Monday, July 1, 2013

inspiration monday: pride

the inspiration
megan bird

shorts ~ h&m
shirt ~ Ross
shoes ~ Target
earrings ~ F21

nora bird

shirt ~ vintage, thrifted
shorts, sunglasses ~ Target
shoes ~ F21

as many of you know, it was pride weekend this past weekend. minneapolis has a huge weekend-long celebration. it's pretty amazing, actually. there are parties and a fabulous parade, food trucks, and a lot of love. we try to go when we're in town, and this year we were. 

i try not to get too serious or political on the blog, because after all, it's just nora and i trying on clothes and taking awkward pictures of ourselves. but, after a few years of doing it, i think we have gotten to know many of you, and vice versa. i think that anyone who reads the blog regularly or follows me on instagram knows that i am a very liberal person. but more than just my political beliefs, i am a person who believes that every single person in this country should have equal rights.

so, this weekend was extra special. you probably already know that on may 14, minnesota's governor signed the freedom to marry into law, and just last week, the supreme court ruled doma unconstitutional. this weekend was a huge celebration for these steps that are leading us to a more equal country.

i want my kids to grow up thinking no differently of same sex marriages than they do about my marriage. i already see that they don't even flinch when a friend has two dads or two moms, and that makes me proud. i just wanted to write a small post about how happy i am to live in this amazing state, in this amazing country, and how proud i am of my kids, and how they look at everyone with love and equality. 

my two cents.

happy monday!
two birds


  1. Lovely post! It was a very exciting weekend! And you ladies have such great summery outfits on!!

  2. Definitely an awesome weekend for you Minnesotans :) You both look SO the dots and love the neon!

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. Gorgeous looks, i love the polka dot shorts

  4. Definitely proud of our country right now! :) You both look great, and I am loving the tied chambray - I need to do this!

  5. i want white lacy shorts like the inspiration picture! and LOVE the polka dot ones!

  6. The tied chambray tops look so cute on both of you! I think it's amazing news that Minnesota passed same sex marriage :)

    The Tiny Heart

  7. Agreed! 100%! Such an exciting time in our state and in our country.

    You both look great - I love the bright colored shorts Megan and I love the polka dot skirt Nora!

  8. The tied up chambray shorts are perfect for a celebratory weekend. You both look great. :)

  9. I love the flirty skirt and the shorts! I have hesitated to write about my joy of the demise of doma, because I don't want to alienate anyone, but I am happy. Everyone deserves equal rights. There is an opera singer staying at my hotel. He has been with his partner 45 years. They would have been married for 45 years by now had gay marriage been legal. It blows my mind.

  10. HERE HERE!!!! I am completely in agreement with you guys. I am so pumped about the downfall of DOMA. Rights for ALL!!!!

  11. It nice that you had such a great celebration. Utah is so behind the times. I love the sandals of Megan's and the Skort or Nora; loving the polka dots! Thanks for the great post!!!! Ya all have a great week and day and evening huggin' those little kids of yours!

  12. Elegant and lovely!!! Love these looks ... Perfectly styled!


  13. Hey there sexy ladies! You both look amazing!

  14. I love that you want to raise your kids knowing not to have a second glance at the different families that exist! It's a different and changing world and hopefully everyone will one day see that for themselves...


  15. I love both looks, as usual! I never talk about things like this on my blog either, but I agree %100! I grew up in a very conservative household, and most of my family is. It gets very exhausting being the black sheep. I am glad that Kyle's family has the same beliefs as me, and that if/when we have kids, I want to raise them with a more accepting mind set. Awesome post!

  16. Lovely look sweety ^^
    Really :)

    New post - Kisses

  17. I love both looks! I love patterned skirts and bright shorts! Too cute! And I 100% agree with you, I hate that PA still hasnt legalized gay marriage

  18. you two look great! nora, i love that blue on you doll. there's been a lot of progress in that area. so happy for them.

  19. Hey hey! Looking lovely in your shorts! Nora, I want to swim across the ocean and steal those shorts, sooooo pretty! I wish I the Inspiration ones too!x

  20. Wonderful post :) I'm glad that you decided to share your views. I liked Ashleigh's comment, too- it's a great story.

    On a fashion-y note, I love Nora's shoes! Go F21.

    On a grammar note, whenever I leave comments on here, I find myself writing in all lower case and then I feel like I'm copying you so I always go back and change it! It's just really funny like it's a subconscious thing that I fall into after I read your posts!

  21. You both look adorable! And I can't wait to attend my sister's wedding to her long term girlfriend... they deserve it! <3

  22. Hooray for progress. I'm luck to live in a state where marriage equality has been a reality for quite some time. It's so nice to see my married coworkers and friends finally be able to get the federal benefits of marriage! I hope to raise my kids much in the same way!

  23. Great pics. Great inspiration for a holiday getaway I have planned. Hooray for Minnesota's strides forward, too! T.

  24. great looks from both of you
    gotta say the booties in the summer threw me off, but got lots of compliments LOL