Monday, September 16, 2013

inspiration monday: packing

the inspiration
michelle williams
megan bird

 jeans ~ Ross
shirt ~ Marshalls
coat, sunglasses ~ Target
necklace ~ H&M
watch ~ Cents of Style
shoes ~ thrifted

nora bird


jeans ~ BLANKNYC
shirt ~ F21
jacket, boots ~ b. (a resale shop)

we went camping this weekend. because it's a short vacation, and we really don't care too much about what we look like, i always let the kids pack themselves. in preparation, i made a list for them on what to pack. i was gone that night, so i told chris to make sure they got it done. unfortunately, he trusted that they would do it correctly by themselves. he was wrong.

the next morning, i noticed a paper target grocery bag (yes, apparently this counts as a suitcase these days) stuffed with a few things. luckily i thought to double check what they had packed. here are a few examples:

i wrote "3 socks" and eva literally packed 3 socks, none of them matching. henry packed a handful of socks, including one soccer sock (you know the kind, the long tube sock made to fit over a shin guard), and one of chris' dirty calvin klein black dress socks.
I wrote "3 underwear" and eva packed one pair. henry at least packed 2.
I wrote "1 sweatshirt" eva threw in a winter sweater with a big bow on it, and Henry nothing.
so that morning, i had to repack and make sure they had everything they needed. luckily i checked because it was cooooold at night!! (so much so that we slept in hats!) it was an amazing weekend, though. the campsite was gorgeous, complete with waterfalls and deer right outside the scamp door. even mismatched socks and a low supply of clean underwear  wouldn't have ruined the weekend!

how was your weekend?

two birds


  1. Sounds like a fab weekend was had by all! You both look fab. Nora, your jacket is beyond amazing!!! Hugs, T.

  2. At least the kids tried to follow directions though! MEg love your necklace, Nora love those tough girl booties! Happy Monday!

  3. Paper bag packing! Kids are funny. I'm so glad you had a great weekend with deer and waterfalls! And both your outfits are cooler than Michelle's (no offense, Michelle!)

  4. It sounds like an awesome weekend! Camping is so much fun. Love both of your jackets today. I really need a brown one.

  5. Haha, oops! I guess they really needed it spelled out for them in order to pack what you had in mind. Both of your jackets are great for the fall!

    The Tiny Heart

  6. Ha! I love that Eva took you literally at "3 socks". Too cute. Glad you brought warm clothes though, it was pretty chilly this weekend!

    I love both of your jackets!

  7. More rain and lots of sleep. Awh~ Even tho I don't work outside the home I still have that 5 day work week and a weekend mentality.

    I love the humor in your writing Megan. I love your shoes from what I can see. Can tell the heel, tho. Nora, I tried on a pair of shoes like yours and feel like I was going to break an ankle. Sure hope you don't. HAVEATREMENDOUSWEEK!

  8. Hi ladies! I haven't commented in so long. Your outfits are both super cute, and it sounds like a fun weekend.

  9. I love both of these outfits! Sounds like a great weekend even with the packing mishap :)

  10. We went to a friend's cabin this weekend. And it sounds like my kids have similar packing issues to yours! :)

  11. HAHA! What a cute story! You both look awesome! Loving the black heels!

  12. Haha I love that eva packed literally 3 socks, none matching. Both of your jackets are fabulous, love them!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  13. omg'sh! HAHAHA i'm so glad you caught the errors. thank GOD for mommies. HAHAHA I had to chuckle when I read this.

  14. Sounds like you had a great weekend, even with a little packing issues! I always WAY over pack and my husband WAY underpacks. Love your looks!


  15. you're both rocking it this week - love the look! i'm still hunting for a cheap leather jacket for my fall collection. any ideas?

  16. Such great copycats- leather jackets are the best!

  17. Megan, I love how you popped the shirt collar and rolled the cuffs over the jacket
    Nora...those shoes!

  18. I have to check the bags before we go to Grandma's. I've had to purchase underwear and socks before... Lurv both jackets this week, ladies!

  19. Exactly 3 socks made me LOL. Kids are awesome.

  20. I love this look on both of you - a perfect mix of casual bad-assery. I only went camping once this whole summer and it rained most of the time!