Friday, November 1, 2013

bird.i.y.: embellished beanie

not that any of my diys are hard, but this one might take the cake on easy diys. i wanted to start off by saying that. i wanted to also back that statement up by telling you that i had big plans to reveal my shoe storage solution today, but unfortunately, i'm not done yet. so on wednesday night, i was scrambling to think of an easy and quick diy...and i thought to myself that i 1. love beanies, and 2. love bling, so why not put the two together. plus it's getting cold out, and one can never have too many hats in minnesota.'s what i came up with.

what you'll need:
one hat
one old beaded necklace (or new beads, if you prefer)
needle and thread to match your hat
i thrifted both the hat and the necklace. thrifted hats don't gross me out. there's nothing that a hot wash and dry can't fix! the total for both was about $6.

i started by tearing the necklace apart. it hasn't been the best of weeks, so violently ripping a necklace apart felt oddly soothing. 

then i simply sewed a line of beads to the front of the hat. i thought it might be a bit heavy to do the whole circumference, so i only did the front. ok, who am i kidding, i was just too lazy to do it all.

once i finished sewing the beads on (i just accidentally typed "beans" here and laughed to myself thinking of a bean beanie), i doubled back and ran a string of thread through all the beads again to make sure they were steady and strong enough to withstand a cold minnesota winter.

and that's all folks. i told you it was easy. but i have said it before, and i will say it again...a good diy (in my opinion) doesn't have to be difficult, it just has to be fun. and if it's not fun, then at leat the end result has to be cute. i love my new hat and plan on wearing it many times this year!

and if i find more funky necklaces on my thrift adventures, i just might make more!

happy (finally) friday!
megan bird


  1. I adore the hat--great idea! I consign and thrift hats, too! It's a great way to spend a little & get a cute hat. xo T.

  2. Easy! Funny thing i they have beaded beanies at Target and Claire's, etc, for like $12.99. And I say heck nah to that. This version costs like what, a dollar?
    Love it.

  3. This is so cute! I could definitely do something like this. It makes the cold weather a little more bearable with some bling.

  4. Very cute! I was thinking of buying a navy beret yesterday and sewing on white ric-rac to it in two rows so I would have a navy navy beret (a bit like your bean beanie!!!!) x

  5. Love it! Sometimes simple DIYs are the best!

  6. The beanie is TOO cute on you! Have a great weekend!

    The Tiny Heart
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  7. Oh my gosh that's cute! I love the idea of it! I am not much of a sewer, but this seems do-able! I can imagine violently ripping apart a necklace is oddly cathartic too!

  8. i love easy diy!! that is so cute!

  9. That beanie came out super cute! I adore how easy it is. I need to add more embellishments on mine.


  10. What a cute and fun idea to turn a simple beanie into a fab one! Love how it came out!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  11. It's very cute! Great job!

  12. What a cute beanie! I love simple DYIs like this. :)

  13. this is so cute - what a great idea :) make the winter season a little more fun with a blinging beanie :)

  14. adorable and so doable
    have a great weekend

  15. What a great diy! I love that it is so simple but it really adds so much! Thanks so much for the idea!


  16. This is cute! I agree that DIYs should be fun, easy and cute. :-)


  17. CUTE! and it looks fairly simple to do.