Tuesday, August 20, 2013

new loves and old friends: pms

new loves
necklace ~ b. (a resale shop)
shoes ~ Jessica Simpson, thrifted
belt ~ gift
earrings ~ F21
bracelets ~ garage sale

old friends
jumpsuit ~ vintage, swapped

i have decided that if i truly want to save money and not buy as many clothes as i currently do, that i should only allow myself to shop when i have a serious case of pms. if i think something looks good on me when i have pms, then it must really look good on me. and i don't mean that to sound vain...i am really just trying to say that pms is life's way of making me see the worst in myself. thanks pms...you're a real friend.

also, someone please remind me next month to not go to Marshalls and try on eight different pairs of skinny jeans when i have pms. i came home feeling so dejected that i ended up eating a bag of chocolate chips for dinner. 

that always helps.

megan bird


  1. You look insanely great in these photos! Excellent idea about pms shopping!

  2. pms is the worst. but i love your idea about pms shopping!

    I also am in love with your romper - so incredibly chic! you look stunning!

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca

  3. Fab look--love that jumpsuit! Hugs & joy, T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  4. Turquoise necklace with black jumpsuit - love it!!

  5. Fabulous Maxi dress..and offcourse...that neckpiece is to die for!!

  6. You look amazing in this jumpsuit! PMS sucks, like a lot. Your philosophy is a good one though about trying on clothes during that time. Lipstick always helps me feel better too :)

  7. That's such an awesome jumpsuit - seriously, I'm a little bit awed by it.

    Courtney ~ http://sartorialsidelines.com

  8. this dress is gorgeous on u and the turquoise necklace with it is even more fabulous!!

    XO Meghan

  9. I also try to shop when I have pms so I don't end up with super skinny clothes I can only wear a few days per month.
    You look awesome in that jumpsuit!

  10. that is funny - but agreed! if you like it when you feel your worst then it's definitely a good purchase! and i LOVE your hair!

  11. This jumpsuit is awesome - it's kind of deceiving in a way, it almost looks like a maxi dress! Either way, it looks fantastic on you. And I might not be experiencing PMS right now, but I am dealing with her evil twin pregnancy hormones and so I totally get what you're talking about!! Chocolate chips do help though!

  12. Haha! There's nothing wrong with eating chocolate chips for dinner. :)

    That jumpsuit looks amazing on you!

    The Tiny Heart
    Target Giveaway!

  13. LOL Aw we've all been there and I think you might be on to something here . . . shopping only while having PMS . . . that is a great plan says I! I looooove this jumpsuit on you and the belt is fabulous!

  14. Twiiiit twoooooooo (my lame attempt at spelling out a wolf whistle). That jumpsuit looks amazing on you! And sorry, but your chocolate chip dinner made me laugh.

  15. YOU ARE SO GORGEOUS! Seriously a stunner! I LOVE THIS JUMPSUIT! And I have stopped shopping all together... with our move coming up I'm barely going to have enough extra money to buy food lol. I think that PMS shopping is a good call!

  16. Haha that darn pms. You look amazing in this jumpsuit!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  17. Well Megan, I hope they were the Ghirardelli Milk Chocolate Chips? They are the only ones that really "do it" for me. That outfit, dress/pant dress is AMAZING!

    I am back and feeling at about 98%. I shall be at 100% tomorrow. All went well with the family thing and after driving 300 miles yesterday, we are a bit slower today. That accounts for the missing 2%. (hug)

  18. I never try on jeans unless I've starved myself for 3 days. Just kidding! So. How hot do you look in this jump suit? You look like you are otw to a modern studio 64 to dance your booty off! I love it!

  19. You are too funny Megan :) Hey, we've all been there...and chocolate chips for dinner doesn't sound so bad. That jumpsuit looks AWESOME on you!

    The Other Side of Gray

  20. That jumpsuit looks exquisite on you! I love your necklace too.

  21. You look amazing in this jumpsuit. And if you ever want to feel better shopping for skinny jeans, I can go try some on with you! ;-)

  22. LOL I don't know if your logic will really work, but it sure sounds good on paper

  23. been there, everything feels tighter :/

  24. Alltime greatest photos ever of you besides your wedding pics...amazing. dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo