Friday, November 29, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): what we wore for thanksgiving

megan bird

shirt, leggings ~ Marshalls
tank ~ hand-me-down
boots, hat ~ thrifted
scaf ~ Kohls

nora bird

sweater~ Etsy, gift
leggings~ Target
boots~ DSW
socks, necklace~ gifts

we hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving and are now, like us, enjoying a relaxing friday of naps and leftovers! or maybe a day of crazy black friday shopping! whatever you are doing, have a great day and enjoy your weekend! see you on monday!

xoxo, two birds

Thursday, November 28, 2013

happy thanksgiving!

image via pinterest

we are thankful for you, our dear readers and blog friends! we wish you all a happy day full of family, food, and fun!

happy thanksgiving, from our family to yours!

xoxo, two birds

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

inspiration picture for december 2: olivia polermo

the inspiration
olivia palermo
we love olivia's take on the laziest outfit of fall (and we mean that in the best way possible). leggings, sweater, and cute doesn't get better than that when the temps fall, right?

We hope you join us on monday. if not for the outfit, join for the comfort!!

two birds

love*birds: 11.27.13

things i am loving this week:
~ thanksgiving is tomorrow! the best meal of the year! mashed potatoes, stuffing, green bean casserole, pie!
~ our little sister is in town for the holiday. she recently announced that she is pregnant and i am so excited to see her and her little baby belly!
~ family! i am so excited to spend time with family over this nice long weekend.
~ nice long weekends.
~ mashed potatoes.
~ pie.

and here are a few other thanksgiving-y things we are loving this week...

nora bird

i love these napkins! i especially love the "no cell phones at the table" one because that is a big rule in our house. so cute!

i think this would be the perfect dress to wear on thanksgiving! loose-fitting, comfy, and cute! this would be perfect with some cozy leggings and booties.

this is the cutest vintage tablecloth! i love the bright colors and the bold print. what a great way to dress up your table for the holiday!

this is the perfect apron in which to whip up a pumpkin pie! such a cute fall print!

i don't actually eat turkey, but i would totally wear a gold wishbone necklace! so simple and sweet.


georgina looks so cute in her adorable babydoll dress in this post. and i am so jealous that summer is just beginning in new zealand since it just got so cold here in minnesota! enjoy the sunshine, georgina!

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the two cutest little firefighters ever.

megan bird
cat hat costume
i don't own a cat, but if i did, i know what he'd be wearing tomorrow. how adorable is this?

oversized sweatshirt
it's an oversized sweatshirt, with a peter pan collar. need i say more?

handcrafted mukluk moccasins
i can't think of a better way for my feet to spend thanksgiving.

arrow leggings
 if you haven't guessed already, my idea of thanksgiving involves food, wine, and comfort. these leggings are both cute and!

dry erase gratitude board
 why be thankful just one day out of the year? i love the idea of a gratitude board...i know i could fill it up daily!

Sprinkles and Sequins
liz is wearing what i imagine would be a perfect thanksgiving outfit in this post. those boots, that sweater, and all fancied up with that necklace!! i love it all. also, i am loving her knuckle rings!

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i am so thankful for this guy. he is an amazing friend, husband, and dad. basically the perfect man (don't tell him i said that).

what are you thankful for this week?
two birds

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): regular

jeans ~ b. (a resale shop)
sweater ~ Marshalls
shoes ~ Urban Originals
earrings ~ Heartbreaker

i don't know if this says good or bad things about me, but i believe there are a few places i am becoming a regular in our great city.

the other day, i stopped into b. (a resale shop), which is a fabulous local shop. i walked in, and the owner looked at me and asked, "are you a size 8.5?" (why yes, i am.) she then pulled out the most fabulous pair of booties for me to buy. bam, just like that...i didn't even have to shop (although that didn't stop me from buying more, including these awesome camo jeans.)

and maybe even more telling, last week, nora and i, along with our husbands, went to the local bar to do a little karaoke for nora's birthday. when i got up to the mic, one of the waitresses yelled, "love is a battlefield" loudly. yes, she knew what i was going to sing before they even announced it. (unfortunately for everyone, i decided to switch it up for george michael's faith instead.)

i'm sure the people at target and the local thrift stores recognize me, as well, but i can think of worse things than being a regular. in fact, i rather like it.

are you a regular anywhere?
megan bird 

Monday, November 25, 2013

inspiration monday: rugrats

the inspiration
sienna miller
megan bird

 dress ~ H&M via Clothing Mentor
vest, belt ~ thrifted
boots ~ b. (a resale shop)
tights ~ Marshalls
earrings ~ Burlington

nora bird

jacket, dress ~ F21
shoes ~ b. (a resale shop)
tights ~ Target
necklace ~ H&M

last weekend, chris and i decided to have a guilt-free spending weekend. not being too crazy, we hit up stores like marshalls and kohls. we ended up just buying things without trying them on (and then returning most of it later), and it was super fun to be a little reckless like that. when we got home from shopping, we didn't quite feel like we were done, so we decided to order a new rug for our living room.

i searched all over and surprisingly, found one on that we both really loved. so we ordered away and a few days later it was at our door; the completely wrong color, but at our door nonetheless. 

so i threw it in the car without even opening it, and drove to target to return it. while there, i decided to look and see if they had any cute ones in the store. they did, so i bought another one...which was too small for our room.

so the next day, i searched again, and found one i loved at urban outfitters...but i wasn't sure which color would work best. because he knows me so well, chris' advice on the whole thing....order them both.

so, in a matter of three days, we bought four rugs.

let's hope we like at least one of the new ones!!

have you ever had a guilt-free day of shopping? if not, i highly recommend it.
two birds

Friday, November 22, 2013

baby bird.i.y: thankgiving leaf garland (alternate title: how my house became completely covered in glitter)

megan and i decided to start a new feature on the blog: baby bird.i.y. we wanted a place where we could feature some of the crafts/diys we do with our kids. we don't want to get all mommy blog on you but, basically, it's just arts and crafts with kids! this week i wanted to show you a little thanksgiving garland that mimi and i made! (remember a couple of weeks ago when i said i didn't really decorate for the holidays. well, let's just pretend i never said that!)

what you'll need:
~ card stock in different fall colors
~ card stock in dark brown or black
~ glitter
~ mod podge (or just regular old glue)
~ metallic sharpie
~ hole punch
~ paint brush

i started by drawing and cutting out a leaf shape from a piece of the card stock to use as a template. i wanted all of my leaves generally the same, but this could look cute with leaves of different shapes and sizes, too! note: tracing the template leaf onto the card stock is very fun for kids! i cut out 9 leaves and then punched a hole on the bottom of each leaf, near the stem*.

next, i took the dark brown card stock and cut out 10 rectangles of equal size (mine are about 4"x5"). i used the metallic sharpie to write out the words GIVE THANKS, one letter per piece of paper. then, i punched a hole (ours is a star shape because we're fancy like that!) on the top of each piece.

then, of course, mimi and i decided that since everything is better with a little glitter, that we would make the letters all glittery!

i used a thin paint brush to paint over each letter with mod podge and then let mimi sprinkle the letter in glitter. we dumped off the excess glitter, and voila! glittery letters!

warning: three-and-a-half year olds are not neat and tidy people. they have tiny hands and are not totally coordinated and they will spill glitter all over your house. everywhere. and then it will get on everything. including your husbands face later when he's eating dinner, which is pretty cute. 

next, we decided that there still wasn't quite enough sparkle! so, we made the leaves all glittery too!

(*please note that these leaves have not yet been hole punched. if using glitter, i recommend doing that ahead of time or your house will be covered in glitter.) (mine already was so i didn't really care.)

lastly, i measure out a length of yarn that fit nicely above our mantel (i actually wanted to hang this on the fireplace surround, but ben put an end to that idea when he kept trying to tear it down.) i then strung each leaf and letter with a piece of yarn (i didn't measure and i like the uneven way mine came out, but you can definitely measure your lengths of yarn!) and tied them to the longer piece. and up it went! and there is now glitter littering my entire mantle and floor surrounding the fireplace! and yes, i did try to clean it up, but have you ever tried sweeping up glitter? and are you ever too lazy to go all the way downstairs to get the vacuum cleaner? no? just me?

and there you have it! our very first baby bird.i.y. what do you think?

xoxo, nora bird

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): i love you for always

skirt, tights ~ Marshalls
flannel ~ swap
shoes ~ thrifted
necklace ~ F21
bracelets ~ vintage, thrifted
my son is at an age where he always thinks he's right and he always knows that i am wrong. it doesn't matter if i tell him the sky is blue, i am wrong. last week was a particularly challenging week for me with him. and yes, just for me...he seems to take it out on me the most. i guess he knows i will always love him, even if he's being a jerk.
so last week, we dropped him off at school, i said "i love you" like i do every day, and he shot me a dirty look and ran away. so i opened my window and yelled "i love you henry!!!" at the top of my lungs. he didn't appreciate it. i didn't care.
that evening, i told him that no matter how mad at someone he is, he always has to say i love you back. and i told him that the next time he pulled that stunt on me, that i would get out of the car and sing that i love him in my best opera voice.
so....(you see where this is going??) the next morning, i kissed him and said, "i love you". he turned around, smiled his best mischievous smile, and ran away.
i had no choice.
i did it.
i'm guessing he will be telling me he loves me from now on. even when he's mad.
megan bird

inspiration picture for november 25: sienna miller

the inspiration
sienna miller
animal print, furry jacket, red lips....who's in? we are! we are! we're issuing a challenge to everyone to play along next week, even if this is out of your comfort zone. find a reason to dress up like sienna...and if you can't find one, make one up!

click here to learn how to play along. make sure to link back to our page so your readers can see everyone's interpretation!

happy wednesday!
two birds

love*birds: 11.20.13

things i am loving this week:
~ my kids. they are especially sweet, funny, and endearing this week. and they are letting me hug them in public. i don't ask for much.
~ my daughter and her friend started a do-good club and are collecting money for the victims of the philippines. in two days, they have raised about $60. not too shabby for a couple of kids.
~ clean basements. yes, i did it. i finally cleaned my basement. now what to do with all the things i don't want?
~ running outside in november. i didn't think it would happen this year, but i have managed to sneak a few runs in in the mornings. it was 44 this morning...which in minnesota is warm, if you didn't know!
and here are a few other things we are loving:
megan bird
star necklace
i love this sweet and dainty necklace. it's so fun worn off to the side a little...the perfect accessory!
vintage cubby boxes
how cute are these? they would make the perfect storage solution in either of my kids' rooms...or anywhere for that matter!
vintage swing dress
 i am pining for summer again after seeing this dress!! 40 might be warm, but this dress is hot!!
lace little black dress
how fun is this? it's pretty and sassy and sexy all at the same time. i love it!
bike planter
again, i'm pining for summer. how cute is this? it's something i would never think of, but i love it so much. someone remind me in 6 8 months that i need this!
The Parlor Girl
 barbie is perfect in this great fall outfit. i have been dreaming of a cozy sweater like this one, and add in her amazing bag and sunglasses and she is perfectly chic!

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i mentioned that eva was collecting money for the red cross. this is the letter she wrote to her after school teacher asking permission. so sweet. ( i also love how she spelled philippines.)

nora bird
golden branch ring

i am so drawn to jewelry inspired by nature! this handmade branch ring is so unique and so cool!

blue shift dress

this dress is so simple, but so classic and chic. i absolutely love it! it would be the perfect holiday party dress!

not only is this bag gorgeous, but it is also durable, water-resistant and super functional! this might be my perfect bag!

i love the idea of an "ugly" christmas sweater t-shirt! so cute!

green beanie

i have yet to find that perfectly slouchy beanie. this one might be it! and it's even my favorite shade of green!


shannon looks so chic in her super gorgeous coat and leopard scarf in this post. perfect for a day of exploring chicago!

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jim and i had a super fun double date night (with megan and chris) on saturday! a little early birthday celebration with dinner, drinks, and, of course, karaoke!

what are you loving today?

xoxo, two birds