Thursday, August 22, 2013

bird.i.y.: heart marquis

i am a sucker for heart-shaped art (heartart), and i am also a sucker for cute twinkly lights. we had a ton from the wedding that i threw outside, but i knew that i wanted to make some sort of artwork for the inside that involved lights. also, the pesky squirrels often chew through the wires of our lights and ruin them. (on a side note, i just found out we have flying squirrels in our neighborhood.) (maybe it's some sort of super power they received after chewing through electrical cords.) (a flying squirrel in a red leotard and cape would be super cute.) (now i want a super squirrel.)

anyway, onwards and upwards to my diy. it was quite simple, in fact, but i think the end result is so fun!!

here's what you'll need:
~ two pieces of red tag board (or as many as you want. i wanted a bigger heart, so i used two)
~ hot glue gun
~ string of lights (at least 10 lights)
~ exacto knife
~ something to hang your marquis. i used wire screwed into the tag board.

step one (we can have lots of fun): put the two sheets of tag board together and draw your heart. i wanted one that wasn't perfectly symmetrical, so i did it freehand.

step two: cut each piece of tag board with an exacto knife. i put a thicker blanket on the floor in case i cut through too fast or too furious. you could also put a piece of cardboard underneath to protect the floor, if you don't want to ruin a perfectly good blanket. (no blankets were harmed in the making of this marquis.)

step three: measure where you want your lights. i eyeballed my heart and guessed where to put the lights. it ended up that they were about two inches from the edge of the heart, and about nine inches apart. somehow it worked out almost perfectly.

step four: unscrew one lightbulb and trace the cirle of the base where you want each lightbulb to go.

step five: cut each circle out with the exacto knife.

step six: unscrew each lightbulb and fit the base through the holes, and then re-screw each lightbulb back in.

step seven: glue the two pieces of heart together.

step eight: screw the wire onto the back of the heart and hang up.

step nine: enjoy!!!

as a side note, the glassass i spoke of on monday happened to be one of the bulbs from this beauty. i was so mad when i dropped it. however, the other lights all still work, so i just need to somehow find a replacement!!

chris wants to hang this in our basement when we redecorate it...we are kind of going for a super cozy movie theater feel, so i think it will be perfect. as long as the flying squirrel doesn't chew through the wires!

megan bird


  1. I absolutely love this! It's sooooo adorable. I wish I was more d.i.y. friendly but I just don't have the patience!

  2. WOW WHAT A COOL IDEA! that is just too neat!

    XO Meghan

  3. That is SO cute and it would be great for Valentine's Day!

    When I was younger, flying squirrels wound up getting into our house by chewing a hole in the roof and they got in through the attic. I was scared to death!

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    Target Giveaway!

  4. This is amazing! You are making me feel all crafty now.

    As far as squirrels, those little suckers scare the crap out of me. I don't have any flying squirrels in my neighborhood, but we have an albino one. It's cool but freaky at the same time. Have a great weekend!

  5. Excellent NKOTB reference...

  6. omg i freakin love this...awesome and sweet and look adorable above your bed. I am really impressed. Dawn Suitcase Vignettes xo

  7. looks not look...hahaha..the perfectionist in me is creeepin

  8. Oh Thanks Megan! Darling Heart Marquis!! Summer was shorter this year? I can't believe it is ending. I think Blogging makes the days whiz by. Super weekend to you guys!

  9. I LOVE IT! Very cute! I really love how simple & easy this is. I would love to make one for our basement as ours is kinda dark.

  10. this is amazing! it doesn't look too difficult, either (which is great for me). i think i need one in my kitchen!

  11. That is super cute! I love it and great job! Wishing you two a wonderful weekend.

  12. BOO, where were the rest of the lyrics to Step by Step, you can't just start with one line and leave it :)

    SUPER cute project BTW!

  13. I absolutely love this!! I may have to make these for an out door party :)

  14. Now come do mine.

  15. super cute
    i love hearts on clothing for some reason
    don't think i want a light up heart on my shirt though, well....

  16. so cute! i think it sounds perfect for your basement too!

  17. You are hilarious! I love the asides!

  18. Cute DIY, I always enjoy wht you make.