Monday, July 29, 2013

inspiration monday: moving day

the inspiration
anne hathaway
megan bird

jeans ~ Ross
hat, shirt ~ thrifted (shirt is henry's and is being worn ironically)
shoes ~ Target
necklace ~ gift from mother-in-law

nora bird

jean, belt, shoes ~ thrifted
shirt ~ H&M
hat ~ LaCrosse
necklace ~ gift

so i don't have a whole lot to say today. i am having a sad day. the big sad is that my parents are moving. while i haven't lived in their (our) house for 20 years, it is just sad to think that this house they lived in for 36 years will no longer be our go-to home. it was always home, even after i moved out. we moved them out yesterday (my mom has 48 boxes of books...yikes!) and there were many tears shed. we moved everything out and then we went back to their empty house and sat on the living room floor and ate dinner. and then we had to leave...i didn't want to, but i did.

i just might have to stop by in a year or so and ask the new owners if i can get a sneak peek.

on the plus side, their new house is amazing, and like my mom said, "we will box up our memories and bring them to the new house." i know we will create many new ones there.

two birds


  1. A big move such as this is certainly bittersweet. You both look fab, tho'. Aren't fedoras the best? xo T.

  2. I bet it is definitely bittersweet for your parents to move out of the house you grew up in. Just like your mom said though you can make new memories too :)

    The love Big Time Rush t-shirt. We are taking the little one to see them in concert next week, ha ha!

  3. ok loving this and i have totally been living in graphic tees lately! love it paired with the hat :)

    XO Meghan

  4. I'm sure that is sad! I would feel the same way if my parents moved, they've been in the same house for just as long as your parents were. It's just home. You will always have your memories though!!

    Love both outfits and I chuckled at the BTR shirt. It looks cute on you though!

  5. lovely look!!
    totally following, can't wait to see more

    xo Jessica
    follow back if ya like!

  6. Aw! Sorry to hear about that. It's so weird the attachments we get to houses, isn't it? I am glad you guys got to enjoy your last night at the house in a special way!

  7. I am glad you all got to say goodbye and have a farewell dinner. I know how hard that must be. I lived in my first house in Detroit until I was six, and when we go home, I still drive by and I still cry every time. It was your first home - it will always have a special place in your heart. p.s. M, I love those shoes.

  8. megan, I love the tee! nora, I love the shoes! you guys come up with some fun ones. I had a duran duran t-shirt for sooooooo long but I just gave it up a closet clean out ago. kinda bummin' about that now!

  9. My parents have lived in their house since the early 70s, so I'd feel the same way if they moved!

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  10. You both look adorable! Love the color of your shoes Nora!

  11. You both look very casual chic and lovely! I can imagine how you feel as well. Your mom is right though and your memories will go with you and new ones will be creates at the new place too!
    Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely week!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  12. That is always hard! I'm sending you HUGS!!! My mom hasn't given up her home, but if she did I would feel sad too. There are so many memories. You will definitely create new ones in her new home. Try not to look back. It's hard to do. Wishing you all the best. Both of you look great! Megan, thanks for your encouraging email. You have a good heart. ((hug))

  13. That's sad to hear about your parents moving. I guess for me it's a bit different because I always had to move with my military family so it must feel nice to have your parents so close with so many memories. :) Love these photos. xo/Madison

  14. That's sad but good. My home is wherever my Mama is :)
    I love Meg's top and Nora's hat!

  15. Megan, looks like great minds think alike with the leopard print shoes!
    This was a fun look to do and you both nailed it

  16. my parents still have our house. i just can't imagine anyone else living there! i'm sure you will all create new memories at the new house :)
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  17. Oh, I bet that was a bittersweet event. Home is where you hang your heart and keep your clothes and furniture and ....booooks ....48 boxes??? Soon all will have sweet memories of the older house and fond new ones of the new one. There, spoken like and oldie but goodie, hahahahaha.

    I feel well enough to be commenting. Not sure when a new post will be out and about yet. Thanks for your nice attention.

    You two look so cute in your inspiration photos this week. I love Megan's T and Nora's neon flats and hat!