Monday, October 21, 2013

inspiration monday: girl fight

the inspiration
blake lively
megan bird

 sweater ~ Marshalls
leggings ~ Heartbreaker
boots ~ 6PM
hat ~ Kohls
necklace ~ H&M
jacket ~ thrifted

nora bird

sweater ~ thrifted
blazer ~ vintage, thrifted
leggings ~ Heartbreaker
boots ~ Shoedazzle
scarf ~ gift

i didn't realize how early girl drama starts in life. maybe it was just my friends growing up, or it's entirely possible i have blocked out any bad memories from that age, but i don't remember having any drama with my friends until i was in middle school.

eva, at age six, in first grade, is already experiencing girl drama. it's so weird for me to see, and it hit me the other day that i need to brush up on cliques in order to give eva good advice. here's her dilemma:

two of her close friends are fighting....who knows why. one thinks the other said something mean that the other claims she didn't say. you know the fight. anyway, she normally sits with the two of them at lunch, and with world war twee going on, they both asked eva to choose between them. she came home and asked me what she should do. i gave her three choices:

1. tell them that she loves them both and that she shouldn't have to choose between them
2. try to get them to talk and make up so they could all play
3. sit with new people at lunch

i didn't think of option 4, which was wait it out. because at age six, the good thing is that most girl fights are forgotten after a long weekend.

keep your fingers crossed for her today that she doesn't have to pick sides.
two birds 


  1. You are likely right--option 4 will take its course. :) Loving both the inspiration pics! There's nothing better than leggings, boots and chunky sweaters. I was going to wear my new fisherman sweater & post pics, but I think the pic I'm submitting works, too. Hugs, T.

  2. you both look great! hope the girl drama is resolved!

  3. That's sad that she's experiencing these kind of fights between her friends at such a young age! I'm like you, the first time I remember seeing any of that was probably around the age of 12...

  4. Poor Eva, being put in the middle like that! I hope it all blew over by today.

    Both of your sweaters look so warm and cozy!

    The Tiny Heart

  5. Oh girl's so funny how young it starts! Love love love these cozy fall looks :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. Oh man, that does seem young for girl drama to begin! Hopefully you're right that it was all forgotten over the weekend!!

    Love your cozy warm looks! And it was good to see you yesterday Megan!

  7. My daughter has been going through the same thing at school - it started last year in second grade. Seems so young to have so much drama. Sounds like you gave great advice, although "wait it out" is probably a good tip to give her too. Most of the dramas between Avery's friends have fizzled out quickly.

    You both look so cozy today! Stay warm - I heard it might snow!

  8. Awww! I hope that Ava's friends make up! I am sure things like that happened when I was a kid too. :(

    I love both looks as usual! I need a long sweater now! Loving the cute hat and scarf you two!

  9. Totally! My daughter is six and I will pick her up some days and her and her best friend will be arguing. It is so bizarre, but it is always over by the next day. I remember going through it too though. Aw girls. My boys, though, go through the same stuff somehow.

    Love the sweaters ladies!

  10. Haha girl drama... and so it begins! What did she end up doing!? You both look so cute in your cozy outfits.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  11. you're both rocking this look so well-- makes me think i need to run out and get a longer sweater. have you ever posted about your favorite shopping places in the twin cities?

  12. As usual, you both are super stylish
    I am jealous that you had sweaters long enough to cover your tiny little bums!

  13. Oh it's so hard dealing with these! I see them all the time in the playground and they are so hard to get involved in as you just want to say, "For goodness sake!" to them! Good that Eva's the mature one!x
    Love your jumpers ladies- so cosy and really like the inspiration!xxx

  14. Love love that Blake look. And you both look fabulous!


  15. Meg I have that same necklace in silver! Nora I love your boots.
    Oh your poor Daughter! I didn't have any girl drama till middle school either. My Daughter is BFF with her cousin and they are not in the same classes, and she hangs with two little boys during class that she's been freinds with since preschool. I think the grown up option is to tell them she doesn't have to pick because she loves them both, but she is six and does not have to be a grown up. Wait it out, it may be done in the morning.

  16. Lurv the monochromatic layered tops on both of you. You both look sooo cozy!
    And girl drama is so ridiculous. It does happen at that age, and all you can do is tell her to continue to be herself and to not get drawn into it!!

  17. i hope not to deal with that as much with my boys, but sometimes that sort of drama happens on both sides of gender. i already worry for them and they haven't even started school yet. poor girl! love both the is 90 degrees here in kona and i wish it was 50 so i could sport a similar look!

  18. Both of you look amazing in these layered outfits. And poor Eva! So hard to be stuck in the middle, especially when you're 6!!! But mama's right, it will all blow over in a few days. :)

  19. Better late than nevah! I love both of your outfits, I really DO. And yes, insomnia is my friend right now. LOL

  20. you are a good mom, and you gave her excellent advice! now on to how much i like both your versions of the outfit with the added hat, and printed scarf. :)