Thursday, September 12, 2013

is it bad?: good food and bad books

shirt, skirt, boots ~ garage sale
necklace ~ b. (a resale shop)
earrings ~ F21

~ is it bad that i ate so much at work yesterday that i filled my garbage can with wrappers and containers?
~ is it bad that i patiently waited for my garbage to be emptied so i could eat some more?
~ is it bad that i weighed myself in a full outfit, including cowboy boots, just to give myself an excuse if things didn't go the way i wanted?
~ is it bad that after i weighed myself, i decided that my cowboy boots must weigh at least four pounds? 
~ is it bad that i went to target and didn't even feel like looking at clothes? (yes. the answer is yes.)
~ is it bad that chris asked me why i was so crabby when i was already crabby? (again, yes, this is bad.)
~ is it bad that as a punishment to my son, i deleted all (all) of the harry potter movies from our dvr?
~ is it bad that when he smarted back to me, and said, "well then i'm glad i also taped them at grandma's", i immediately texted my mother-in-law and asked her to delete hers, too? (please say no.)
~ is it bad that i ate nacho fries for dinner last night?
~ is it bad that i am reading a cheesy phillipa gregory novel to get gone girl out of my head? (phillipa gregory needs to come up with more clever names for her books. they all have either the word other or queen in them.)
~ is it bad that i have gone to bed before 9 every night this week?

thanks for your well wishes yesterday, i am feeling much better today.
megan bird


  1. You look lovely, your outfit is awesome (amazed at the chic, thrifty finds), and getting bed before 9 sounds like a great idea (I need to do more of that, myself)! Hugs & added feel-better-wishes! T.

  2. there nothing wrong with going to bed before 9pm.

  3. Great outfit. I love the boots! It's totally okay to have a bad day, go to bed before 9:00, and fill your trash can at work. I have had days like that too!

  4. those gboots are sooo cute!! and there is nothing wrong with eating too much at work (i do it too!) trash can is overflowing from yesterday as well!!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  5. I had nachos for dinner last night too :) And going to bed before 9 sounds awesome! You look so cute in that skirt and the chambray!

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. Mmm nachos for dinner sound delish! I don't think I've ever gone to Target and not looked at the clothes...are you feeling okay? haha.

    The Tiny Heart

  7. Is it bad that I kind of hoped you would write a "is it bad post" today? And we totally had nachos for dinner last night too, no joke. I love your outfit - and yes those boots have to weigh extra!! Glad you are feeling better.

  8. I have an absolute obsession with those amazing fringe boots!!!

  9. Awh ~ thank you for the long lean leg compliment. That is so nice to hear because my Mom had bigger thighs but nice ankles and I have those same thighs, I thought. Maybe I am losing weight? Oh I could just hug you!!!! So a parentheses hug has to do for now. (♥)


  10. I love the mix of summer and fall in this outfit - totally indian summer! I'm lucky - having kids puking in my office randomly keeps me from constantly snacking. But I'm also unlucky cause, you know, my office smells like puke.

  11. HA! I love the outfit! I shall have to break out my skirt like that! I am sorry that your week is crazy. I totally would have eaten bad food and gone to bed early too! I do that. A lot. Also, kids are so sassy!

  12. Love this striped skirt on you! Nacho fries sounds pretty good.. I might make that tonight, thanks for the idea!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  13. this is such a great look
    may have to give it a copy

  14. it's not bad at all. i've gone through similar situations. hahaha it will get better.

  15. It's not bad- everyone has days & weeks (maybe even months!) that are similar~

    always, koru kate

  16. Oh gosh, bed before 9 is NOT bad, it's fantastic. And I love how much you ate.. I can fill my garbage can some days and it makes me feel so accomplished. I probably shouldn't feel accomplished, but I do.. lol

  17. No, not bad at all except for Target! Buying clothes is a must while there. But we all have our moments (I've been there quite a few times). I hope you feel better!

    Simply Akshara

  18. Wow! Didn't look at clothes at Target? I'm impressed! It feels almost wrong doesn't it? I love your skirt and boots!

  19. Great post your ultra chic striped look, its so savvily styled with denim! The boots are fabulous. Hope things get better. Thanks for lending me your opinion on my last post. Happy End of the Week!

  20. This is all perfectly acceptable as a momma who is sick. Or just crabby, like I am today.
    Your outfit is definitely cuter than what I've got on, so there is that.

  21. First of all, I am jealous of the fact that you've gone to bed before or by 9 every night! Second- I now want some nacho fries. Third- I like those cheesy novels, too, and agree about the titles.
    Loving the stripes!

  22. We all have days like that probably our hormones but they make our good days seem so much better

  23. Ha ha I did not like Gone girl I actually just read a book called long gone and it was much much better.

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  24. I think this is HOT!!! You look foxy. Seriously loving the boots. The striped skirt is so much better than a plain old skirt.

  25. they definitely weigh four pounds :) you got me excited to wear my boots like yours!

  26. is it bad that i chuckled through this whole post? here's to great outfit megan.

  27. This outfit is way too cute!! And no, it is definitely not bad to weigh yourself in a full outfit. In fact, I think it's the best idea ever. Totally doing that next time I weigh myself, haha.