Wednesday, September 11, 2013

love*birds: 9.11.13

things i am loving this week:
~ i'm going to be honest, this isn't my favorite week.
~ so the things i am loving aren't all heart felt and mushy.
~ i am loving bad food, like fried carbs kind of bad food.
~ i am loving being lazy, like falling asleep at 8pm lazy.
~ i am loving that i finally finished gone girl. that book caused me more anxiety than any book should ever cause.
~ i am loving target. ok, i always love target...that's a given.
~ i am loving my kids, because i always love my kids.
~ even when they act like they are 6 and 8 going on 15.
~ i am loving chris, because i always love chris.
~ even when he acts like he is 39 going on 15.
~ i am loving writing this post, because it's making me feel a little better.
~ that and the huge piece of zucchini bread i just ate.
~ it would have been good deep fried.

and here are a few other things we are loving this week.

megan bird

i think the wolf is going to be the new deer. mark my words, people. but really, how great is this wolf head? i am in love and need it on my wall!

i love this shirt. the colors are great, and i love the cinch-tie neckline. i can see it dressed up, tucked into a skirt, or with some skinny jeans and booties. so cute either way!!

it's the love*bird shirt!! i love it. i love the scoop neck and vintage feel of this tee. and why wouldn't i love that cute little love bird???

apparently i am loving on animals this week!! but how can i not? this top is so cute with its stripes and peter pan collar. oh, and there's a super cute whale, too.

aside from the size (blasted small sized boots), these boots are perfection. if you are a 6.5, you need these stat!


i love a little denim on denim action, and kelly pulls it off flawlessly with this outfit. she looks both casual and chic, and weekend ready in this comfy outfit!

follow along @meglets

nora and i had the pleasure of doing a super fun vintage photo shoot with a talented photographer and a fabulous vintage shop owner. it took me a while to get comfortable, but after a glass of wine and some rockin' music, i was able to loosen up.

nora bird

a world map printed dress? yes please! i think i'm in love.

the hand-painted feather charms on these bangles are so pretty! i would love to get a few to stack in some pretty fall colors!

it's just about scarf season again! since i am horrible at tying my scarves to look effortless and chic, infinity scarves are my favorite. all the hard work is done for you! and the american flag print and vintage feel of this one are so cool!

this tank to is so pretty. i love the vibrant green color. and the lace inset is sweet, yet sexy! this would be a great layering piece for fall!

i would live in maxis if i could. this one is perfection! i adore the colors and the cool, geometric print!


chambray shirt+cute striped skirt+adorable leopard heels+statement necklace=outfit perfection! nikki got it all right in this post. such a great transition-to-fall look!

follow along @mrsbeyers

this was one of my favorite looks from our vintage photo shoot. clothes were just made better back in the day! and this dress fit like a glove. a really tight glove that i could never ever sit down in. but, still, i loved it!

what are you loving today???

xoxo, two birds


  1. These are all fabulous picks! I'm loving all things orange this week...go figure!

  2. Oh! I would love to pin the pic of Nora, with your permission?

  3. Ooooh I love that last photo of the vintage shoot and also the maxi dress.


  4. Megan,
    Deep fried zucchini bread! Genius! Did you enjoy Gone Girl at all? At some point, I just had to laugh because she was such a genius and they so deserve each other!
    I think I need that world map dress, too! It's perfect for teaching geography! I saw this necklace yesterday that you might appreciate:

  5. I hope you share more photos from the vintage shoot! You guys have to get the bird goes perfectly with your blog name :)

    The Tiny Heart

  6. That photo shoot sounds so fun! I cannot wait to hear more about that! You both looks so beautiful!!! :) xo

  7. love white faux taxidermy! hope to get a deer head for christmas lol!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  8. I am sorry it's a bad week Megan! I hope it gets better! I'd join you in eating deep fried everything - it sounds kind of good to me too!

  9. Oh Megan! Sorry for the bad week! I hope things will get better. Eating food always makes me feel better! I love the post today guys! You both look so pretty in those vintage dresses!

  10. Oh I love every bit of this post, you guys! Keep the faith Megan, you shared some lovely love even tho your week has been dumb. And Nora, ohmygossssssssh, i love those feather charm bracelets!!!

  11. Ah that polka dot shirt is great. I just may have to do an LBF on her! Thank your for the kind words on my post!

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  12. Thanks so much for including me! I have had not a very good week either, but you definitely made my week better including me! Hope your week improves :)


  13. So much great stuff here! My faves are the bird t-shirt and vintage cowgirl boots! xo T.

  14. SO many great things. That wolf head is so cool... but not sure where I'd put it.
    And I can't wait to see more vintage picture posts!

  15. The vintage dress... gorgeous!
    I LOVE that wolf head. Love him. Want him. Need him.

  16. i love that bird t-shirt

  17. Thank you so much for including me in your post! You are too sweet :) That world map printed dress is SO amazing!

  18. totally heart the vintage dress shots of you both! that blue polka dot blouse is oh so fine. i just say yes to the zucchini bread, but no i don't want it deep fried.