Wednesday, August 28, 2013

inspiration picture for september 2: kristin cavallari

the inspiration

i don't know what the weather is like all over, but in minnesota, it's hot. like hot, hot. like they cancelled school in some places because of the heat. so the last thing i feel like doing every day is throwing on a lot of layers. i think this easy outfit of fun, loose pants and a flowy tank is just what the hot doctor ordered. who's in?

don't know how to play? click here for the rules, and come back monday, hopefully feeling cool and comfortable!!!


two birds


  1. it is SO hot here! i'm ready for fall! and i love her style!

  2. I love the idea of some silky silky silky pants in this crazy 99 degree heat!

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  4. Awesome! This will give me an excuse to pull out my printed pants. Yah!