Tuesday, July 16, 2013

love*birds: 7.17.13

things i am loving this week:

~ fresh corn. i have been cooking with it a lot, and it makes me wish i could get fresh farm corn year round!
~ snuggles. after my run yesterday, i made the "mistake" of climbing back into bed and cuddling up to chris. it was the most comfortable i'd been in a while, and i almost wanted to take the day off and stay there all day!
~ bugs that hate me. i don't know what it is...i like to think it's because i'm a vegetarian, but bugs (i.e., mosquitos) hate me. i rarely get bit in the summers...it makes bonfires and camping that much more enjoyable.
~ bonfires and camping. now that the wedding is over, we have many plans for late night bonfires and weekend camping getaways. i'm so excited!
~ my new name. it's official...i changed it last week!

and here are some more things we are loving this week.

megan bird
beaded bar necklace
i go back and forth between loving dainty little necklaces , and necklaces that slap you in the face with color and pettern. this one is the perfect compromise. dainty and colorful...perfect!

rainbow summer dress
i love the bright, fun colors of this dress. and that red bow belt cinches it for me! (see what i did there?)

nyala pencil skirt
i love the color and the fun pattern on this skirt. it's so tailored, and so unique!

workout tank
truth! i love this quote, and i love this tank!

tentacle ring
like necklaces, i love both quiet and loud rings. this one is clearly on the louder side, and i love it!

Walking in Memphis in High Heels
laura's outfit here is so chic. i love those leggings (need them!) and those heels really amp up the whole look. what a put together and fabulous look!

follow along @meglets

i drove a donkey last week! my friend and i rode around a whole farm last weekend, and i had control of the reins. it was so fun and emmylou (the donkey) was the sweetest thing ever! also, this was the sunset later that same night. gorgeous, huh?

nora bird
coral sundress

i am madly in love with this dress. it is loose and flirty and such a beautiful color! and it could easily be dressed up or down. this is a perfect summer dress!

hand-painted cuff

i adore these geometric, hand-painted cuffs. i would love to buy a bunch to mix and match!

hand drawn leggings

these organic cotton leggings are so unique! i absolutely love the original house print! so cool!

organic cotton tote

oh la la! this tote is so simple, yet so chic! plus, it's organic and eco-friendly. gotta love it!

handmade sandals

i am all about the flat sandal this summer. these ones are simply gorgeous.

River City Chic

i love alicia's printed tee and adorable yellow skirt in this post. such a chic summer look!

follow along @mrsbeyers

i cannot look at this photo without laughing. i love my little chunky monkey!

what are you loving today???

xoxo, two birds


  1. Ugh mosquitoes bite me like crazy! I read an article on Yahoo the other day that 20% of the population attract more mosquitoes than anyone else and they gave all these reasons why except I didn't fit into any of those categories. Who knows!

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  2. Love the Nyala pencil skirt combination, the top is gorgeous too, and your chunky monkey is super duper cute


  3. All are so lovely! Thank you so much for put my rainbow dress. ^_____^
    Take care!

  4. That coral dress is so pretty and I'm dying over those sandals!

  5. I'm envious you never get bit by mosquito, I have the opposite problem. I chalk it up to too much hair product! I'm going through a dainty necklace phase right now, but I know what you mean about liking in your face necklaces too.

    Em K

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  6. Lucky you that the mosquitos don't bite. I don't think it's the vegetarian thing though since I am and I get bit ALL THE TIME.

    I just love that rainbow dress.


  7. I need that work out tank.

    And I kind of hate you for not getting bitten by mosquitos (as I sit here scratching my bites!!). ;)

  8. gosh, i love that striped dress and black sandals. they're so cute. i love fresh corn! it's so good and delicious. oh gosh, i wish the mosquitoes hated me. they eat me alive if i didn't use bug spray. hahaha have a great day you two.

  9. LOVE the black flat sandals! The striped dress reminds me of one I had years and years ago. Very cute!

  10. How cool are those house print leggings??!! Awesome! Such a cool shop too!

  11. Little chunky butt! I love these posts so much! I always want to go shopping after, lol. Congrats on the name-change!

  12. Oh my goodness...that last photo is the cutest! Loving that tote bag, and bonfires/camping sound awesome :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  13. Oooh, I love that rainbow dress and the cuffs!!! SOooo cool!x

  14. Love those hand painted cuffs and Alicia's outfit!

  15. Hey, didn't Feathers & Freckles make a necklace like that lately. Cool 'loves' this week. The whole post gave me many styling and buying ideas. THANK YOU TWO!

  16. Ok that pencil skirt and those adorable house leggings!! I need them!