Wednesday, July 24, 2013

love*birds: 7.24.13

things i am loving this week:
~ yesterday was jim and my 8th wedding anniversary! each year has been better than the last. here's to many many many more!
~ cookie dipped drumsticks. do yourself a favor and go get some right now. so yummy!
~ hyland's teething drops and baby advil. ben, my poor little guy, has been teething and miserable this week. these are the only two things that have seemed to help!
~ the weather this week. it has been amazing!

and here are a few other things we are loving this week...

nora bird
vintage sandals

these are gorgeous! i am a six, but i would squeeze my feet into these babies for the sake of fashion!

grammar art print

this is awesome! i am a huge fan of grammar (nerd alert!) and it's always a fear of mine that i will accidentally use one of these words the wrong way on the blog and feel ashamed forever!

floral mini dress

the floral print on this skirt is amazing! i love the bright, fun colors!

art print

oh la la! this print is so simple but so cute! i would love to hang this in my home!

leather cuff

i adore the bold graphic print on this cuff! beautiful!

Stylin in St. Louis

jacqueline looks perfectly summery and chic in this outfit! i adore all of the colors happening in this look. and her shirt was only $10! score!

follow along @mrsbeyers

this might be my favorite photo from our wedding. it was right after the ceremony ended and we walked out to the cheers and congratulations of our family and friends. it was amazing. and you can clearly see how happy we are!

megan bird
orange polka dot maxi skirt
at first glance, i thought this skirt was pink and i loved it. then i read the description and saw that it was orange and loved it even more. it's so cute!

hot air balloon kit
i have a mild obsession with hot air balloons. i would never actually ride in a real one, but i would love to stare at these beauties all day long.

kelly green dress
pantone had it right with this color. i love the color and the silhouette of this dress. it's simple, but so gorgeous.

herringbone fabric messenger bag
i love this bag. it's perfectly casual and so unique. i love that it looks like a clutch/fold-over bag, but i bet it would fit everything you could possibly need in it!

yellow beaded statement necklace
i can't really pull off yellow clothing. but i love the color, so i love it when i find great yellow accessories. this necklace is so pretty and fun, and would brighten up any outfit!

Mama Fashion Files
aracely from Mama Fashion Files looks beautiful in this sleeveless blazer. i never knew i needed a sleeveless blazer, but after seeing this outfit, i think i do. i also think i need a rockin' pair of silver pumps!

follow along @meglets

there was no doubt as to which was my favorite instagram picture this week. me and my hubby, just minutes after we had gotten married! i love this picture.

what are you loving today?
two birds


  1. Love both the wedding pics! Beautiful ladies :) And also beautiful... that messenger bag! I also need that grammar print, that's adorable.

  2. Oh my goodness...those wedding pics of you both are amazing! Love love love. And love that messenger cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. happy anniversary! 8 years is awesome! i wish you many more doll. i love that yellow necklace. so gorgeous.

  4. I love seeing more wedding photos, they are gorgeous!

    Happy 8th anniversary!

    The Tiny Heart
    Forever 21 Giveaway!

  5. I love so many things on your list!! Those hot air balloons are darling and I definitely need that There, Their, They're poster! Haha.

  6. Both of your wedding photos are GORGEOUS! Love. And I love the grammar print, haha, it's so cute and charming.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  7. I'm so glad to have found your charming blog! I love all your picks and am so honored that my messenger bag was chosen to be included :)


  8. You both look amazing in your wedding photos! SWOON! :-) That green dress is amazing... and I'm coveting that messenger bag.

  9. Happy anniversary again Nora! And I love both of your wedding pictures - you both have such joy in your faces!!

  10. Happy anniversary! And I'm loving the grammar picture. :)

  11. yellow is a hit or miss colour, sometimes a soft yellow is easier to wear :) lovelovelove the wedding photos, so much happiness in them. You both were beautiful brides. & happy 8 years mrs. beyers!

  12. Love both wedding pics, and that yellow necklace!

  13. Love the their there they're print! I am a writer and LOVE correct grammar! :) Also great messenger bag!

  14. Nora you are not a nerd! and Megan the emerald green dress is JUST LIKE a dress my Mom had. OMyGosh, yes!

    Love you guys, see ya tomorrow!

  15. I need that grammar art print! haha

  16. Your wedding shoes in the last picture are spectacular! I actually have that yellow necklace in blue and it looks awesome, especially for summer. Much easier to wear than the yellow (I cant pull it off either!)!!

  17. congrats on 8 yrs nora bird. poor baby ben. all the best to such pretty ladies on their wedding days, and all the time too! :)

  18. Great pics--especially the wedding photo! Happy anniversary! T.

  19. Wow! Etsy world is full of so many AWESOME finds! It's an honor to be displayed next to those cool and beautiful items, Thank you:)

  20. Aww great wedding photo! Happy Anniversary!! :)

  21. Aw both your wedding pics!! I love them! You are both so gorgeous and Megan I love your wedding shoes! I'm also loving jacqueline's look, the hot air balloons (I've actually been in one!) and that gorgeous Kelly green dress :)

  22. I love the hot air balloons and the awesome grammar print! Great picks!

  23. What a gorgeous collection, thank you so much for featuring my balloons!