so much crafting stuff taking over our basement office, i knew that there had to be something in there to use! and, sure enough, there was. so, after all's what i came up with:

what you'll need:
~ two different sized embroidery hoops (if you need a couple, come on over. i have about 5000 in my basement. and no, i do not know how to embroider.)
~ fabric. whatever colors you like. you will need enough to fit both hoops and some to make two little banners. (i can also help you out if you need fabric.)
~ fabric glue
~ jute twine
~ scissors
~ hot glue (optional and not pictured.)
~ m&ms. you don't really need these, but they are yummy and they sneaked themselves into this photo.

first, cut enough fabric to fit the hoops. take them apart, place the fabric over the smaller hoop, and then replace the larger hoop. tighten the hoop as much as you can, make sure the fabric is taut, and then cut off the excess fabric.

next, cut little triangles (about 13 or so, depending on the size of your hoops) from different colored fabric. if you are a perfectionist, you can measure them so they are all the same size. if you are me, you won't. then, place the triangles in a banner pattern on the fabric of both hoops.

once the banners are to your liking, glue them to the fabric.

cut two pieces of jute twine the length of both banners, glue that on top, and cut off the excess.

next is the optional step...i glued my hoops together before hanging them up. i wanted them to sit a certain way on the door, which they do not, but it was worth a try. you can really attach them (or not) any way you like! then, use a bit more twine, or maybe a pretty ribbon, and hang them up!

voila! a cute new door hanging!
oh, i also had that little bird clip hanging around so i clipped that on there! i think it works!

do you decorate for the holidays?

xoxo, nora bird


  1. This turned out great! I like to decorate for Christmas, but that's about it. The only thing that really gets decorated outside of Christmas are my wreaths for fall or summer. I am kind of boring!

  2. This is too cute...I love the little "banner" on it! I don't usually decorate for the holidays much either. Every time I do, Oliver usually winds up chewing on it!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. That's awesome! You did such a great job. I'm getting anxious to decorate for Christmas... when is it okay to start?! Hah

  4. Oh that's so cute! It's a great almost year round type door hanging! I do decorate for Christmas, but the rest of the year all bets are off.

  5. I love this idea!

    Where do you get all those embroidery hoops? The only ones I can find are plastic. I much prefer the wood.


  6. These look so pretty! I have none of these things. But, my mom works at Micheals, so I will have to tell her to start stocking up on this stuff when it goes on clearance.

    I made a wreath for the barn door for our wedding, and I leave it up from September to December, then put a bell wreath up for xmas. I want something for the rest of the year so I might have to keep this in mind come January.

  7. That is really creative, Nora! I think it is adorable.

  8. How beautiful Nora!!! They're really effective!! X

  9. these are so much fun- they would like really cute inside a nursery, too - maybe to decorate the walls? i always love your creative crafting ideas :)

  10. Oh those are adorable!! I've also been on a mission lately in my crafting to use up what I have and not buy anything more that will need to be stored! It's both fun and challenging because of course new craft supplies are always tempting!

  11. I really need to step up my crafting game!! I am always so impressed by what you create!

  12. Geez, you two are so good at craft, I'm starting to think that you don't give yourselves enough credit this!!! those mini bunting pieces are killing me. dawn suitcase vignettes