Thursday, September 19, 2013

unpinteresting life: nora bird

remember back in august when megan unpinterested her life? it was supposed to be a series of posts where we talked about and showed you our "real lives". you know, the laundry, the dishes, the mess. well, she posted hers and i took photos of the messes in my life for a future post. i sent megan a joking email that was like, "oh, ha ha, now that you posted yours i am totally not going to post mine, sucker!" and it was a joke, i swear. and then i kept looking at the photos and getting more embarrassed and putting it off. of course, i never meant to actually not post it. that would have been rude. it just took me some time to get up the courage, which, honestly, i still don't quite have. but i'm sucking it up and posting this now. please don't judge me too harshly! i may not be the most organized person and i may have far too many clothes and shoes, but i am working very hard on both of these things as we speak!
to be honest, my house is usually pretty neat and clean. i mean, as long as you don't look into any closets or cupboards! a random person walking into my living room would never be disgusted by a mess or anything. but, then, i would never let them see my shoe closet. you know, unless they read my blog. jim is a total organization freak, which is why he also does not go in my shoe closet. it would just make him crazy. and, because of that and because it is just better for my mind if i try to be a bit more organized, i have started doing just that. i have worked on the linen closet and the bathroom cabinets and those are just beautifully clean and organized now! and, as i mentioned yesterday, i have moved onto my bedroom. my closets are full and cluttered and just plain messy. i have too much and nowhere for it to go. anyway, i am just going to stop talking and show you. i'll ask again...please don't judge too harshly!

my shoe (and blazer and cardigan and purse and shoe box and random straw hat) closet:

you guys! i know! it's so bad. about once a year, i go in there and really clean it out and organize everything. and it stays that way for a few months. but, slowly and surely, i just begin to throw my shoes in there after wearing them, not caring where they land. and after a while it becomes this again. ugh. let's not even talk about why i even have this many shoes and boots. that, in and of itself, is a whole other issue.

my clothes closet:

can somebody please point me in the direction of the nearest denim anonymous meeting? i mean, really.

what is even happening here?

or here?

does anyone need any belts? i literally wear two or three of these.

this hot mess is being remedied as we speak. i know i already said that, but i just wanted to reiterate. because i know how this looks. it looks bad.

and as long as we are up in my room, i might as well show you that this is always what my bed looks like.
unmade, is what i mean. this is pretty good actually. usually, there are a lot more clothes and laundry baskets full of clean clothes that i am too busy lazy to put away strewn about on the bed. you caught me on a good day!

oh, and just for the hell of it, let's venture out of my bedroom and into my kitchen for a second and take a look at the one place in the house that jim cannot even bear to look: my pantry cupboard.
this cupboard is super deep. and chock-full. it's one of those cupboards that you open with caution because something is sure to fly out and hit you in the head. it's a hazard. also, good luck finding any spices in there without emptying out almost its entire contents first. cooking dinner is like an extreme sport in my house! i can almost guarantee that i have anything you need to make any dish you could think of. you just have to dig (and dig and dig) a little to find it! i will point out that this is really the only cupboard i have in the house to store my non-perishables and spices. so, it's really not my fault. i just need to re-do my entire kitchen! (this is also hopefully happening in the near future! yay!)

okay, that's enough embarrassing unpinteresting myself for now. i hope you all have a great day!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. I love the unpinteresting posts! It makes me feel so much better knowing other people have real "lived-in" closets too lol


  2. Hey--that looks like my closet! Especially, the shoe area!!! Good to know I'm not alone on this! :) T.

  3. Ah! I have an unpinteresting life too!

  4. Thanks for being brave enough to show us your closet and pantry! I organized my clothes a few months ago but my bag and shoe collection is a total disaster. My hubby is always telling me to re-organize but I haven't come up with a good system. And our bed is NEVER made thanks to Jinx, who likes to lay under the covers while we're at work :)

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  5. I love these posts! Also, I am jealous of your giant closet devoted to shoes!

  6. I love this! Makes me feel better about my crazy messy closet!! Keep it real my friend, keep it real!

  7. I cannot get over how many shoes you have, N. I have like 15 pairs. I wish I had two closets!!! If I did, I would totally fill them to the brim! :)

  8. If my husband wasn't the neatest freak ever, my whole house would be a disaster. I am super unorganized on my own. And a shopaholic. Not a good combo. But he keeps me in check. :) Love that you showed us your real side!!

  9. I get the shoes. I organize mine seasonally and then just throw them in and it is a hot mess! Herberger's is having the Goodwill Sale! Thank you for posting this!

  10. Ummm wow! Okay...I'm trying not to judge but as a self confessed organizing freak I would go crazy. How do you find anything?


  11. I am a neat-freak, but Kyle is a slob so our house mostly looks like this. Walking through, the rooms look clean, but Kyle's side of the bedroom, one of the spare rooms, and the basement, are cluster-fucks from hell! I do envy that shoe collection though!

  12. Oh my goodness, that is a lot of shoes! I'm kinda jealous actually. Forget the mess, can I come play in your closet!?

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  13. This makes me feel so much better! I mean, it is just the chaos of life! I don't know who the heck has time to keep everything looking perfect all the time :) Thank you for your honesty anddddd I can tell I want a lot of things in your clothes and shoes closets ;)

  14. Life is messy! Most of the time there are more important things to do than clean!

  15. What a great post! I love seeing people's REAL lives! I will not, however, be doing this because my mother might see it and I would hate to be a disappointment, Lol!


  16. OMG the pile of sweaters on the top shelf in the closet... I have that pile! And the shoe thing. I also take them off and just fling 'em in there. I mean, come on... when I get home from work, it's off with the jewelry, off with the shoes and the nice work clothes and on with the sweats and flip-flops. I've been pretty good at hanging my work clothes back up, but the shoes? Fuggedaboudit. Into the pile they go.

    One more thing: I thought your pantry cupboard looked pretty darn neat. Compared to mine, that is. I think there are things lurking in the back corner that I haven't seen for at least a year.

  17. At least you have a closet for shoes and one for clothes. I keep shoving shoes where ever I can find room!

  18. I lve seeing photos like this so we can share more of each other's real life. I actually feel pretty excited seeing so many shoes and clothes together like that.

  19. Ahh this is such a great blog post because so many of us can relate

  20. it's really not bad. it just needs organization. i wish i was there, i would help you. whatever you're not using, just give or throw it away and organize each room separately (devote time individually to each one). to do it all is overwhelming.

  21. I almost ruined my Chanel bag by piling all my bags in the closet, I'll never do it again.
    HOLY MOTHER of shoes! I'm showing this to my Husband. He'll never say i have too many shoes ever again.
    And let's make sure we don't have the same size feet. I saw several awesome boots I need in my life in your closet!

  22. Unmade bed aside...the wood floors and walls in your bedroom are beautiful!
    Debbie :)

  23. Haha, I adore this post!!!! There is NO WAY I would ever have done one of these posts on my old house! You think this is bad, you haven't seen anything!!! my spare room was six foot high in clothes! X