Wednesday, October 2, 2013

love*birds: 10.2.13

things i am loving this week:
~ i know weather is a super boring subject, but it is october and it is still super warm and gorgeous. i am loving it! especially since i know what is right around the corner!
~ ben has starting talking a bit more and he now says "hi" to everyone we pass on the street, in the store, at the gym...everyone, everywhere. it is so adorable.
~ i donated seven grocery bags of clothes to the thrift store this weekend. it is so nice to have cleaned out my closets and gotten rid of stuff i didn't wear anymore! (and made more room to shop.)
~ shopping. i have been doing a tiny bit lately. just a teeny tiny bit!

and here are a few other things we are loving...

nora bird

this scarf looks so cozy and warm. and i absolutely love the vintage leather accent. so cool!

i never knew i needed a vintage, pull down zoological map. but now i know.

i think me and every other mom in the world needs this necklace. such a fun piece. i would wear this every day!

i have a couple of weddings coming up this month and i think this might be the perfect dress to wear! i adore the fall colors and the cool arrow print. gorgeous!

i love this set of knuckle armor rings. they are so cool and different and sure to make a statement!


kaylyn is looking super chic in her casual look in this post. i love each piece and how she put them all together so effortlessly. she looks gorgeous!

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megan and i had so much fun working on the fashion show last weekend! and we, of course, celebrated with a couple of margaritas afterwards. margaritas are always good, but they tasted extra yummy that afternoon!

megan bird
 vintage pendant necklace

i bet this necklace jingles in the prettiest of ways when you wear it. i love the fringe and the cool design of the pendant.

anyone who lives in minnesota knows this saying is true. we come from a very nice state!!! i love this t-shirt!

this shirt is perfect for fall. the color is amazing, the length would be perfect with leggings and boots, and those pockets...ok the pockets would be amazing any season!

i love the boho vibe of this kimono. the print if beautiful, as well. i can see it worn so many ways!

all you would need on your table is this one single planter. it's so unique and fun and makes a great statement!


jennifer of apartment wife does the most amazing random acts of kindness. i am in awe of how much happiness she spreads through our great state (see, i told you we were a nice state). for instance, she and her friends happy ding dong ditched random people and left flowers on their doorstep. how cool is that?

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yep, while she was taking a pic of me, i was taking on of her. the aforementioned margs were delicious!! and nora is looking beutiful as always!

what are you loving today?

two birds


  1. That awesome that you donated 7 bags of clothes. I just donated a few clothes myself.

  2. We are having a revival of summer too and I just love it! Jersey is probably the complete opposite of MN...everyone is rude here, haha. :)

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  3. aww, i'm glad you're liking the acts of happiness -- they are fun to do :) maybe we do something together sometime? also.. my husband and i have matching MN nice t-shirts -- we love them :)

  4. Thank you for the shout out! Loving this blog! (and yes, that IS the perfect dress for weddings :)

  5. I have never been to Minnesota but would absolutely love to visit now! Love that you donated all of that clothing, someone will truly appreciate them this winter (and thank you for popping by my blog!) xo

  6. I loved your celebratory pictures from the runway show! I'm glad it went so well, I wish I could have been there! You both looked fantastic!!

    I think everyone Minnesotan needs a MN nice shirt!

  7. Congratulations on closet cleaning! Seven bags is awesome!!! I like that vintage scarf with the leather on it, too!

  8. AH! I am in love with that scarf! DO WANT.

  9. Oh so many wonderful loves this day! Thanks for the heads-up on the cool blogs you love. I have really enjoyed getting to know the ones you suggest/highlight!

    I need to go through my closet and weed out the lonely ones and see if I REALLY need then OR not. I did it is in the spring and there was only one pair of pants I had wished I had kept. That ain't half bad. Many of the things I donated were things I bought at thrift shops. Funny how that happens.

  10. I wish someone would ding song ditch me with flowers!

  11. Thanks so much for including my BOSS necklace! I agree... perfect for moms. :)

  12. The flowers are a lovely idea! I must do that!!! The margarita shots are really lovely!x

  13. Some amazing stuff here! You two look fab with your drinks!!! Hugs, T.

  14. i definitely want that BOSS necklace AND those knuckle rings. will also take that vintage planter. thanks.

  15. Flowers are lovely idea <3 Nice post :)