Wednesday, August 7, 2013

inspiration monday: vanessa hudgens and/or eddie redmayne

the inspiration
vanessa hudgens and eddie redmayne
we realized that inspiration monday has been exclusive of women. i mean, i guess any man could be inspired by womens wear, and vice versa, but we have never actually used a man as inspiration. so we decided to try. well, kind of. here you have two can go with door #1 and dress like vanessa, or door #2 and dress like eddie. pretty much they are dressed the same, so it's a win/win regardless of which door you pick. but, we would love (love!) to see a man participate this week. so male readers, join in, please!!!

as for me, i'm not sure which outfit i will choose. maybe i'll have chris play along with me!!

to play along, dress up, or be inspired, by the outfit(s) above, and link up your posts on monday!! anyone is welcome!! click here for the rules!

we hope to see you all on monday!
two birds


  1. Oh I love this idea and hope some male participates
    I hope we have another cool day in the next couple of days, so I can pull this look together.

  2. vanessa hudgens pretty much always gets my vote :)

  3. Uh oh, I think I just did this look? Oh no, I was just wearing my fave jeans as always.

    This is fun.

  4. I love Vanessa. Her style has changed, but it's become a lot better now. I haven't seen her around lately.


  5. Good for you! Gender equality for all, even in fashion inspiration!
    I love Vanessa's hair. LAWD it's amazeballs!