Sunday, September 8, 2013

inspiration monday: random thoughts

the inspiration
michelle dockery

megan bird

 shirt ~ Target
skirt ~ thrifted
shoes ~ Jessica Simpson, thrifted

nora bird

shirt ~ H&M
skirt ~ swapped
shoes ~ Madden Girl, Marshalls

here are some random thoughts i had this weekend:
~ i am an awesome garage saler.
~ if i am buying a large value gift card at target, then i think it's ok to buy a ton of makeup for myself...somehow i think the large total is only because of the gift card, and not the $30 of makeup i didn't need.
~ i am an awesome rationalizer.
~ lionel richie sings a lot of duets.
~ is lionel richie better at duets or solos?
~ willie nelson sings a lot of duets (including one with lionel richie).
~ willie nelson is better at solos.
~ willie nelson is one cool old dude.
~ lionel richie radio on pandora was ok until they started playing peabo bryson.
~ i have a lot of makeup.
~ i wish i knew how to apply makeup.
~ i consider walking to a lot of garage sales and moving a chair by myself from the car to the basement exercise.
~ ok, i don't.
~ but on saturday i did.
~ i am an awesome rationalizer.

what are your random thoughts of the day?
happy monday!
two birds


  1. my random thought: i had a dream i had a hole in my face and it scared me so badly!

  2. I love both of your skirts! Haha, those are some random thoughts. I'm an awesome rationalizer myself.

  3. Haha, I love your rationalizations! Buying a ton of makeup at Target is always okay in my book :)

    The Tiny Heart

  4. Ha ha! I love rationalizing things! My random thought of the day is feeling bad about the spider web I ruined this morning that a spider built over night between my car and garage door, it was so large and intricate, I hated tearing it apart!

    I really like both of your skirts!!

  5. There's no need to rationalize buying a ton of makeup at Target. It's worth every penny, right? Plus, you could be buying a ton of makeup at a department store, and then you'd be paying more. So there you go - more rationalization for ya. ;)

  6. I love both of your skirts! So pretty!

  7. I'm not great at make-up either. Which is why I've totally given up on it. Except for lipstick. And eyeliner on special occasions. And a dusting of powder. Ok, maybe I haven't given up on it.

  8. LOL I don't do makeup very well either, but I do go on binges like that sometimes and then end up with a lot of makeup that never gets used. LOL

  9. LOL I love this! Too funny! Both of you look great as always! I love the skirts!

  10. Cuties. <3 I heard "your" karoake song the other day when C and I were out shopping. I was singing along "we rely on each other...uh huh..." and she was like, isn't this the birds' song? Made me think of you. Miss you both...xoxo

  11. I like both of your outfits way better than the inspiration one! Haha I consider walking up the down the stairs at my office to be exercise too. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. My random thought for today is that it is my sons 21st birthday today and it makes me feel very old even though I feel in my twenties inside.

  13. Hilarious post! I was so busy this weekend I even forgot I had to p - - ! (that is how busy I was - and with nothing in particular, too! ODD) Megan: Love the Skirt! Nora: Love the Heels. Still hilarious post!!! ♥

  14. megan & nora look great -- love the inspiration and the execution :)

  15. Lurv your takes on the inspiration, but swooning over both of your shoes!!

  16. Loving this outfit on you!!


  17. i need to watch downtown abby. everyone talks about it!!! it must be so good. nora, i love the blue and megan, great classic black and white! you guys always look great. and i love your inspirations!

  18. both of you are sporting adorable skirts
    and as always the best shoes

  19. your rationalizing makes sense to me. i wonder what that means? i like both your outfits even better than the inspiration. go lovely creative stylish birds!

  20. You are ridiculously funny today! I love Lionel Ritchie. Endless love is one of my favorite duets!