Friday, August 30, 2013

bird.i.y.: miss you!

some very very dear friends of our are moving back to california on sunday. they've only been in minnesota for a year, but i'll bet we've seen them at least twice a week for the entire time they've lived here. needless to say, jim, mimi, ben, and i are going to miss them so much. and i wanted to make them a little going away gift to let them know just how much. this is a really fun diy that can you can easily make your own! here's what you'll need:

~ atlas (or map of some sort)
~ canvas
~ paints (i used acrylics)
~ mod podge
~ stencils
~ paint brush and sponge brush
~ scissors and pencil (not pictured)

first tape stripes onto your canvas (chevrons would be cute, too! or really, any pattern you like.) then paint over the tape any color you like. i chose yellow because it is a pretty color (duh), but it is also light enough to work on top of.

once the paint is dry, remove the tape to reveal your stripes! 

next, find the states or countries or cities or whatever you are using and cut them out of the atlas. i chose minnesota and california, for obvious reason. i then glued them onto the canvas with mod podge. i painted a heart over the city in which we live and the city where they are moving.

once that is dry, stencil the words or saying you want onto the canvas with a pencil. do it lightly so that it doesn't show once you paint over it! i then painted a nice big heart in the bottom corner! when that was dry, i mod podged, a very light coat, over the entire canvas. and that's it!

i really like how this turned out. i hope our friends do, too. and i hope this will remind them how much we miss them and how cool it was to live in minnesota and how they should just move back and live here again asap! :)

xoxo, nora bird

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): i cry

sweater ~ jennifer lopez, thrifted
jeans ~ Kohls
shoes, green bracelet, earrings ~ Target
spiked bracelets ~ garage sale
necklace ~ World Market

i cry when:
~ i'm sad
~ i'm really happy
~ i'm embarrassed
~ my feelings are hurt
~ my pride is hurt
~ i get hit really hard (even if it's on accident) (why else would anyone hit me?)
~ there is a wedding, even if it's just on tv
~ i watch mother's day ads (the huggies ones are the worst)
~ i laugh too hard
~ someone sings a really good version of the star spangled banner
~ people harmonize beautifully
~ at the end of any sitcom, you learn a life lesson
~ that guy in that commercial writes a letter to his daughter every year on her birthday
~ the guy finally gets the girl in a movie
~ when my kids start school

so, basically...i cry. (a lot.)

how about you?

megan bird

inspiration picture for september 2: kristin cavallari

the inspiration

i don't know what the weather is like all over, but in minnesota, it's hot. like hot, hot. like they cancelled school in some places because of the heat. so the last thing i feel like doing every day is throwing on a lot of layers. i think this easy outfit of fun, loose pants and a flowy tank is just what the hot doctor ordered. who's in?

don't know how to play? click here for the rules, and come back monday, hopefully feeling cool and comfortable!!!


two birds

love*birds: 8.28.13

things i am loving this week:
~ school started. while i love summer, it's nice to have the kids back on a schedule. plus, they both seem to love their teachers, so that's a huge plus.
~ mom's wine night. every year for four years now, two other moms and i have gotten together at the beginning of the school year to cry and talk about our kids starting another year of school.
~ henry told me he wants to get his master's in reading. eva wants to be a gymnastics, swimming, art, and music teacher. i love their ambition.
~ it's hotter than hot over here. i don't love that in and of itself, but i am happy that summer has decided to stick around a little.
~ we still have camping trips planned...including some sites with fabulous waterfalls...i can't wait!
~ nora and i are part of a super cool photo shoot this week...we can't wait to share pictures. lots of great vintage!
~ shopping. i know, i love it every day, but i have really had the itch to shop lately, and i think i'm going to need to take a day to do it!

and here are some other things we are loving this week.

megan bird

i love how simple, yet chic this bracelet is. no need to layer it with anything's a piece of art all on its own!

i have been on the hunt for a fun bag for winter. i like the idea of white in the sassy gold triangles. this is so fun!

apparently i am loving geometric shapes this week! but really, the colors, the pockets, and the shape of this dress are amazing. i might need it!

i know this jumpsuit isn't very practical. but who needs practical when you have fringe? i am in awe of this suit and need it in my life!!

it's a blazer with unicorns on it. enough said.

Purple Ivy

Ivy is the epitome of glamour in this vintage-inspired outfit.  the colors together, and the great silhouette of both the skirt and shirt pair perfectly with that amazing turban she is wearing. what a great outfit!

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i thrifted the most amazing art work the other day. i am a sucker for anything having to do with minnesota, especially when it's a vintage wall hanging. i remember this quote from when i was a kid.

nora bird
tree branch jewelry holder

i absolutely love this idea for storing jewelry! so rustic and colorful and cool!

red cat tank

i adore the slouchy, drapey style of this adorable tank top. and the cool, original red cat print makes me love it even more!

i would love to hang this print in my bedroom. it is so romantic and fun!

i love to bake, and these adorable measuring spoons would make me love it even more! how cute are those little forest animals?

i've been a bit obsessed with baskets lately. i love them for storage. these colorful ones, made of recycled materials, are simply beautiful. i would love to fill my home with them!


Lauren of The Marcy Stop looks absolutely gorgeous in the outfit in this post. i am totally coveting those amazing booties! and the print on her blouse is so pretty!

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just a day in the life of a big sister! always messing with her little bro!

what are you loving today?

xoxo, two birds

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): karaoke blunders

shirt~ F21
jeans~ thrifted
shoes~ Target
earrings~ UO
watch~ vintage, from mom

i wore this for girl's night out on saturday, which was a ton of fun! we went out for drinks and karaoke. those two things always seem to go hand in hand. i don't necessarily have the courage to sing karaoke without having a couple drinks beforehand. but, of course, the best decisions are not usually made after a couple of drinks. like this great idea the other ladies and i had that night: everyone should sing a song they'd never sung before! it sounded like such a fun idea at the time. but do you know when it started to seem like not such a great idea? when i was halfway through quite possibly the most awkward rendition of ace of base's "the sign" ever to have been sung. yes, that happened. next time, i will for sure stick with my trusty standbys and try to avoid drifting into embarrassing karaoke territory. this is, of course, easier said than done, seeing as karaoke and embarrassment also often go hand in hand!

xoxo, nora bird

Sunday, August 25, 2013

inspiration monday: life lessons

the inspiration
selena gomez
megan bird

 pants ~ F21
tank ~ Target
shirt ~ from sister
necklace ~ World Market
bracelets ~ garage sale
shoes ~ thrifted

nora bird

 jacket ~ thrifted
pants ~ F21
tank ~ H&M
shoes ~ Marshalls
necklace ~ gift

i try not to be a traditional punisher with our kids. ok, sometimes i am...i have (often) been known to do the time outs, the go to your room, the you lose tv time punishments. they work, and i use them. but lately, our kids have become immune to these sorts of punishments. i take away two days of video games from henry and he shrugs it off like he doesn't care. i put eva in her room and she quietly sings to her stuffed animals like it's fun. so, i have found that i need to come up with some more efficient punishments....something that will actually teach them lessons about what they are doing wrong. 

here are a few things i have done in the past:
~ one day we were at home depot and they were fighting. so i took my oversized cardigan off and made them wear it together....each had one arm in an arm hole and i made them walk around the store together until i could see they were over their fight. i have implemented the "get along shirt" more than once, and it works every time.
~ henry hit eva a few days ago, so i made him stand still while she hugged and kissed him as much as she wanted for 10 long seconds. he fought it off at first, but i would start the count over every time he pulled away. it took about two minutes for me to count to 10, and by the end they were both laughing.
~ one of the kids left the milk out overnight on friday. when we woke up, there was no milk for breakfast, so chris and i decided that we would make the kids go to their piggy banks and count out $10. i then had them each pick a meal they wanted for dinner one night this week, and we went to Trader Joe's and they had to buy that meal with only the $10 they had. (sorry to the pour clerk who got paid $19.65 in quarters.) kids need to learn how much milk costs these's not like we have a golden cow in our back yard!

i'm sure i will come up with some more, unless our kids decide to miraculously never misbehave again. some might say that these are not consistent punishments, but you have to do what works for you, and what works for us is actual life lessons. if you can't get along with you sister, you're going to have to share a ifs, ands, or buts around it!

two birds

Thursday, August 22, 2013

bird.i.y.: heart marquis

i am a sucker for heart-shaped art (heartart), and i am also a sucker for cute twinkly lights. we had a ton from the wedding that i threw outside, but i knew that i wanted to make some sort of artwork for the inside that involved lights. also, the pesky squirrels often chew through the wires of our lights and ruin them. (on a side note, i just found out we have flying squirrels in our neighborhood.) (maybe it's some sort of super power they received after chewing through electrical cords.) (a flying squirrel in a red leotard and cape would be super cute.) (now i want a super squirrel.)

anyway, onwards and upwards to my diy. it was quite simple, in fact, but i think the end result is so fun!!

here's what you'll need:
~ two pieces of red tag board (or as many as you want. i wanted a bigger heart, so i used two)
~ hot glue gun
~ string of lights (at least 10 lights)
~ exacto knife
~ something to hang your marquis. i used wire screwed into the tag board.

step one (we can have lots of fun): put the two sheets of tag board together and draw your heart. i wanted one that wasn't perfectly symmetrical, so i did it freehand.

step two: cut each piece of tag board with an exacto knife. i put a thicker blanket on the floor in case i cut through too fast or too furious. you could also put a piece of cardboard underneath to protect the floor, if you don't want to ruin a perfectly good blanket. (no blankets were harmed in the making of this marquis.)

step three: measure where you want your lights. i eyeballed my heart and guessed where to put the lights. it ended up that they were about two inches from the edge of the heart, and about nine inches apart. somehow it worked out almost perfectly.

step four: unscrew one lightbulb and trace the cirle of the base where you want each lightbulb to go.

step five: cut each circle out with the exacto knife.

step six: unscrew each lightbulb and fit the base through the holes, and then re-screw each lightbulb back in.

step seven: glue the two pieces of heart together.

step eight: screw the wire onto the back of the heart and hang up.

step nine: enjoy!!!

as a side note, the glassass i spoke of on monday happened to be one of the bulbs from this beauty. i was so mad when i dropped it. however, the other lights all still work, so i just need to somehow find a replacement!!

chris wants to hang this in our basement when we redecorate it...we are kind of going for a super cozy movie theater feel, so i think it will be perfect. as long as the flying squirrel doesn't chew through the wires!

megan bird

outfit of the day(bird): misunderstanding

dress~ b. (a resale shop)
boots~ thrifted by my sister, izzy

if you know anything about my daughter. mimi, then you know she likes to pretend to be superheroes. usually it's batman, but she's also been known to be wonder woman, thor, the hulk, captain america, superman, iron man... you get the picture. anyway, one day last week, she, ben, and i were at a restaurant waiting for our takeout. the woman working was talking to mimi, asking her questions and just making basic small talk. the kind of small talk you make with a three-year old. she asked how old mimi was and mimi said, "i'm three! and i'm bat girl!" the woman looked a bit shocked and said, "no, honey, you're not a bad girl!" she then gave me a dirty look, shook her head, and walked away, leaving me no chance to explain. it was all a very very awkward misunderstanding. i am sure that woman went into the kitchen and told the cooks all about the awful mommy out front. ugh.

i hope you're all having a great day!

xoxo, nora bird

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

inspiration picture for august 26: selena gomez

the inspiration
selena gomez
i don't know much about selena gomez...she's cute, she is (or was) on a show that my kids love to watch, she is (or was) dating justin bieber, she seems to have beaten the disney curse for young women, and she has good style. let's forget about all the other things (especially the bieber part), and recognize her great style. this is a great not quite summer/not quite fall outfit, and we hope you all play along next monday!

don't know the rules? click here to see how to play along!!
two birds