Friday, September 6, 2013

bird.i.y.: get your zzzs

before i begin, i should mention that i am one of those people who is always changing out art and accessories in our house. pillows are always changing, i have a rotation of about five different quilts and duvets, and i have a small collection of vintage thrift store art that moves around the walls in our house. i like to change it up. just ask anyone who visits my house...the number one comment i get is, "oh, it looks different in here." because it is. it always is.

case in point, i have now done two different diys in which the finished product has hung over our bed. the dream catchers were a little too much for me...i mean, after all, i like to keep some dreams for myself. (eva however loves them, so we put them in her room.) and the heart marquis, while i absolutely loved it over our bed, just wasn't something you ever need in your bedroom. i am in that room to sleep, and a bright theater-like marquis isn't very conducive to sleeping. so off the others have moved, and i decided to make one (last?) diy for over our bed.

i went for something soft and quiet and sleepy. again, it's one of my easier diys (who am i kidding, they are all easy). diwhynot?

so here's what you need (you'll notice not everything mentioned is pictured here. more on that later):
~ one large canvas
~ enough fabric to cover canvas (about four yards for my 36" canvas)
~ staple gun
~ hot glue gun
~ three various sized wood letter "z"s
~ white spray paint
~ eight command strip wall tape

i will also admit that i have used this canvas as another art project, so i already had the fabric stapled to it. if you don't have random fabric canvases in your house, simply use a staple gum to staple the fabric to the wooden part of the canvas. you could use hot glue, but i have found staples to be more effective in making the fabric taught.

i had planned on staining the "z"s because i thought that natural wood against the pink fabric would look really nice. and it would. but then i realized what i thought was stain was really poly, so i decided to "faux stain" the letters using brown oil paint. it didn't turn out as i wanted it to, so in the end, i decided white letters would be just great. however, i could have saved myself a step and just bought the pre-painted white letters at michaels. *note, this might be my first mistake of the diy, but it won't be my last.

after the letters were painted and dried, i simply glued/command stripped them on to the canvas. because these will be hovering over us while we're sleeping, i decided to up the stickiness ante, and used both hot glue and the 3m command strips. for some reason i have an irrational fear of things falling on me while i sleep.

remember when i said i made more than one mistake? see if you can figure it out...

yep, i woke up extra early one morning to finish my project and without thinking put an inordinate amount of hot glue and strips on the painted/good side of my biggest "z". i won't repeat here what i said when i realized my mistake.

so.....luckily hot glue comes off of wood pretty easily. it took a little paint with it, though, so i had to spray paint the big "z" again. 

and i waited while the paint dried....

and then glued them on on the correct way.

then i simply hung the canvas on the wall and got a good night's sleep!!!

so easy, even a bird can do it.
so easy, even a bird can kind of do it.

so easy, even a bird can do it with only a few mistakes.
(even birds make mistakes.)
sweet dreams!!
megan bird 


  1. Based on all your pictures on this blog, I am a little jealous of how awesome your house is! Loving this!

  2. That is adorable for a bedroom! I think it's so neat how you always change up the decor. I need you to come decorate for me!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. What a cute idea! I basically never change up the decor in my house- maybe I should!

  4. I love this idea - I too loved your dream catchers and heart marquee, but I can understand wanting something a little more subdued over your bed! This is perfect!

  5. I am absolutely just like you! My mother just asked me, "will you ever be done decorating?" My answer, "NO!" I love to see all of your fun projects!!

  6. This is so cute! You always have the best little projects! Also, that last photo cracked me up! Have a great weekend!

  7. This turned out great! I love that you showed your mistakes because we ALL do it. : )


  8. First of all, I love all the color in your room - it's so cute! And second, my favorite part about this is the picture of you waiting. Awesome.

  9. such a creative idea -- mind if i add it to my pinterest?

  10. I love it! The fabric is so pretty!

  11. I love it! The fabric is so pretty!

  12. Oh my what a cute idea this is! It came out wonderful. So clever and creative.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  13. It turned out great...and the saga of making it sounds so much like my DIY process!

  14. I Am not the best DIY person. I really like this it would work particularly well if you loved a very exspensive fabric but could not afford to have curtains but you could introduce the fabric like this. Have a fun weekend

  15. I love this so much! Perfect idea!

  16. I really love this DIY idea and how lovely and pretty your home looks! I really enjoy sprucing up my home too and I'll have to file this idea away


  17. This is so cute! I was trying to think of fun bedroom decor for the longest time- I wish I had seen this sooner!

  18. Cute and it looks easy, Im not that crafty, but it would be nice to try.