Friday, September 20, 2013

bird.i.y.: his and hers pillowcases

don't ask me why, but i have a love of linens. specifically, vintage linens. more specifically, pillowcases. i find it relaxing to browse thrift stores for bright floral or delicate embroidered pillowcases. i figure it's a cheap habit, and one that is actually practical. two kids who are prone to bloody noses and a bald husband leave me washing pillowcases a lot. (i bet you never even thought about how bald heads get pillowcases dirtier.) (i also bet you are a little grossed out now.) (sorry, chris.) (bald is beautiful.) (i'd love you even if you were a woman.)

but i do love me some pillowcases. i wanted some that were personalized, and i have been seeing the "his and hers" pillowcases all around. so i thought to myself, "self, this is something even you can do!" and i did it.

and so can you. here's what you need: 

~ two pillowcases
~ iron/ironing board
~ fabric marker
~ exacto knife
~ cardboard for stencils and for putting between the pillowcase
~ printout of "hers" and "his" in whatever font you prefer

it's a pretty easy diy, but also a lot more time consuming than i thought. cutting out stencils is a lot of work, especially when you are using a curvey font. (for "his" i used the stencil font, and for "hers" i used harlow solid italic.) normally, i would take many breaks while cutting, but i waited until the last minute to do this diy, so i had to suck it up and just do it. if you hate doing stuff like this as much as i do, you can 1. go to michaels and buy actual letter stencils, or 2. borrow the stencils that i made. i will not be throwing those babies away after all the hard work i put into them.

after you get the stencils made, you want to iron the pillowcases to give yourself a nice smooth canvas to work with.
this is likely the only time anyone will see me iron. i never iron. there's no wrinkle that a little spray of water, a steamer, or an extra 10 minutes in the dryer can't get out. and if the wrinkle decides to stay, there are always more clothes in my closet. yes, i'm that lazy about ironing.

i actually measured to get these stencils in the right position. i am not a measurer. (i am really making myself out to sound like the laziest person in the world.) (really, i just like to eyeball things to see where they go.) (i am a very good eyeballer.) i made sure they were relatively centered, and then taped the stencils onto the pillowcases to keep them steady while i colored them in. (note – make sure you have the cardboard in between the case. if you don't, the marker will bleed through to the other side.)

then i moved on to the hers portion. i always forget about letters with circles in them. i had to improvise with the "e" here. i don't love how it turned out, but i don't hate it, either.

as soon as i started coloring in the "hers" pillowcase, i knew it would bleed. make sure you buy a pillowcase that isn't too soft and vintage. it needs to be a more crisp sheet in order for the marker to not bleed. but it didn't stop me from trying.

stencil fail.

the good news is that i am a pillowcase hoarder (as i mentioned before). the bad news is i am not a black fabric marker hoarder. the other bad news is that i have no patience for crafts that take more than an hour (two tops if it's a good one). but, i did what i had to do, and grabbed another pillowcase and measured, taped, and colored all over again. and again. and again because the fabric marker was slowly fading. i guess the fabric marker doesn't have patience for crafts either.

but in the end, i'm glad i started over. the end result is just what i wanted, and barring any nose bleeds, these will cover our pillows for years to come.

they go nicely with the get your zzzs picture, don't you think?

and now you know what side of the bed i sleep on! (i guess i should have called this post hers and his.)

have a great weekend! sleep well!
megan bird


  1. Don't feel bad I'm the same way about ironing and measuring! Lol I really like how these came out. I have been wanting to DIY some pillows too, I think this weekend I'll finally get to it.

  2. This is just too cute. Seriously cute.Nice job

    Ali of Dressing Ken

  3. Very cute. I like the idea but I'd save myself the hassle and just use an iron on transfer paper that you make in your computer and then just iron on. I've used markers on fabric before and they always bleed and make a mess.

    I love your quilt. Is it vintage?


  4. OMG I love those pillows. I love how they don't look identical either. Hers is definitely more feminine, font and all. You ladies have a Fab Weekend!!

    When you have time stop by to see what I am styling lately. =) Ada.

  5. These are adorable! My hubby has had the same pillowcase for oh, 15 years. He refuses to get a new pillowcase. I think he's worried his pillow won't be as comfy or something.

    The Tiny Heart
    Style Lately Giveaway!

  6. These are adorable!! I have a very short timespan when it comes to crafts too. Oh, and I also hate to iron :)

  7. i saw something similar on etsy and wanted to purchase -- now i don't have to :) thanks!

  8. These are so cute! We did a pillowcase decorating thing when I was an orientation leader in college and it was a ton of fun. I still have the pillowcase in fact!

    And PS, I watched that episode of Orange is the New Black you blogged about earlier this week - definitely thought provoking!! I am in love with that show!

  9. Oh your love bed gets more and more cute each week! I love those pillows. So cute. Yes, my scarf are 10 square ones and 10 rectangle ones. That's pretty good. That last one tho........ ohmygoshhhhhh it is fabulous!! Happy Weekend!!!!!

  10. Very cute
    I monogram that on a lot of pillowcases that come in my studio
    That and Good Morning ~ Good Night
    Have a great weekend

  11. Such a good idea !

  12. I have been wanting some of those pillow cases! I love this fun DIY! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  13. These are too adorable. I am totally going to do this for our new apartment!

  14. those are really cute. great idea.

  15. A) I sleep on the same side.
    B) Every time you show a picture of your bedroom I think it's just so darn cute.
    C) I think this is my favorite DIY you've ever done! So cute. I've been thinking about stenciling throw pillows - now I know how!! :)

  16. Cute! You should make more and sell them!

  17. So cute! Make some for me that say (mine) and (also mine.)

  18. This is awesome! I love your dedication and patience! Would love to try this out soon myself. Followed you on GFC :)

  19. How cute! What a great DIY. I saw some "Mr and Mrs" pillows that were similar a while back but they were so expensive! I may have to try this sometime soon!


  20. these are so cute! they'd be a fun wedding gift!

  21. Loving this idea of his and hers pillows!


  22. Thanks so much for your sweet words, they made my day!
    This idea is so cute, I love thow it turned out!

    Have a great day,

  23. Don't worry, I love vintage linens too! This DIY is so cute.

    Kate from Clear the Way