Sunday, August 18, 2013

inspiration monday: broken glass

the inspiration
poppy delevigne
megan bird

 shorts, hat ~ Marshalls
tank, shoes, sunglasses ~ Target
blazer, tee, bracelet ~ thrifted
necklaces ~ gifts

nora bird

 jacket ~ b. (a resale shop)
shirt ~ F21
shorts ~ Marshalls
shoes ~ Target
necklace ~ Heartbreaker

chalk it up to things that only happen to me...this weekend i dropped a light bulb on the ground, it broke, and a piece of glass bounced off the floor, into my jeans, and embedded itself into my butt. i then had to spend the next five minutes bent over under harsh light, in just my undies, while chris dug the glass out with a tweezers.

if that ain't true love, i don't know what is. maybe i should have written that scenario into my vows.

the weekend also involved a trip to the zoo, ben's birthday party, a delicious dinner out, karaoke, a lady date breakfast, and putt putt golf. it wasn't all just glassass.

how was your weekend?
two birds


  1. Fab post! You two feature the best thrifted and resale finds. I am in awe! xo T.

  2. Glassass!! Oh Megan, you have the most crazy stories sometimes! I'm glad the glass was able to be removed!

    I love both of your looks as usual - especially Megan's shoes and Nora's jacket! Looking forward to seeing you ladies this weekend! :)

  3. Love that jacket on Nora!

    P.S. I'm giving away 5 sponsor spots this week on my blog and I'd love for you to come and enter!

  4. Ouch!!

    You two look amazing as always!! Fun and ready for whatever.

  5. LOL Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear of your glassass! I love your shoes, Megan, though and your jacket, Nora!

  6. super cute and summery (is summery even a word?) oh well ... love it!

  7. Ack, that sounds so painful! You both look so cute in your hats!

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    JCrew Giveaway!

  8. nice looks,like the print shoes :)

  9. ohhh nooo! that's the worst! i once sat on a wasp and my grandmother had to remove the stinger. i was in so much pain, i didn't care. both of you ladies look so cute. i love your outfits!

  10. Wow... that is true love right there. :-) Sorry about the glassass.
    You both look adorable. I want both of your shoes.

  11. Glassass is the best thing I've heard all day.

    Years ago, when I was on medication that had to be taken at a specific time each day - my husband was going to be out of town. So my friend had to come over and stick a needle in my butt cheek for me. That's friendship right there.

  12. really cool!!
    love it all!!
    check my blog out...will ya? :)

  13. Nora, I love the leather jacket with shorts! And Megan, great stripes and leopard combo!!! You gals are such stylish siblings :)

  14. yay karaoke! Too bad about the glass. I love both looks, particularly the wedges!

  15. holy hotness! :) i'm totally jealous of how fantastic you both look. i want your hats, shoes, jackets, and while i'm at it your hair, bodies...
    your weekend sounds fabulous, all except the
    glassass. great play on words. i hope it's feeling better. sounds so very ouchy. :(

  16. So glad the weekend wasn't all glass-ass! Ladies, I love your shoes!!!

  17. Love both outfits!!! Thanks for making me laugh today with the glassass :)