Friday, November 22, 2013

baby bird.i.y: thankgiving leaf garland (alternate title: how my house became completely covered in glitter)

megan and i decided to start a new feature on the blog: baby bird.i.y. we wanted a place where we could feature some of the crafts/diys we do with our kids. we don't want to get all mommy blog on you but, basically, it's just arts and crafts with kids! this week i wanted to show you a little thanksgiving garland that mimi and i made! (remember a couple of weeks ago when i said i didn't really decorate for the holidays. well, let's just pretend i never said that!)

what you'll need:
~ card stock in different fall colors
~ card stock in dark brown or black
~ glitter
~ mod podge (or just regular old glue)
~ metallic sharpie
~ hole punch
~ paint brush

i started by drawing and cutting out a leaf shape from a piece of the card stock to use as a template. i wanted all of my leaves generally the same, but this could look cute with leaves of different shapes and sizes, too! note: tracing the template leaf onto the card stock is very fun for kids! i cut out 9 leaves and then punched a hole on the bottom of each leaf, near the stem*.

next, i took the dark brown card stock and cut out 10 rectangles of equal size (mine are about 4"x5"). i used the metallic sharpie to write out the words GIVE THANKS, one letter per piece of paper. then, i punched a hole (ours is a star shape because we're fancy like that!) on the top of each piece.

then, of course, mimi and i decided that since everything is better with a little glitter, that we would make the letters all glittery!

i used a thin paint brush to paint over each letter with mod podge and then let mimi sprinkle the letter in glitter. we dumped off the excess glitter, and voila! glittery letters!

warning: three-and-a-half year olds are not neat and tidy people. they have tiny hands and are not totally coordinated and they will spill glitter all over your house. everywhere. and then it will get on everything. including your husbands face later when he's eating dinner, which is pretty cute. 

next, we decided that there still wasn't quite enough sparkle! so, we made the leaves all glittery too!

(*please note that these leaves have not yet been hole punched. if using glitter, i recommend doing that ahead of time or your house will be covered in glitter.) (mine already was so i didn't really care.)

lastly, i measure out a length of yarn that fit nicely above our mantel (i actually wanted to hang this on the fireplace surround, but ben put an end to that idea when he kept trying to tear it down.) i then strung each leaf and letter with a piece of yarn (i didn't measure and i like the uneven way mine came out, but you can definitely measure your lengths of yarn!) and tied them to the longer piece. and up it went! and there is now glitter littering my entire mantle and floor surrounding the fireplace! and yes, i did try to clean it up, but have you ever tried sweeping up glitter? and are you ever too lazy to go all the way downstairs to get the vacuum cleaner? no? just me?

and there you have it! our very first baby bird.i.y. what do you think?

xoxo, nora bird


  1. Super cute. Also fun and easy to do.

  2. I totally agree with Mimi...everything is better with sparkle! It came out so cute! Have a great weekend!

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    Uncommon Goods Giveaway!

  3. i love your new feature (you could have predicted that) and your sweet kids are so lovely - i'd want to write about them too :)

  4. I love this! I think it's a great idea to share projects you do with the kids - give me ideas for the future! Your garland turned out so cute, I have no Thanksgiving decorations, so that would be a fun idea to do!

  5. Nora, This is such a great idea!!! I have one that I will be sharing next week. It is almost too late to show a Thanksgiving craft. Thanks for the boost of 'thrift confidence' from y'all. HAVE A FAB WEEKEND!

  6. Oh Mimi, everything really is better with glitter :) Such a cute idea and I love seeing what your kids are up to.

  7. Very cute and easy! Love it.

  8. What a cute banner! I love it!


  9. ok I had to stop by and let you know how country living magazine this looks. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes. I am also coming back to blogging in a new way but it's gonna happen and I would love for you and Megan to be my next giveaway on my blog for December. I know you could help me drum up some business and I will give one of your followers a credit toward an item up to $20 in my shop just for following along with me in the shop. Let me know how you feel about this. No pressure if it does not work for you. Gracey is going to kick it off for me for this month!! Get in on it, ok?

  10. Nora, Please feel free to go Mommy Blog ! I adore the the photos of the girls and the decorating, it brings back wonderful memories, so what's a little mess?
    XX, Elle

  11. Oh dear,
    I have my glasses on now, and I see a darling girl AND Boy!
    Oops.. And since i left two links on the last post, I will spare you a third!
    XX, Elle

  12. How lovely is this!?!?! A great idea Nora! You could then just adapt it for other festivals- stars,bells and trees for Christmas, Eggs, chicks, crosses for Easter!! x

  13. the banner turned out so cute
    glitter...the gift that just keeps on giving!
    you can never get it all picked up no matter how hard one tries