Monday, August 5, 2013

inspiration monday: lice prevention day

the inspiration
megan bird

jeans ~ H&M
tank, blazer ~ Target
necklace ~ gift
sunglasses ~ vintage, thrifted
shoes ~ Jessica Simpson via b. (a resale shop)
nora bird

blazer ~ handed down from megan
shirt ~ Marshalls
jeans ~ blanknyc
shoes ~ Dots
necklace ~ Francesca's

yesterday was lice prevention day at our house (no, our kids are not dirty, it's just something that i like to do to ensure our school-age kids don't get lice) . what that means is we all put tea tree and coconut oil in our hair and wear shower caps for the whole day. it gives us a reason to be extra lazy and not leave the house all day, so that is an added bonus.

obviously, for those of you who know, or have seen pictures of chris, you know he's bald, so he doesn't need to participate in lice prevention day with us. the kids always have questions about that, and yesterday, i had this conversation with henry:

henry: why doesn't papa have to do it?
me: because he's bald. he can't get lice.
henry: well, couldn't he get lice on his chest hair?
me: no, you can only get that kind of lice on your head.
henry (he is too logical for his own good): but mama, it's called "head lice". why would they call it head lice if you couldn't get it somewhere else? why would they need to say "head"?
me: *crickets*

seriously, that kid is always thinking, and unfortunately i'm not. my normal reaction is to always tell the truth to my kids, but i didn't really feel the desire, or the need, to explain stds to my eight-year old son. so instead i just told him it was something he didn't need to know about yet (and hopefully never). i think he knows me well enough to know that when i say that, it usually involves something that will make him he didn't push it. and neither did i.

two birds


  1. Every Sunday at my house is "lice prevention day" - minus the shower caps and tea tree/coconut oil.

    Nora! I bought the same shirt this weekend at Marshalls! OMG, twins...

  2. Megan your ootd is fabulous! Nora, your is great and spot on, too. Are you wearing the same shoes? Megan didn't say where she got the shoes? Where or who is Dot? Just wondering.

    Ewh, head lice prevention? We don't do that here. Perhaps it is a humid climate thing? Sorry, completely unaware of it. But good you are doing it, I guess. doh!

  3. Never heard of lice prevention, but it's probably a good thing with school getting ready to start.

    Megan - love your floral blazer! Nora - your necklace and white peplum rock!

  4. love this head to toe Xo, Megan,

  5. Have you ever heard to Lady Bugs? It's a local company that makes an all natural lice prevention spray. Some of my friends spray their kids' heads every morning before school!

    Super cute in your blazers girls:)

  6. I've never heard of doing a lice prevention day, but what a good idea! Megan, great blazer! Nora, I love your white top!

  7. Two awesomely lovely birds......your looks are amazing!!!


  8. Ha ha - that is one thing I fear about parenthood - how to answer those kinds of questions from my child! I think lice prevention day is a great idea though seriously.

    And on the clothing front - Megan I love your blazer! And Nora, I love your necklace!

  9. Too funny, kids always have you on your toes!!

    Megan, I saw that blazer at Target this weekend and left it behind. I am glad you have it and are wearing it well!!

    Nora, the eyelet peplum is a stunner.
    Happy Day to you!

  10. Haha, oh man, good thing Henry didn't press that topic any further!

    The Tiny Heart

  11. LOL reminds me of my younger son. He analyzes EVERYTHING! Love your blazers ladies! And Nora, your top is SO CUTE!

  12. I love the shirts peeking out from the jackets, too cute! HA! kids are awesome, they are so stinking smart! My little brother amazes me everyday.

  13. okay i love that you wore awesome blazers not in white. they are both so fab and show off each of your fabulous styles! laughing at the lice stuff. i volunteered for all the lice checks last year at school. we did em like every few months. it was prevention though just cuz someone gets it doesn't mean their dirty...just itchy. haha. that coconut tea tree oil concoction sounds fab!

  14. Ugh, we went through lice last year. ISH.
    I'll have to try the coconut oil and tea tree oil this year!

    You both look gorgeous, as usual! Lurv Nora's peplum top. Megan's blazer rocks my socks off! (If I actually were wearing socks... which I am not.)

  15. Yes, def. too early for the OTHER lice convo. Who EVER wants to talk/think about that. I mean, ewwwwwww. I admire you ladies for rocking the highest heels ever and always managing to look so effortless. I wore platforms the other day and was proud for not falling! :) Good thing I need to wear flats for the wedding, that's all I have to say!

  16. Haha kids are always so curious! Both of you look gorgeous and amazing in your outfits!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  17. I love both of these outfits, but the white peplum is fabulous! Funny story, too. I can't wait until I have kids-- I suspect that they will be too clever for their own good.

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

  18. Megan I think this is a spot on copy cat! I love your floral blazer.
    Nora I love the necklace!

  19. You two are rocking the shoes!
    I love it

  20. megan and nora bird your looks are summer cool! yes, i like them better than brandy's. did you see her on fashion police when she said she didn't want to go back there again? it was so funny. lice prevention day sounds smart, as is mr. henry. you'll definitely having the std conversation in a few years. i have no doubt.

  21. Oh Megan, I completely understand about the head lice prevention, it is just not a problem here. I think it is the difference between your more moist climate and our extra dry climate. I think, I am not positive but I think that is the case.


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  22. Oh my gosh, that is a good question and now I am all kinds of itchy! Kind of like when someone mentions woodticks...