Tuesday, September 17, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): would you? could you?

shoes ~ Target
shorts, earrings, necklaces ~ F21
tank ~ Kohls
clutch ~ Old Navy

on sunday night, i made all the dinners for the week. i was so proud of myself, that i decided to reward myself by binge watching orange is the new black. i am four episodes in now. yes, i watched four straight hours of tv on sunday night. don't judge...my dreams that night punished me enough.

anyway, without giving anything away (ok, it's giving a little tiny thing away, but nothing that will ruin the show for you) (no pun intended when i say a little tiny thing) (you'll get that joke if you watch the show), i decided to have a fairly loaded conversation with chris on the ride to work on monday morning. (keep in mind he didn't watch the show with me, so he had no idea where this was coming from.)

i asked him if i were to have a sex change, would stay with me? his immediate answer was no...and i have to say, i was a little shocked. i assumed he would say yes. you know, the whole, "sickness and health, sex change" vows thing. i just assumed he would stay with me. because i would stay with him. he claims i would change my mind if it actually happened, but i disagree. i would just miss him too much if he weren't around. i'd take woman chris over no chris any day.

i'm almost 100% sure that this is a decision neither of us will ever have to make, but it did make for an interesting monday morning drive to work.

so, what do you think? would you stay with your significant other if he or she decided to get a sex change? 

megan bird


  1. Great tank and pics (Don't you adore Kohls?)! Like you, I'd stay. I'm hoping Mark would do the same if the roles were reversed. That's definitely one stimulating on-the-way-to-work conversation! :) T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  2. My answer would be yes but I have a sneaking suspicion my boyfriend would say no!

  3. So pretty outfit! I love the clutch!!

  4. I think that is a loaded question! I would have to probably say no. My husband is to much of a "mans man" to even entertain this. I bet it was a fun ride to work though :)

  5. Wow that clutch is from Old Navy it is very cute!

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  6. HAHAHA!!! Love the conversation!!! LOL - I have to ask my husband that question tonight when I get home. The outfit is SO cute!! Love it!

  7. HAHAHA!!! Love the conversation!!! LOL - I have to ask my husband that question tonight when I get home. The outfit is SO cute!! Love it!

  8. Oh that show!!! SO. GOOD. I cannot wait for the new episodes to come out . . . in a year. Dammit!!! I know what you are referring to and I was really interested to see that dynamic play out. I saw an interview with the woman that plays that character and it was really interesting. Did you know her twin brother played the male version of her in the part before the sex change? Crazy right!

  9. This is adorable! LOVE IT! And that's so awesome you got the meals ready for the week, I've always wanted to do that but fail every time ;) And hmmm that is a very interesting question! I would like to say that yes I would stay with my boyfriend and he would stay with me!!!!!

  10. This is a great question. I have no idea what I would do actually. A man version is better than no version, but who knows what you will be attracted to? Man this is heavy! :) And, I watched that whole season in a week. Amazing. I now have the biggest crush EVER on Laura Prepon. Can't. Handle. It.

  11. Haha, that is certainly quite the thought provoking discussion! Pretty sure my hubby would say no too! Maybe I'll ask him later :)

    The Tiny Heart

  12. that top is so cool -- and great question lol!

  13. Okay maybe I do need to start watching that series.

    My husband would say no 100% and I'd have to see how good looking he'd be as a woman first before I could make that decision. LOL


  14. I just watched the first episode of Orange is The New Black last night! I'm totally hooked! But I haven't gotten far enough into the sex change discussion yet! It's a very good question, I'm pretty sure I'd stay with my hubby - I have no idea what he'd say. I'm almost afraid to ask, lol!

  15. we watched the whole season so fast and loved it!

  16. I love this outfit so much! Such a cute summery look! My brother watches that show and loves it! I am pretty sure if Kyle wanted to be a woman, I would no longer be attracted to him, but I would stay with him. I honestly am the most horrible person to live with, and he has been the only one who could deal with me. Plus I would miss him too much. I guess then our joke about us being "Gilmore Girls" would be even more true, lol.

  17. Oh wow, that is a seriously loaded question. I think I would at least give it a chance! My husband is my best friend and we have great conversations every day- that might actually improve if he gets a sex change!

  18. Ooooh, nice bag!!!! And interesting question. I honestly don't know what I'd say!!! X

  19. Great look! I would be stopped in my tracks if I was asked that question!


  20. I'm so jealous that you're wearing shorts and a tank top. And that you look so cute in them. :)

    I'm not sure if I'd stay with my husband, but I did realize he would be one very unattractive lady. Despite being a pretty attractive dude. Heheh.

  21. i almost though it is a jumpsuit , looking great my friend .

    Following you with GFC & BLOGLOVIN , Wanna share the love back ?


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  22. Hi! Thanks so much for your visit today, and for asking to feature my look in your post tomrw. That sounds fabulous:)
    I love the cobalt blue on you...perfect with your coloring.

    XO, Gina

  23. complete honesty? I don't think I would ever have to cross that bridge so why entertain it?

    Cool clutch and interesting that my post yesterday in long pants and a bomber and you are in colder MN and you are in shorts and a tank.

    Crazy weather and crazy TV. LOL

  24. Oh MAN! Lol. I love the outfit, first of all.
    Secondly...I'd fully expect my Husband to leave me. He isn't homophobic but he's VERY straight.
    I'd leave him too. If I'm going to be with a lady it'll be because I choose to be, not because I was married to her when she became one.

  25. not touching that question with a ten foot pole, but i will say i am loving the top you have on

  26. Love your outfit. I've never watched Orange is the New Black, but my hubs and I are Netflix junkies so I am sure we will get to it eventually. I can tell you that if I had a sex change, my husband would go running for the hills... I think it would freak him out so bad he would end up in therapy. I'd like to think I would stay with him, because I love his heart so much, but he wouldn't be a very cute girl... :)


  27. HAHAHAHA! I couldn't do it. I would still be friends, but to have a relationship...I couldn't. Love your tank and shorts. So pretty.

  28. i LOVE that show. i watched the whole season in a few days, lol! that's really a tough one, especially if you were with the person before the change...you'd already have an emotional connection.

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