Thursday, August 1, 2013

unpinteresting life: megan bird

we decided to do a series of posts in which we show you and talk about our "real lives". sure, cute clothes and fun diys are part of our real lives, but so are laundry piles, dirty dishes, circles of dog hair in every corner, and hidden messes. so we wanted to share. if you are a neat freak, you might want to stop reading now. if you are not a neat freak, read will likely feel better about yourself after reading!

first off, here are a few embarrassing facts about myself:
~ i have a bag of clothes from marshalls that i bought last week, but don't know where it is. i actually forgot i even bought new stuff, probably because i shop too much.
~ i have so little room, or so many things, that i have to keep my knee-high socks in a separate drawer, which is in my daughter's room. my running socks are kept in their own drawer in my bedroom.
~ there's no room to hang all my coats in our front closet, so many are just lying on the floor. in my defense, minneapolis closets are miniscule. not in my defense, i have a million coats. also in my defense, i live in minnesota, so owning a lot of coats is ok. not in my defense, i still don't need as many as i have.
~ as i'm typing, i remembered that the shirt i bought at marshalls is in the wash, which is why i couldn't find it...mainly because there is so much laundry to do that i haven't gotten to it all yet.
~ we have at least three drawers in the house that hide junk and mail that we know we shouldn't throw away, but also haven't gotten around to filing yet. all three of those drawers contain old mother's days cards from the kids that i have to keep.

~ i have a whole armoire just for my shoes. and there is no rhyme or reason to how i store them. i just stuff them in and hope they all fit. looks nice, right?

think again

~ these are most of my shoes. and this is after i purged my closet and got rid of at least 15 pairs.
~ notice there are no boots in there. that's because i have a separate trunk for just boots. looks nice, right?

think again
~ again, this is after my shoe and boot purge.

~ our fridge is always full and never organized.

~ sometimes, if we are having guests over and i don't have time to fold laundry, i just throw it in my closet until the next day. sometimes the next day turns into the next day.

~ i like to throw clean laundry on my bed because that ensures that i will fold it that same day. there may or may not have been a drunken weekend night that i slept with clean clothes. (i have also been known to leave clean laundry in the dryer for more than a day. usually a 10 minute re-dry will get any big wrinkles out.)

~ and last, but not least, if we're really being real...this is what i look like most days when i am at home. no bra, no makeup, ugly slippers, and unwashed hair. luckily for you, i am wearing shorts. most nights, i would just be sleeping in that tank.

~ as you read this post, the laundry is folded and put away. the clothes are still on my closet floor. my hair is still unwashed, but i am wearing make-up. our front closet is still full of coats. our fridge is still full of food. i will never stop buying shoes and boots, but i will continue to think of a more organized way to store them.

megan bird


  1. thanks for keeping it real :)
    i have those exact. same. junk drawers!

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  2. This is awesome! I think we all have the same things going on - junk drawers and too many shoes/boots. Glad to know I am not the only one :)

  3. We Are All The Same. I Just Cleaned Out My Closet Again. Damn Girl you Look Great In No Bra With DIrty Hair...

  4. Ooh I love these "behind the scenes" posts!
    I maintain a very similar look while at home... my friends and family know if they just show up I will likely be in pajamas!

  5. LOVE this. Thank you. I feel ya on the small closets and I have too many things for my small closets and we've been in the process of figuring out how all that is going to work when the baby comes. I strive for organized chaos at best in my house but it doesn't always happen! So thank you - I feel better now!

  6. I looove this post! You should see what our bedroom looks like. There is always a pile of laundry since no matter how often we do the laundry, we can never seem to get it all done. Thanks for keeping it real!

    The Tiny Heart

  7. HA! This was great. I am a neat-freak, but, living with a slob, I tend to give up and things pile up as well. Whateves! I love your pajamas with the boots, that is some shit that I would do.

  8. Better that your shoes and boots are in contained in something
    Mine are all over my closet floor making it very hard to actually walk into my closet to look for clothes. LOL

  9. Love this and you. At least you have your boots and shoes put away. Mine are in a large overflowing basket. I think I still have a pair of your shoes too. I'll try to remember to bring them Sat.

  10. Haha I love this new series! We most definitely leave our clean clothes in the dryer for way longer than we should. Sometimes it's in there for a whole week until we have to do more laundry. OOPS!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  11. I love this post, we live very simular lives. Expect you fold your clothes if you put them on your bed. I? it goes from floor to bed floor to bed with the broken promise every time "when I get home from work I will put these clothes away"... sigh. Oh well life goes on. :)

  12. This was awesome! I'm pretty organized but after I do laundry I pile the clean things on a bed to fold later. Maintaining a house is something. There's always something to do. I hate all the mail I get (catalogs, magazines). Constantly tearing things up and throwing out. What a waste of paper.

  13. Oh that box full of cowboy boots is fabulous! Glad you stopped by my blog so I could find you!! Blessings! Susan

  14. Megan, you are a crack smokin hilarious person!!! At this moment I'm under the dryer at my stylist's salon LOL while those around me are wondering "What is so funny over there?" I want to yell out, "MY BLOG BUDDY, MEGAN @two birds!!!!" ♡

  15. My house looks the same way lol!
    Thank you for being imperfect. Sometimes bloggers seem to have it all, perfect hair, endless wardrobe outfits, makeup that is not bought with the groceries at Walmart or Target, etc. I like that you give us a glimpse of the chaos.

  16. Whew, I can sleep tonight knowing that you are human and "regular", not some hyped up celeb blogger!! LOL
    I love it..keep it real, you are girls after my own heart!! Now what size are those boots?? :)

  17. Your hidden shoe stashes, oh my! My closet is a disaster too. I need a bigger house so I have more places to put my clothes.


  18. I tried cleaning out my closet and not sure it was a success. My fridge is never organize - who does that anyways?


  19. Ha ha! I adore this!!!! My house is a huge mess! My spare bedroom is literally a heap of clothes and bags and boxes and shoes which is piled as high as my head on the bed. I also have a shoe chest but believe it or not, yours is neater than mine! All mine are flung higgeldy piggeldy into the chest and I have to throw them on the floor to find the pair I want (usually at the bottom!). Oh and I have clothes in 3 wardrobes, 2 chests of drawers, a seperate unit for underwear and about 8 plastic boxes and coats piled 6 high on banister at the bottom of the stairs! I think you are MUCH betten than me!X

  20. cause real life isn't always picture perfect. glad you let us take a peek. i adore this post! :)