Wednesday, July 24, 2013

inspiration picture for july 29: anne hathaway

i feel like i should tell you all that i was so obsessed with duran duran as a pre-teen that my friends and i would rent all of their videos on vhs (yes, i'm that old) and watch them non-stop. (and many of their videos are not suitable for 12-year old girls.) either way, we watched and watched and watched them – and then we may or may not have written a book about them (ok, we did).

needless to say, i do not own a single duran duran t-shirt, but now i really feel the need to find one. thrift challenge on. in particular, i want this exact one anne hathaway is wearing. that probably won't happen, but we'll see what we can come up with by monday.

even if you didn't love (or even know) duran duran, we hope you'll play along on monday. don't know the rules? click here to read them!

two birds


  1. I'm Hungry like the wolf for this look!
    Lame, I know :)
    Can't wait to see the Bird's version of this

  2. Yay! Great occasion to borrow my ydd's Beatles T! Yes!

  3. Oh I am so in on this one! My favorites were Girls on Film and Hungry Like the Wolf, ha ha!

    Since we go to concerts all the time, I think I can find a suitable t-shirt for this one. Although I am still on the hunt for a Guns n Roses and Prince t-shirt :)

  4. I like this look a lot! Can't wait to see what you both come up with. :)