Tuesday, October 29, 2013

love*birds: 10.30.13

things i am loving this week:
~ fresh apples. i have had such a sweet tooth at night lately and instead of stuffing my face with halloween candy and ice cream, i have been trying to make healthier choices. so far, so good!
~let's be honest. i am just saving my calorie intake for thursday when i plan on eating most of my kids' halloween candy! one of the many perks of being a mom!
~ halloween is tomorrow! it's one of my favorite holidays. candy and costumes! how can you not love it?

and here are a few other things we are loving this week...

nora bird

i love a long sleeve dress with tights and boots. this one looks so cozy and roomy, perfect for the upcoming holidays! plus, the colors are gorgeous and the pattern is so fun!

oh my gosh! it's a long, cozy, fringey, colorful scarf...with pockets! pockets! and it looks so soft and cozy!

i never knew i needed a vintage, fringe, boho vest until i saw this one! it's perfect! how cute would this be thrown on over just about anything?

these gloves are so elegant and pretty and look so warm and comfy! i love the fairisle rose pattern.

i love vintage sweaters. ones with shawl collars are especially awesome. and the bright, pretty color of this one makes me love it all the more!


jessica, of jeans and a teacup, styled this super gorgeous, feathered skirt four different ways in this post. all of the looks are so great, i can't pick a favorite!

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the kids and i snuggled up in our jammies on saturday night and watched aladdin. i haven't seen that movie in so long and it was fun re-watching with the kiddos! (well, really just with mimi. ben went to bed approximately two minutes after i took this photo.)

megan bird
antler ring
i know a lot of people are really into the deer/antler trend...and i'm not ashamed to admit i am one of them. i love the idea of bringing nature into accessories, and this ring is even better because no deer were harmed in its making!

winter grey photograph
this photo reminds me of a minnesota night ~ in the winter, of course. i love how haunting and beautiful the scenery is.

50s vintage dress
this dress is so gorgeous. it would make a fabulous holiday party dress. (are we talking about holiday party dresses yet?) i love the color and the detailing on the shoulders!

cat and tail tights
these are just too cute. i love how fun they are. they would make any outfit stand out!
crocheted beanie
this beanie is like my favorie grandma blanket and my favorite hat all wrapped into one. i love the colors...we all need a little cozy color on a cold winter day!

The Banged Blonde
samantha of the banged blonde is rocking this perfect apple picking, pumpkin carving, fall outfit. i love the sweater paired with the cute dress, and the orange tights perfect the whole thing! she looks both cozy and fabulous all at the same time!

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i had the best time with one of my oldest friends and my hubbie last weekend. we went to a bar we used to frequent many, many years ago, and saw a ton of old friends. good times!

what are you loving today?
two birds


  1. all of these sweaters and things have me jealous! fall has left atlanta. it's 80 today. 80!!!!! :(

  2. I just buy my own Halloween candy, haha :) That beanie reminds me of my grandma too...she would knit blankets just like that!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. i'm loving that halloween is tomorrow!

    always, koru kate

  4. i love love the cat tights and the fingerless gloves - both so fun :) and congrats to you on eating healthier -- share some of those recipes!!

  5. thanks Megan and Nora for putting my dress in your blog. Y'all are adorable and so is your blog!

  6. Beautiful pictures and items! I am excited for halloween as well for all the costumes and candy.


  7. I literally want every single item in this post! Everything is so cute! Loving both of your instagram feeds lately too! So much cuteness!

  8. The winter photograph - wow. It looks amazing! And good for you having willpower and eating better snacks Nora! I am going to have a hard time on Halloween tomorrow I think!

  9. Gotta love chunky knit season!


  10. I love that vest! And also Aladdin :) Great little round-up here.

    xo Ashley

  11. I wish I could say I've been eating apples and not candy! Too little will power over here.

    Those cat tights!!

  12. Mrs Megan, you are leading me towards temptation. I just spent 20mins in that Etsy seller with the 50's dress's shop, drooling and contemplating purchases!!! X

  13. Such great finds, and a very cool blog! Thanks so much for featuring my Makola scarf with pockets!

  14. I'm loving catching up with everyone again!

  15. I love the scarf with pockets! So smart :)


  16. the scarf with pockets = love at first site

  17. OMG.....Love the crochet beanie! And the antler ring!
    Love love love!

  18. have a great halloween tomorrow and i love that feathered skirt.

  19. I love the fluffy scarf and the antler ring!

  20. cute and fun instas! i had those cat tights on my blog oct 17. we must have the same style. ;) i liked samantha's look so much, i'm gonna check out her blog.