Monday, September 30, 2013

inspiration monday: modern renaissance

the inspiration

megan bird

jacket, tank ~ Target
pants, necklace ~ H&M
shoes ~ thrifted
sunglasses ~ vintage, thrifted

 nora bird


 jacket ~ Fashionologie
pants ~ Target
shirt, necklace ~ H&M
shoes ~ Nine West

 there is a renaissance festival every summer about 30 minutes south of our house. eva and i had girls' day yesterday and decided to go to an apple orchard, which happens to be about 10 miles south of the festival. we were scooting right along on the freeway, both excited with thoughts of honeycrisps and hay rides, and then traffic stopped. two lanes of freeway, at a stand-still, with no end in sight. i couldn't figure out what was going on, and then i realized it was the festival.

two hours later (yep, two hours) (ok, we stopped at taco bell), we were almost there, and i was seething on the inside. i am not a fan of traffic jams, and i was irrationally furious at all the festival goers. who did they think they were stopping traffic when all i wanted to do was enjoy this beautiful fall day with my daughter?

and then i looked over at all the people who were going to the festival, and i could no longer be upset. i realized then that it's almost impossible to be mad at men in puffy-sleeved shirts and women in medieval tavern wench dresses, driving acuras and smart cars.

soon after that, traffic eased up and we were on our way. and by the time we had picked 10 pounds of honeycrisps, the traffic jam was all but forgotten.

happy monday!
two birds


  1. y'all did a great job! love the inspiration!

  2. I love the pants in both looks! LMAO at the RenFest. There's one every year here too.

  3. You ladies always nail it! Both of your pants rock!

  4. LOVE the leather jackets on you both - so fabulous! And renaissance fair goers are definitely an interesting sort of people :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. I got stuck in that traffic too - it always surprises me that so many people go to it!

    Loving the pants girls. And I definitely need a moto jacket now.

  6. I'm glad you weren't stuck in traffic forever and were able to get to the orchard after all! Thank god for Taco Bell, right? :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Sept. Group Giveaway!

  7. So good to be blogging again and get caught up on your posts! I love these pants on both of you. I tried on a pair like this at Target recently and they just didn't sit right on me. Now I want to try again!!

  8. I'm crazy in love with both of your outfits!! I really do need a moto jacket!

    Glad you eventually got to the apple orchard!

  9. Man, you and me regarding the 'traffic'. I am too impatient for lines, traffic, seemingly 'wasting time' urgh with ya on that but so glad you enjoyed 'them apples'.
    Outfits today are FABULOUS!!! I ♥ both of your leather jackets!!!!

  10. I love your pants! And that festival sounds like it was fun, how can you not be in a good mood around people dressed up like wenches?

  11. so pretty!

  12. Great outfit inspiration! Looks amazing!!

  13. Great outfit inspiration! Looks amazing!!

  14. Love where you got your inspiration and I feel more inclined to try printed pants now :)

  15. i've toyed with the idea of going to that renaissance festival all summer, but never taken the plunge. did you see anything (through the traffic/woods) that might make you visit?

  16. okay, Megan, you and I are channeling the same fashion sense this week. I wore leopard and moto too (though two separate times) and Nora, I love the color of that jacket! you both look fab as always!

  17. Honeycrisps are my favorite! I love them! I also love driving, but traffic jams make me crazy! You had such a good attitude, though!

  18. Aw horray for happy endings! I hate traffic too because I have no patience. At all. But I am glad you got to spend your day with your daughter! How fun! I love both of you ladies' pants today! Target and H&M you say? . . . .

  19. I am just loving these super fun pants you're both wearing! Hello awesome! Haha Taco Bell to the rescue. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  20. There used to be a ren faire near our house too. Every August I'd have to sit FOREVER in traffic to go to work and answer 911 calls from people pissed about being stuck in traffic for the ren faire. Yes, people call 911 because they're mad at being stuck in traffic. No, I don't know what they expected us to do. Calling me the C-word won't get you through traffic any faster, sir.

  21. Love your interpretations of Kate's style - so cute!
    You just have such great taste.

    Have a great day,

    P.S.: Thanks for commenting on my last post - I highly appreciate it!

  22. haha puffy sleeves and smart cars! So awesome. I can totally see it now! Reminds me of Role Models lol have you seen that movie? Anyway, I'm dying over both of your jackets! I was thinking of joining this one but was frustrated I didn't have such a cute jacket to match haha. Love the addition of the necklaces too!

  23. 10 lbs of honeycrisps?! YUM! And boo to traffic jams ;) My friends went to the festival yesterday dressed as pirates and little red riding hood lol! I got caught in traffic on my way home from Iowa yesterday, it was awful :(

    Both of these outfits are so incredibly chic!

  24. you both did such a great job here
    love those pants you each are wearing

  25. My goodness gracious! Thank you for the sweet, sincere compliments. You guys made my DAY!!! ♥

  26. You both look amazing today!

  27. Funny read! I love the renaissance festival and those pants you are wearing :)

    XO Melissa
    Shop the Sale Rack!

  28. you both rocked it better than the inspiration! let's talk exceptional outfit styling ladies. traffic jams do bite the big one, seems like we deal with them all the time in texas. glad you enjoyed your time with eva darling. next time take pics of the peeps so we can make fun of their clothes. ;)