Thursday, October 3, 2013

bird.i.y. fabric wallpapered armoire doors

until now, i have used this armoire for shoes. well, for a few reasons (one being that i need a better shoe storage solution) (and one being that i feel a constant need to redecorate our house), i decided to move the armoire upstairs to hold winter coats. i knew i wanted to change it up a little for the move. now, is it beautiful? yes, but we have so much natural wood in our living room that i wanted to throw in a little pop of color. i also, however, wanted to keep the option open should we ever want to go back to natural wood. so what to do, what to do? my solution....dig in the wedding bin for a vintage sheet and start crafting.

here's what i did, and what i did it with.

i started by making the "paste". basically, it's fabric starch. i made my own by mixing 4 tablespoons of corn starch with 1 cup of cold water. i blended it it my magic bullet to make sure there were no lumps, and then added that mixture to 7 cups of boiling water. i stirred it to make sure no lumps formed, turned down the heat and let it cook for a few minutes. i then removed it from the heat and let it cool.

i then cleaned the doors of the armoire to make sure there was no dirt or residue on them. i just used a few clorox wipes.

this is a very important step...turn on a good show. i decided the season premiere of homeland was a good show to work to.

i measured the sheet to fit each door, and ripped the fabric because for me, ripping leaves a more straight line than cutting. once i had the sheets to fit the doors, i "painted" one whole door with the paste mixture and placed one sheet of fabric to fit. 

at this point, i wanted the fabric to really stay in place, so i applied push pins to the corners while i continued to work. i completely coated the top of the fabric with the paste mixture, ensuring i didn't miss any areas. i was extra generous around the edges, using the paint brush to push the fabric into the corners.

to get out all the air bubbles, i used this very intricate squeegee tool. maybe you've heard of it? it's called mtv power yoga. get a good workout, and a fairly decent squeegee with one purchase!

once i pasted both sides, i used a rotary cutter to perforate the fabric in an attempt to make it easier to trim. this step was pretty uneccessary, as the exacto knife is very effective on its own.

i cut the edges as best i could, which wasn't perfect (but i'm ok with that), and let it dry. this part took a full day. i would recommend a room with air flow, not a damp basement like i was using.

but just like that, i was done! we are now the proud owners of this very unique armoire. and like i said, if we ever get sick of it, we can easily change the fabric, or tear it off altogether and go back to wood! 

what do you think? would you ever try this?

happy friday!
megan bird


  1. Well, this is just brilliant. I've never even thought of such a thing - love how this turned out and must try it for myself!


  2. I love this idea. Do you think this would also work well enough on a coffee table?


  3. I love it, M. I also love homeland!!! :) Excited to see you today. It's been a helluvaweek.

  4. Love this - and the fact that you used what you already had to accomplish it!

  5. Looks great and that fabric is awesome!

  6. The fabric you chose is so pretty! I have a boring IKEA armoire that could use some sprucing up. Have a great weekend!

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  7. Wow! This is really pretty! I think you're far more ambitious than I am! I keep wanting to do something similar to the headboard on our bed and I just never do. One of these days maybe.

  8. what a good idea!! and a good show is definitely crucial :)

  9. amazing DIY , you are very creative

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  10. It looks great! I think it will go great in your living room :)

  11. so lovely! what a fun way to dress up the apt... might have to steal this :)

  12. so a great idea to change furniture up

  13. What a great idea! And I never thought to use my yoga dvd as a squeegee, but I'll keep it in mind! Haha!

  14. This looks super fab! What a cool idea!

  15. What a neat idea! I would've never thought of that!

    Fizz and Frosting

  16. wow, you made that look surprisingly easy! i think it turned out wonderfully...i'd definitely want to try something like this.

  17. That is beautiful! When are you coming over to do mine? I have a bookcase and the inside would look great with something like this!

  18. What a great DIY! I love reworking older pieces of furniture!


  19. I absolutely love this! So pretty!

  20. I absolutely love this! So pretty!

  21. I have to tell you that my college roommate and I used those sheets in our dorm room my freshman year. 1975. Great memories.