Thursday, October 31, 2013

trick or treat!

henry bird the u.s. soldier

eva bird as rosie the riveter

mimi bird the purple princess

bennie bird the lion
(sorry for the three photos, but i wanted to show all the angles! that little tail!)

we wish you all a safe and happy halloween and all the candy your heart desires!

xoxo, two birds

(mimi and ben's costumes were made by my amazing and talented mother-in-law!)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

inspiration picture for november 4: freida pinto

colors and patterns and fringe, oh my! for our first inspiration monday in november we wanted to go for fun! and this outfit is definitely fun! and possibly even attainable, since i believe it is all from the isabel marant for h&m collection. unfortunately, the line won't be available in stores until november 14th, so our looks will have to be inspired for now. but that, of course, is the fun of inspiration monday!
we hope you play along! don't know how? click here to find out.

xoxo, two birds

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

love*birds: 10.30.13

things i am loving this week:
~ fresh apples. i have had such a sweet tooth at night lately and instead of stuffing my face with halloween candy and ice cream, i have been trying to make healthier choices. so far, so good!
~let's be honest. i am just saving my calorie intake for thursday when i plan on eating most of my kids' halloween candy! one of the many perks of being a mom!
~ halloween is tomorrow! it's one of my favorite holidays. candy and costumes! how can you not love it?

and here are a few other things we are loving this week...

nora bird

i love a long sleeve dress with tights and boots. this one looks so cozy and roomy, perfect for the upcoming holidays! plus, the colors are gorgeous and the pattern is so fun!

oh my gosh! it's a long, cozy, fringey, colorful scarf...with pockets! pockets! and it looks so soft and cozy!

i never knew i needed a vintage, fringe, boho vest until i saw this one! it's perfect! how cute would this be thrown on over just about anything?

these gloves are so elegant and pretty and look so warm and comfy! i love the fairisle rose pattern.

i love vintage sweaters. ones with shawl collars are especially awesome. and the bright, pretty color of this one makes me love it all the more!


jessica, of jeans and a teacup, styled this super gorgeous, feathered skirt four different ways in this post. all of the looks are so great, i can't pick a favorite!

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the kids and i snuggled up in our jammies on saturday night and watched aladdin. i haven't seen that movie in so long and it was fun re-watching with the kiddos! (well, really just with mimi. ben went to bed approximately two minutes after i took this photo.)

megan bird
antler ring
i know a lot of people are really into the deer/antler trend...and i'm not ashamed to admit i am one of them. i love the idea of bringing nature into accessories, and this ring is even better because no deer were harmed in its making!

winter grey photograph
this photo reminds me of a minnesota night ~ in the winter, of course. i love how haunting and beautiful the scenery is.

50s vintage dress
this dress is so gorgeous. it would make a fabulous holiday party dress. (are we talking about holiday party dresses yet?) i love the color and the detailing on the shoulders!

cat and tail tights
these are just too cute. i love how fun they are. they would make any outfit stand out!
crocheted beanie
this beanie is like my favorie grandma blanket and my favorite hat all wrapped into one. i love the colors...we all need a little cozy color on a cold winter day!

The Banged Blonde
samantha of the banged blonde is rocking this perfect apple picking, pumpkin carving, fall outfit. i love the sweater paired with the cute dress, and the orange tights perfect the whole thing! she looks both cozy and fabulous all at the same time!

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i had the best time with one of my oldest friends and my hubbie last weekend. we went to a bar we used to frequent many, many years ago, and saw a ton of old friends. good times!

what are you loving today?
two birds

Monday, October 28, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): rusted roots

dress ~ F21
coat, shoes ~ Target
belt, necklaces ~ vintage, thrifted
earrings ~ Heartbreaker

i dye my own hair because it's easy and cheap...i never do anything fancy, just a similar shade to my real color, enough to cover the grey (yes, our family is known to prematurely grey).

but every once in a while, i decide to do something outside of the (literal) box. these impulse colors are usually always fueled by hormones, and i almost always regret them afterwards.

so last week, i decided to add a little red to my hair. i saw one of those boxes that promises to lighten even the darkest of hair, and for some reason, i half believed them and bought it.

after what looked like a law & order episode in my bathtub, the color was washed out. i dried my hair and went about my business. you know, inside you cannever really see the red in your hair. and it wasn't until my kids kept exclaiming, "mama, your hair is so red, especially on the top!" that i realized that the box that promised to lighten even the darkest of colors did, in fact, lighten my hair, but only my grey, grey roots.

so now, because i don't want to ruin my hair with another box of color so soon after the red disaster, i will walk around with red roots. very red roots. luckily it's mostly only noticeable in the sunlight...and blog pictures. (you're scrolling back up now, aren't you?)

have you ever had a hair dye fail?

megan bird 

inspiration monday: proud mama

the inspiration

megan bird

boots, sweater ~ b. (a resale shop)
leggings ~ Heartbreaker
tank ~ Target
hat ~ thrifted
sunglasses ~ swap

nora bird

sweatshirt ~ Urban Outfitters
leggings ~ thrifted
hat, scarf ~ knit by mom
boots ~ Shoe Dazzle

nora and i attended an amazing charity event for dress for success last week. that same night, the kids were planning on visiting grandma. henry asked me why i wasn't going with them, and i told him, "auntie nora and i are going to a charity event." without missing a beat, he said, "oh...will you go up to my room, get some money out of my bank and give it to them?" i was speechless at how thoughtful my son is.

not to be outdone, eva said to me, "mama, can you do the same for me, too? just don't take too much."

i guess there's also something to be said about being frugal.

happy monday!
two birds

Friday, October 25, 2013

bird seed: greek nachos with roasted red pepper salsa

earlier this week, i was at the gym, working out on the elliptical. as usual, i was half watching live! with kelly and michael (it was a boring episode. ted danson was the main guest. snooze fest!) while also mentally going through the contents on my fridge and pantry to decide what to make for dinner. the elliptical is where i have my best dinner ideas. probably because i am always starving! my mom had recently brought over a big block of feta cheese and i knew i wanted to use that. i also had olives, tomatoes, chickpeas, mozzarella, and fake chicken. i guess i was going greek! i remembered i had some chips left over from my mom's birthday dinner and my mind immediately went to nachos (obviously). greek nachos! i emailed my sisters and asked if they thought that sounded good (because i desperately crave their approval). they did. megan's only suggestion was that i use pita chips instead of regular nacho chips (duh! brilliant!), so on the way home from the gym the kids and i picked some up. i was excited for dinner!

now, when i cook, i really don't measure ingredients, so i can't give exact details. i cooked up the quorn chick'n (you can obviously sub any kind of meat/protein that you like) in some olive oil with a little red onion, some chili powder, cumin, salt, and pepper. while that was cooking, i diced up some cherry tomatoes, opened a can of olives (i used regular black olives, but kalamata would have been awesome), a can of chickpeas, and sliced up the feta. after that, i just layered the olives, tomates, beans, chik'n, feta, and a sprinkle of shredded mozzarella atop the chips (i used a bag of amy's multi-grain pita chips) and baked the nachos for about 20 minutes at 350 degrees.

while that was cooking, i realized i would need a salsa of some sort. i had a jar of roasted red and yellow peppers and that sounded great! i added about half the jar (probably about one whole pepper), fresh garlic, some salt, pepper, and lemon juice into my blender. as that blended, i slowly added olive oil until i got the consistency i was looking for. now i had salsa! i covered it and put it in the fridge until we were ready to eat.

once the nachos were cooked, dinner was served!

it even got a thumbs up!
okay, so maybe i told them to do that. but they really did enjoy the nachos!

have you ever made a non-traditional nacho? do tell!

happy friday!
xoxo, nora bird

Thursday, October 24, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): credit fraud

dress ~ Nordstrom Rack
shoes ~ thrifted
earrings ~ F21

i have a credit card that i never use. i believe (no, i know) that i got it while in college, at a fourth of july festival, at a booth preying on young, dumb kids like me. they promised me a free slinky if i signed up, and then for some dumb reason, they gave me a huge line of $25,000 or something ridiculous like that.

anyhow, it has been many years since i opened this card. i keep it just because it was my first card ever. call me sentimental (i don't still have the slinky, unfortunately), or call me credit saavy, but i still have the card. i never use it though, and it has a zero balance....until a few months ago.

because it has a zero balance, i never check my statement. but then last week, i got a piece of mail from a debt collector saying i owed $400 on this credit card. i immediately called my card service line and was informed that some jerk-off is the proud new owner of a brand new bike. and i am the victim of credit fraud.

luckily, having been a loyal customer for over 15 years, they were quick to throw my claim into the fraud pool. and while they will probably never catch the jerk, at least i'm off the hook. the thing that sucks is that i sure could use a brand new bike!

megan bird

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

inspiration for october 28: taylor swift

the inspiration

taylor swift

this right here is my idea of a perfect fall outfit....cozy top, cute boots, leggings (say what you will about leggings, but i love them), and a fun hat. i would literally wear this all winter long if i could.

what about you? what's your favorite fall outfit? will you be joining us on monday? here's how:
1. look at the picture above
2. get some inspiration from it
3. dress up on monday, inspired by this look
4. share your link for all to look at
5. have fun
need more rules? click here for the official page.

two birds

love*birds: 10.23.13

things i am loving this week:
~ my son has started doing his own dishes...without being asked. i don't know exactly what's happening, but i am not going to complain!
~ my oldest friend (not oldest in age, but longest, i guess) is coming to town this weekend. we have been friends for 35 years...crazy, huh? (i know, i'm old.)
~ i cleaned my room, my closet(s), and my shoes out and got rid of so much stuff at erin's swap last weekend. i still have no room in my closets, but it was a start!
~ eva cleared up the girl drama issue...she acted as a go-between and got both of her friends to apologize to each other. i couldn't be prouder.
~ and last, but not least, our baby sister is pregnant!!! we knew, even though she didn't tell us until she was 12 weeks along, but we are still over the moon about it.

and here are some other things we are loving this week.

megan bird
blue winter cape
how fabulous is this cape? i love the color, and the detailing is so unique and gorgeous. it is sure to make a statement on bleak winter days!

crimson fall dress
i am a huge fan of this color for fall, and the fabric of the skirt is so gorgeous. i love the contrast of the shiny, fancy bottom and the cool, comfy, casual top.

asymmetrical coat
i know i already posted a coat, but come on, look at this! i love the color, and the hemline makes it so unique! plus, you can never have too many coats in minnesota!

hoodie camouflage sweatshirt
you can also never have too many sweatshirts in minnesota...especially cool color-blocked camo hooded ones. i love this!

silver eternity ring necklace
i love how simple and elegant this necklace is. it would make a statement with any outfit.

She is Lovely
sheila is rocking the plaid shirt/faux leather skirt in this outfit. i bought a faux leather skirt just so i could wear it with a plaid shirt. i have yet to wear my outfit, but she has inspired me. now all i need are some amazing black heels like hers!!

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i snapped this picture of my gorgeous parents last weekend. they are a good looking couple, no? i sure do love them!

nora bird

i know. this looks like a springtime dress, right? but picture it with a cozy cardigan, cranberry colored tights, and tall brown boots. i know! such a cute, fall outfit!

i love nature inspired jewelry. and this twig ring is just gorgeous! so delicate and feminine!

quilted cashmere coat

seriously, how cool is this asymmetrical coat? so cool! i love the structured silhouette and the fun, crystal buttons!

girly football sweatshirt

it's football season, yes, but i honestly don't care much about football. i do, however, love cute and cozy sweatshirts! plus, this one is my college colors, so i could at least pretend i cared!

book scarf

you guys! i loved "anne of green gables" as a kid. loved! and i love scarves! a lot. so i think this might be my perfect scarf!

my wardrobe staples

katelin looks gorgeous is this outfit, perfect for a fall date night! and that lip color is also perfect on her!

follow along @mrsbeyers

this is one of my favorite pictures of jim and mimi ever! my sister snapped it right before we left for jim's sister's wedding last weekend. they both look so great!

what are you loving this week?

xoxo, two birds