Wednesday, August 7, 2013

love*birds: 8.7.13

things i am loving this week:
~ ben flew on an airplane for the first time this weekend! it is always a bit terrifying traveling with babies because you never know how they'll deal with it. but he did really well! thank goodness!
~ henry and eva have been here the past few mornings and my kids (and i) are loving it. ben loves watching everything his older cousins (especially henry) do. and mimi and eva are so cute together. eva has been picking out mimi's outfits in the morning, too. it's been fun to see what she chooses!
~ ben has been talking up a storm. he will basically repeat almost anything you say. it is so cute to see how excited he is to talk! (he said 'megan' yesterday!)
~ school supply shopping! i haven't had to shop for school supplies in forever! mimi starts preschool in september and it has been so fun looking for a backpack and a lunchbox and all of that fun stuff!

and here are a few other things we are loving...

nora bird

can someone please throw some fabulous, fancy party, and invite me, so that i have somewhere to wear this dress? i am in love. so gorgeous.

see above about shopping for school supplies. how adorable is this shark pencil case? so cute!

i adore this vintage, tropical romper! the print is so kitschy and cool.

such a pretty ring! i love the blue crystal stone. and the brass hearts that flank it are so sweet!

i really really really want this sweatshirt! that is all.


jade is looking super chic in this post. i adore the colors and print on her gorgeous dress. and those shoes! amazing.

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we traveled to jim's grandma's little town in illinois this past weekend. in the middle of town, there is this old school playground. it seriously hasn't been updated in a very very long time. it brought me back and i felt like a kid again!

megan bird

i love this backpack. talk about going back to school in style! i love the pattern and the natural fabric...and i love that it's both fashionable and functional!

when i saw these, i immediately emailed nora and told her she had to buy them. alas, they are not my size, so the second best would be for one of my sisters to own them!

i might need to buy one of these not only for myself, but for my running buddies, as well. how cute is this?

this is right up my alley. i love the color and style of the shelf itself, and i adore the teacups! how unique!

it's starting to feel like fall lately, and i am clinging to every last minute of summer. this dress is a perfect reminder that we still have over a month left!! i love the colors!


i am loving everything about this outfit. i want to recreate it exactly for myself. that top is so pretty and flattering, the bag is amazing, those shoes are adorable, and those jeans are the perfect mix of comfy and sexy!! 

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we snapped this picture right before desi went off to surgery. it was a hard day for me, but he seems ok now. (keep your prayers for him for the lab results, please.) he has been my baby for 14 years, and i love this guy so much!

what are you loving today?
two birds


  1. Yay, I love when your Aussie makes an appearance! Best of luck to Desi with his recovery and lab results!

  2. I am loving desi today. Fingers crossed, Megs.

  3. Keeping Desi in my thoughts! He is such a beautiful and sweet dog!

    I'm glad Ben did well on the plane Nora, I can imagine how nerve wracking that had to be!!

  4. Prayers for your baby! I LOVE Desi, I loved him when I met him, such a sweetie! I hope everything turns out just fine!

    Also LOVE Jade's outfit!

  5. You ladies are the CUTEST! And you're in MN? I love that! Where-a-bouts? And I think I NEED that Run Like A Mother tank-- too cute!

    1. I should have seen that in your blogger profile-- oops! I'm in North Branch, about 40 min north of the cities!

  6. Hope the lab results for Desi will be okay!

    The Tiny Heart

  7. Lurv these collections! :-) so many adorable things. I want a fancy dress for a fancy party too! Sending some love for Desi!

  8. Aww, sending Desi cuddles!!! I love everything you listed - and those moccasins just got me REALLY excited for fall! :)

  9. Thinking about your puppy. (((Hugs)))

    I love that shark pencil case. People's creativity never ends.

    Thanks for including me : )


  10. Wonderful collection and I LOVE the "Run Like a Mother" tank top! Hope your pup is recovering well!

  11. I want the sweatshirt and the mocs! Lovely to hear about all the kiddies! Back to school shopping is probably much more fun now than when I was a kid, a shark pencil case? WANT.

  12. I love your blog! Uber cute stuff. Thanks so much for featuring one of our dresses! Wishing you the best of luck Desi!

  13. I had no idea I needed a shark pencil case and a run like a mother t-shirt, but now I know better! etsy here i come!

  14. Look at that evening it! Love love love those instagram photos...sending a little prayer Desi's way :) And school supply shopping DOES sound fun!

    The Other Side of Gray

  15. Why did you link that vintage evening gown? Why?! Why is it $411? So sad about this. It will never be hanging in my closet, bummer.

    It's good to hear Ben flew no problems, gives me hope things will go smoothly for me in the fall!

    1. Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly for desi

  16. I can't wait for my kids to go back to school! My son is starting Kindergarten and he's finally a big boy. I looooooove that moon sweatshirt. It's a little oddball and looks comfy. Want!