Wednesday, July 3, 2013

love*birds: 7.3.13

things i am loving this week:
~ food. apparently after the wedding ended, i decided to eat everything. everything. i have gone to bed at night with bags of skittles and peanut butter filled pretzels. i'm not proud, but i'm loving it.
~ wine. (see a pattern here?) we were left with some delicious wine from the wedding, so what else should we do but sit on the patio and drink it?
~ speaking of the patio...the kids and i soaked our feet in epsom salt and lavender while chris tended a fire the other night. it was amazing.
~ 4th of july. i love a reason to celebrate with beer, picnic food, and fireworks!
~ homemade, surprise cards in the mail. yes, i'm talking about you, kezzie. as soon as i saw the queen's face on the stamp, i thought to myself, "i bet this is from kezzie!" and sure enough it was. thank you!!
~ my husband. that's all, i just wanted to officially call him that.

and here are some other things we are loving.

megan bird
declaration of independence t-shirt
it's a holiday shirt without being too kitschy. and how cute would this be tucked into a full skirt?

caftan maxi dress/beach cover-up
i love the color of this dress...and yes, i'd wear it as a dress (and a beach cover-up). it's just so relaxed and pretty and i want to lounge in it all summer long!

double leaf necklace
i love this necklace. it's romantic and makes a statement without being too loud (not that i don't also love loud). i love how the two leaves pretty!

hudson bay blanket
a real hudson bay blanket is my thrifting dream find. i look every time i thrift and have yet to find one. knock-off, yes, but not a real one!! this one is a beauty!

these are all so adorable! i am in love with the simplicity of the shape and the colors to choose from! and at $15 a pop, how can you say no?

Lipgloss and Crayons
carly has on what i think is the perfect summertime uniform. cute and comfy maxi dress in the perfect pattern and colors, and a super cute denim  vest. add some cute sandals, and you're set for the day!! she looks beautiful, right?

follow along @meglets

i caught the kids in a smiley moment. it was pride weekend, and the sun was shining, and we were all having a great time!! aren't they dolls?

nora bird
ombre strapless dress

how gorgeous is this dress? i love the ombre is the gorgeous shades of blue. i wish i had somewhere fabulous to where it!

vegan sandal flats

oh my gosh, these sandals are perfection. my favorite shade of blue, a sparkly heel, and they're vegan! in. love.

lucky necklace

what a pretty little necklace! i love the lucky horseshoe pendant. dainty gold necklaces are my favorite!

high waisted shorts

beautiful beautiful beautiful. i am in love with these shorts. i want to wear them every day!

retro inspired swimsuit

i have seriously been looking for the perfect one piece swimsuit all summer. i think this might be it!

Fashion Flirtation

victoria looks ultra chic is this outfit. i love the chambray shirt tied over that adorable chevron dress. i need to copy this look!

follow along @mrsbeyers

the world's least snugly child climbed into my lap yesterday morning to snuggle. i loved every second! (it only lasted a few!)

what are you loving today?

xoxo, two birds


  1. That whole foot soak/lavender/by the fire thing sounds amazing! That photos of the 3 of you is the cutest :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. i have a double left necklace like that and i love it! and i love carly's blog!

  3. i love that double leaf necklace and vegan sandals. they are just too cute!

  4. Carly's outfit has inspired my July 4 dinner attire! Great post--as always. :) T.

  5. Those glittery vegan sandals are so cute! Enjoy your 4th!

    The Tiny Heart

  6. 1) I woke up with a half-eaten bag of potato chips the other morning. I ate peanuts and tortilla chips for dinner last night. I really need C to home home. I am a hot mess. 2) I have to get that dec. of ind. shirt for C. 3) Are you ladybirds staying in town? I'd love to hang. 4) What's your limit on the blanket? Saw one at an estate sale for $20 the other day. 5) Love you!

  7. That tee is so great for the 4th. And the double leaf necklace is fun. And the sandals... and the ombre dress (amazing). Ok, I guess I'm loving the entire list!

  8. Oh that foot soak sounds awesome!! I just might have to do that this weekend with...well some fake wine I guess, but I at least found one that's semi-decent! Happy 4th birds!!

  9. LOVE the ombre dress and need the horseshoe necklace!

  10. Aw thank you for the outfit love! I loveeeee those sandals!


  11. OMyGosh, you guys! I LOVE EVERYONE OF these Loves, today. And ...hold on to your hat, I have a Hudson Bay Blanket. Don't shoot me, It was my Grandma's. True. My sibs and I rotate owning it every 5 years. true. I hate when I have to give it up. I have one more year with it.

    But, enter my $50 Target Gift-card Giveaway going on right now and you'll forget all about what I just said. :D

  12. Mmmmmm. You had me at peanut butter filled pretzels. I might have to make an emergency trip to Trader Joe's.

  13. We had a post-wedding nom-fest too. :) Well, there's nothing else to do when you have an entire cheesecake left over from the dessert table, right? Couldn't let it go to waste.
    The bright caftan and dainty gold necklace are cute!