Sunday, August 25, 2013

inspiration monday: life lessons

the inspiration
selena gomez
megan bird

 pants ~ F21
tank ~ Target
shirt ~ from sister
necklace ~ World Market
bracelets ~ garage sale
shoes ~ thrifted

nora bird

 jacket ~ thrifted
pants ~ F21
tank ~ H&M
shoes ~ Marshalls
necklace ~ gift

i try not to be a traditional punisher with our kids. ok, sometimes i am...i have (often) been known to do the time outs, the go to your room, the you lose tv time punishments. they work, and i use them. but lately, our kids have become immune to these sorts of punishments. i take away two days of video games from henry and he shrugs it off like he doesn't care. i put eva in her room and she quietly sings to her stuffed animals like it's fun. so, i have found that i need to come up with some more efficient punishments....something that will actually teach them lessons about what they are doing wrong. 

here are a few things i have done in the past:
~ one day we were at home depot and they were fighting. so i took my oversized cardigan off and made them wear it together....each had one arm in an arm hole and i made them walk around the store together until i could see they were over their fight. i have implemented the "get along shirt" more than once, and it works every time.
~ henry hit eva a few days ago, so i made him stand still while she hugged and kissed him as much as she wanted for 10 long seconds. he fought it off at first, but i would start the count over every time he pulled away. it took about two minutes for me to count to 10, and by the end they were both laughing.
~ one of the kids left the milk out overnight on friday. when we woke up, there was no milk for breakfast, so chris and i decided that we would make the kids go to their piggy banks and count out $10. i then had them each pick a meal they wanted for dinner one night this week, and we went to Trader Joe's and they had to buy that meal with only the $10 they had. (sorry to the pour clerk who got paid $19.65 in quarters.) kids need to learn how much milk costs these's not like we have a golden cow in our back yard!

i'm sure i will come up with some more, unless our kids decide to miraculously never misbehave again. some might say that these are not consistent punishments, but you have to do what works for you, and what works for us is actual life lessons. if you can't get along with you sister, you're going to have to share a ifs, ands, or buts around it!

two birds


  1. Great looks! As always, I'm amazed at your thrifted finds! Hugs & joy, T.

  2. I think these are great punishments and life lessons. Embarrassment seems to be the only thing that works for punishment anymore with my girls. Both of you rocked this look too!

  3. I love the lessons you're teaching your kids. I think they are so much more meaningful that the traditional punishments.

    I'm getting styling ideas from both your outfits for the cargo vest I just ordered!

    The Tiny Heart
    Target Giveaway!

  4. I love your creative punishment ideas! I'm filing them away for later!

    I still wish I had a cargo vest, you both look great in yours!

  5. I love these out of the box ideas. And I love that they can understand that they need to make a change and still end up laughing. Totally stealing the kissing one for my kiddos, since my son is learning that hands aren't for hitting!

    By the way, how are you girls wearing pants?! You look amazing, but it's so unbearably hot!!

  6. Can I have both of these outfits please?! SO CHIC!

  7. My Inspiration Monday submission today is a bit older than your pick -- but as I basically wore Selena's outfit (a summer casual version of it), you'll see why I went ahead and submitted it! :) Loooove all these cargo vests!

    Jen @ Librarian for Life & Style

  8. Those are very good punishments! I've done the hand holding thing and it does work quite well, but I am going to have to give these a whirl also! Thanks for the tips! I also love both of you ladies' Inspiration Monday looks! So cute and makes me yearn for fall weather!

  9. i love the lessons you are teaching them. it really sinks in!!! they won't do it again. good for you! love both of your outfits. perfect styling and again, you two have the sassiest and sexiest shoes.

  10. you girls look hot! :) and that is really funny - when we were little one time my dad made my brother and i sit and face each other and laugh for five minutes bc we were fighting. it was fake laughing but i think somehow did turn into real laughing by the end.

  11. Great punishments, Megan! I saw the Hug&Kiss on IG and LOL! You are a great MOM!!!!

    I love both of your ensembles today. Megan, did you forget to list your vest purchase place? I love both of yours' shoes!!!!

    This was a great Inspiration Monday photo! I love it when I KNOW instantly what I am going to wear. THANKS AND (hugs)

  12. I tried to do this this week and then I got hot just thinking about wearing all that black! I started out wearing a black peplum then was gonna pair with some black shorts but then somehow it morphed into a zebra skirt. haha.

    Megan, love the shoes. you look so rockin' edgy. And Nora, I'm having trouble getting past your amazing haircut. You look fantastic!!! But the outfit is fab too, but that haircut is just awesome!!!

  13. Megan you rock those pants! Love them. I like your outfit even better than Selena's!
    Nora I would definitely wear that the exact way you did. I'd feel comfortable and chic!

  14. Well I actually did buy a military style shirt for this but my weekend was kind of a disaster so I didn't get photos done.
    LOVE both of your looks though! This is just an awesome inspiration pic all around!
    I think the shared shirt thing is such a great idea! And so funny :) You're right, you gotta do what works!

  15. I love your versions way more than Selena's! And Megan - those pants are so sassy...I love them! :) Such a great story about your kids too. Creative parenting at its best and certainly an important lesson learned for them.

    Jess - J's Style

  16. Megan, great ideas for consequences! Nora, I love those shoes!

  17. I have an aunt the same age as me, and my mom used to make us hug whenever we fought. We would say we were sorry after a few seconds of hugging, but she would make us keep doing it for a full minute or two. I think I'd rather have the get along shirt!

    Also, love both of the outfits! Mine's not nearly as close to the interpretation! =)

  18. you both have the cutest vests

  19. Ah, the Get-along Shirt.... I have heard good things.... My kids are hard to reprimand as well. When my son was little, he had an attitude like "go ahead and spank me, I don't care", "I can live without dessert", "Fine, I wanted to go in my room anyway". But now that he is older, he does not enjoy having his iPad taken away. It is nice to finally have some leverage with him!
    My daughter though, has always been a kid who will basically put herself in timeout, so unless we are out in public she is pretty easy to deal with. Sometimes I take her stuffed dog and put HIM in timeout where she can see him, and that just kills her.
    Long story short (sorry, I kind of rambled on...), when you figure out the magic way to have the kids get along, please be sure to share!

  20. complete and total hotness megan and nora. you are such a good mom! those life lessons are awesome. i would not have ever thought of them, and the whole point is for them to learn and grow. that's exactly what you're teaching them. :)

  21. Love, love, love your interpretations of Selena's style! And Megan - I am SO totally jealous of your THRIFTED shoes! If only I could find such gorgeous shoes at the thrift stores near me!