Thursday, October 24, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): credit fraud

dress ~ Nordstrom Rack
shoes ~ thrifted
earrings ~ F21

i have a credit card that i never use. i believe (no, i know) that i got it while in college, at a fourth of july festival, at a booth preying on young, dumb kids like me. they promised me a free slinky if i signed up, and then for some dumb reason, they gave me a huge line of $25,000 or something ridiculous like that.

anyhow, it has been many years since i opened this card. i keep it just because it was my first card ever. call me sentimental (i don't still have the slinky, unfortunately), or call me credit saavy, but i still have the card. i never use it though, and it has a zero balance....until a few months ago.

because it has a zero balance, i never check my statement. but then last week, i got a piece of mail from a debt collector saying i owed $400 on this credit card. i immediately called my card service line and was informed that some jerk-off is the proud new owner of a brand new bike. and i am the victim of credit fraud.

luckily, having been a loyal customer for over 15 years, they were quick to throw my claim into the fraud pool. and while they will probably never catch the jerk, at least i'm off the hook. the thing that sucks is that i sure could use a brand new bike!

megan bird


  1. Wow, Meglets, this is all insane: #1, that line of credit is how much? My Gosh. #2, you haven't spent it once [APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE, APPLAUSE #3, dang on not getting a new bike.

    (oh don't tell anyone but I have a friend with me right now and her name is Insomnia, ya she is quite fun)

  2. So sorry to hear this! Glad the company shifted it into the fraud disturbing. Lovin' your dress! xo T.

  3. I'm so sorry!
    On the plus side, you look gorgeous. And leggy!

  4. Man! That sucks about the credit fraud. At least they were able to fix it for you. On the bright side you look amazing!

  5. wow girl this dress is FABULOUS on u!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  6. Man that suck. I have had that happen to me 3 times.

  7. I still can't believe that happened! I'm just glad you were able to get it fixed!

    Very cute dress!!

  8. That is so crazy about the credit fraud! I'm glad it got straightened out though in the end.

    The Tiny Heart

  9. Ugh! I hate credit fraud! The wurst! Glad you're off the hook though :) but yeah I'm sure you could have used a lot more new things!

    Love the outfit!

  10. Ugh, at least it was taken care of! I'm so amazed you have a CC with a 0 balance.... And I LURV that dress. So awesome.

  11. That stinks about the credit fraud, glad it got sorted out quickly and efficiently! Us thrifty girls are on top of our credit ;)

  12. i've been the victim of a credit fraud 3 different times - nuts right? every incident has been too outlandish to be true -- $800 shoes shipped to greenland or $600 for wood at home depot (i was an 18 year old girl) and luckily the credit card company washed it away. hopefully karma does something funny and you win a bike somehow?

  13. That is crazy. Part of the reason I only have one card now.


  14. Darn those identity thieves! At least you got it resolved and didn't affect you negatively. You look amazing by the way!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  15. Argh!!! So frustrating! And violating feeling! I'm sorry you had to go through that! But I am glad that they cleared it up for you. Have you seen the movie Identity Thief? I just saw it ironically last weekend and it was so funny! You should definitely see it now!

  16. Oh NO! Credit fraud is the worst...and so annoying! Glad it's all worked out, and you look so cute in that the off the shoulder look :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  17. Eep! Scary, but luckily it sounds like it won't be toooo big of headache to clear up! I just had the opposite problem, where my bank called me and was like we think you have an unauthorized charge because you never spend this much money but it was just our huge bar bill for the wedding!

  18. I am glad that they took care of it! That happened to us once with our debit card, it sucked, but we got everything straight.

    I am loving this dress! It has the cutest cuts!

  19. Hi there! So pleased you got this sorted out! You look fabulous, your dress is lovely xxx

  20. i HATE identity theft! i don't mean the movie. i haven't seen it. i'm glad you got your claim cleared up. holy sexy megan in her outfit!

  21. Oh how terrible!! Hopefully it won't be too hard to get worked out.


  22. That's awful! Something similar happened recently to my fun!
    cute outfit though
    thanks for visiting twirl

  23. That's terrible! I really should pay more attention to my bills. I often wonder how often I miss something out of place - anyone could be spending my money!

  24. So sorry for your troubles
    What a shock you must have had
    Love this sexy dress

  25. that's awful and scary!! but you do look stunning in this dress!!