Friday, August 9, 2013

bird.i.y.: dream catcher wall hanging

i have a fascination with dream catchers, i find them very intriguing. i have always wanted to have a collection of them somewhere in the house, (i know, it's a huge shock that i wanted a collection of something, right?) but could never find ones in the colors i wanted. yes, i know, they probably aren't supposed to be shabby chic and tiffany blue, but that is what i i decided to make my own. 

i started by making one a while back, and i loved it. but i couldn't stop there....nope, i had to have three or four or six. so, i decided to make a bunch and hang them all together. 

if you wanted to do this project, you could use whatever materials you want, in whatever colors you want. for mine, here are the items i used:

~ three embroidery loops in different sizes (one was metal, the others wood. the metal one, i only used the outer loop)
~ two doilies
~ various vintage sheets, torn into strips
~ lace ribbon
~ three strings of faux pearls (the kind you make jewelery with)
~ various colors of yarn and embroidery thread
~ one large tassel 
~ one decorative bird's nest 
~ one wooden craft wreath
~ dried grapevine
~ for the base, i used a painted 2x4
here they are, individually.
for this one, i tied the ripped sheets around the larger loop, and then pressed the doily between the two loops.

for this one, i made tassels out of embroidery thread, and tied some of a ripped sheet around each one. i hung them from a pre-made decorative bird's nest that i found at Michaels.

for this one, i made a loop with the dried grapevine and then just looped the different colored yarns around it. the kids helped with this one. we then tied some of the ripped sheets and lace to the bottom. (you can see how we used this one at the wedding here.)

similar to the one above, i simply wrapped some silver embroidery thread around a pre-made wreath from michaels. i attached some sheets, lace, and three strings of turquoise pearls.

 this one was easy peasy. i just pressed some lace between the two loops and hung a pre-made tassel from the metal screw of the loop. (i'm a lazy crafter, i will admit.)

 and for this one, i tied a doily to the loop and then threaded different colored yard through the doily and around the loop. i braided three of the yarn strings together and called it a day.

i then nailed them all to a painted 2x4 and threw a little washi tape bunting over them all.

and i hung it over our bed.

i have dreams of making a huge one some day ~ one with very fancy and decorative feathers, and lots of turquoise beads. but for now, this cute little wall hanging will do. 
sweet dreams to all!!

megan bird


  1. So fun and creative! I love how eclectic your room is.


  2. This is so fun! I love all the bright colors.

  3. Very fun! I love all the different options.

  4. I love dream catchers! When I was in high school we made them at French camp out of twigs and string and I don't remember what else. I think I still have mine somewhere!

  5. Cute! I used to love having dream catchers in my room :)

  6. I lurv it! I wish I was crafty! And now you will have excellent, sweet dreams!

  7. Oh you are so creative and the things you make are very imaginative. Thank you for your nice comments. I will have to remember that phrase: "fun and flirty". I think that could describe me, ya.

    Have a great weekend and see y'all on instagram.

  8. Adorable! I love the idea of the birds nest dream catcher!

  9. Great decorations

  10. I love it! It's very sweet, and with more rugged materials would be great for a boy's room too.

  11. These are the most beautiful dream catchers I've ever seen, the doily and torn fabric ones are so special and they all look so wonderful hanging above your bed! Works of art:) xo

  12. These are so fun! I like your creative interpretation of a dreamcatcher. Also, such a fun bedroom, I am lovin the colour of your walls. When it comes to paint colours the brighter (or more intense) the better!

  13. Sadly all I can think of when I think of Dream Catchers are sad little camp art projects that came home with the boys back in the day. LOL