Wednesday, August 28, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): i cry

sweater ~ jennifer lopez, thrifted
jeans ~ Kohls
shoes, green bracelet, earrings ~ Target
spiked bracelets ~ garage sale
necklace ~ World Market

i cry when:
~ i'm sad
~ i'm really happy
~ i'm embarrassed
~ my feelings are hurt
~ my pride is hurt
~ i get hit really hard (even if it's on accident) (why else would anyone hit me?)
~ there is a wedding, even if it's just on tv
~ i watch mother's day ads (the huggies ones are the worst)
~ i laugh too hard
~ someone sings a really good version of the star spangled banner
~ people harmonize beautifully
~ at the end of any sitcom, you learn a life lesson
~ that guy in that commercial writes a letter to his daughter every year on her birthday
~ the guy finally gets the girl in a movie
~ when my kids start school

so, basically...i cry. (a lot.)

how about you?

megan bird


  1. Great pics + outfit! When the children were young, I found myself able to cry somewhat easily. I cry far less these days, but I think that comes from being a woman of a certain age. ;) Joy & hugs, T.

  2. Ha ha! I get choked up during the National Anthem every single time. Love those leopard wedges!

  3. I cried during the last ten minutes of Dirty Dancing the other day. I had literally just tuned in. It was the scene on the porch after Baby's dad finds out she's been sleeping with Johnny, and she's trying to tell him that he disappointed her too, by being all judgmental and classist and shit. I then proceeded to cry during the rest of the damn thing - including the big dance scene (ESPECIALLY the big dance scene). I am almost starting to cry right now just thinking about it. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.

    In short - yes, I can relate.

  4. The subtle sparkle to that top is so pretty! The Notebook always makes me cry unless I turn it off at a certain point, haha.

    The Tiny Heart
    So Kate Giveaway!

  5. EVERY time I watch my wedding DVD I definitely cry. And being pregnant I cry over really stupid things sometimes, like stubbing my toe on the end of the bed. Or seeing mountains of laundry. Stuff like that. We're women, we're allowed!

    And where I have seen this rockstar fabulous outfit before? ;) I love that top.

  6. LOL I am not a very good cry-er. I don't cry very often at all, but when I do, I cry every tear I've stored and it is a hawt mess! Love your sparkly top!

  7. Oh yes, I cry...all...the...time. I get goosebumps first and i know the tears are coming. Sometimes I'm just out and about and I get this feeling of total happiness. I think people think that I am crazy.

  8. I love the outfit as much as I love this post! I cry a lot too. Not at movies/TV though unless I am REALLY into it.

  9. I used to. I don't so much any more, but some days is like I'm so grateful for everything, the facets can't turn off. Super nice ensemble today Megan.

    1. Love your leopardprint shoes and this whole look is really very cute

      Ali of Dressing Ken

  10. Haha I cry a lot too. Once a song came on the radio and the lyrics were sweet and I started bawling lol that's when I know I'm feeling a bit emotional...
    I LOVE this gold sweater! Gorgeous! And your legs look teeny tiny in those awesome jeans.

  11. I cry a lot too. I will definitely be crying when the kids start school next week. Though not as much as next year when my littles will start kindergarten!!

  12. Haha, I cry for a lot of these reasons too! And I have a horrible time NOT crying during movies. Even if they are supposed to be sappy or sad I find something to cry about lol

    You look so beautiful and I'm loving those wedges!

  13. I cry a lot too, I guess is cause I'm so bad with putting my feelings into words, that tears are my only option left! Your wedges are everything!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  14. Hmmm can't say I am a big crier, except tv/ movies seem to really get the waterworks out of me. Cute wedges :)

    Mili from call me, Maeby

  15. weddings make me cry too! and that commercial is too much to handle!

  16. I cry more and more the older and wiser I get!

    Your outfit makes me wish I had better coordination so I could wear heels again! I just don't trust myself to hold a baby and walk up or down stairs in heels at all!

  17. what a great sweater and it's JLo??
    cute shoes as well

  18. I teared up watching an episode of Full House the other day...and then while reading Nicholas Sparks. So I cry a lot too.
    Now this top! the fabric is so J.Lo. I know it's her brand but I can totally picture her wearing it!

  19. I cry at the random things no one else thinks are tear-worthy and don't shed a tear at the things that people typically find sad.

    For instance, I don't shed a tear watching the Notebook, but for some reason, 13 Going on 30 gets me EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

    xoxo Jackie

  20. Oh my gosh... I cry so easily. And if someone else is crying, I'm done for. Pass me a tissue.

  21. i am a huge cry baby and i am so ok with it...

    love this look, especially the shoes!

  22. I cried at the post office while being waited on when I read the card for sale at the counter. It showed a dog sitting facing the door with a ball next to him...the caption read: I miss you, love went with you...oh god, I am crying again. You look so wonderful, Megan...really!!