Monday, July 15, 2013

inspiration monday: normalcy

the inspiration
kourtney kardashian
megan bird

romper ~ hand-me-down from nora
shirt ~ thrifted
shoes ~ Kohls
hat ~ Marshalls
sunglasses, necklace ~ vintage, thrifted

nora bird

shirt ~ H&M
shorts ~ Loft
shoes ~ thrifted
necklace ~ Etsy

this past weekend was the first weekend since the wedding that i have felt normal. i am still exhausted (i'm pretty sure that's not going to change), and i still have loads of laundry and dishes that need to be done, but i finally feel normal.

it was our first weekend where we had no huge obligations, and the ones we did have were easy. friday night our nephew slept over and chris and i hung out in the back yard with a few beers. saturday, henry had back-to-back birthday parties, so eva and i went to see despicable me 2 (maybe i fell asleep in the theater with her on my lap...that's between you and me), and saturday night we went to a friend's house for a bonfire. did i mention they also have a farm full of fun animals? sheep, goats, donkeys, pigs, and horses. i may or may not have "driven" a donkey down a dirt road. (ok, i did.)

sunday we christened our lemonade stand, and the kids made $44. considering we were only out for two hours, and they were selling it for $.25 a cup, i'd say they did really well. the cash is being sent to the charities they chose today.

the thing that made me feel most normal, though, was grocery shopping and cooking. i feel like summer has been so busy with wedding stuff and sports that i haven't had a real opportunity to sit and cook a nice meal for the family. i know it might sound pathetic that what i enjoyed most about the weekend was cooking a real meal for my family, but to me, it was perfect.

i hope your weekends were just as amazing.

two birds


  1. Oh such admirable following to the inspiration. Would you believe I don't a have a baggy white t? But, my tribal fringe was the next best thing. I love both of you's outfits; esp. you's shoes in each. Ya, I'm a "shoe gal" - dang it.

  2. you ladies look so cute! i am loving both pairs of shorts and how cute are those pink sneakers. Love!! you ladies knocked it out the park. i saw the cute lemonade stand on instagram. too cute.

  3. These are such cute looks! Nora, I love your pink chucks, and Megan, that romper + hat combo is perfect!

  4. I love weekends like that! I'm glad to hear you finally had some time to unwind and make a meal :) And of course you both look darling as usual - you sisters both have a great set of legs!

  5. $44!?! Love it! And love that it's heading to charity!!!

  6. Kudos to the kids on the lemonade sales!

    I love the idea of the white tee tied over a romper. Fun.:)

  7. I yhought the romber was culottes and was ridiculously excited, and I still love it though it is a romper. Clever, clever. Oh And I love Nora's necklace and shoes!

  8. You both look SO cute! Love the hat and love the shorts. And that is so awesome that the kids donated their lemonade earnings :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  9. So prettty

  10. These are both cute and casual summer outfits! I love that the kids raised money for charity with the lemonade stand!

    The Tiny Heart

  11. I love both your takes on Kortney K's look. So adorable!

    Fizz and Frosting

  12. Cooking is a big part of me feeling normal too.

    Love the pink runners!


  13. I particularly love the tourqoise and pink shorts. I do like the way kourtney dresses at the moment.

  14. Both you look great in your Kardashian inspired outfits. I saw your donkey ride on IG. Awesome!

  15. thanks for the inspiration, ladies! love the shorts and necklace, megan. and nora, the pink converse are awesome with those shorts!!!

  16. Awesome! You guys rocked the looks as usual and love the kid's lemonade fundraiser!!

    Between me and you, shh, I fell asleep in the same movie!

  17. Both great cute!

  18. Alas, I didn't prepare an outfit, but perhaps I will wear it for Swing dancing tomorrow night (too short for school!) and then link up! You look supercute! x

  19. Ha so funny but I'm with Renae, I don't have a loose-fitting white tee! After this I realized I need one! So many cute possibilities! I linked up last Friday's outfit cuz I thought the bright fun shorts fit well with it :)
    You both look so skinny and cute!! I love the romper and the shorts, both are just darling! Sounds like a nice low-key weekend. Mine was that way too.

  20. such a cute look with the hat!

  21. Yeah that doesn't really go away, but it does let up! Your lemonade stand was so cute and I am so glad you got to break it in. I love the shorts girls!

  22. Amazing looks for you both--and I adore how thrifted pieces are elegantly incorporated into your ensembles. Bravo, Dolls! xo T.

  23. Very cute outfits, both of you. :-) I'm a bit jealous of both of your legs!!

  24. that doesn't sound pathetic at all. you've been crazy busy. what a good mom to have them donate their money they earned from the lemonade stand to charity! i think it's brilliant. i want the hand me down leopard romper, and while i'm at it, give me the cute hat too. pretty please. ;)