Monday, July 8, 2013

inspiration monday: is it bad?

the inspiration
rebecca minkoff
megan bird

pants, shirt ~ Target
shoes, earrings ~ hand-me-down from sisters

nora bird

 pants, shirt ~ Target
shoes ~ 9.98 Store
bracelet ~ H&M

~ is it bad that i made chocolate peanut butter brownies this weekend and used coconut oil instead of vegetable oil to convince myself they were "healthy"?
~ is it bad that i ate half the batter of those brownies before i baked them?
~ is it bad that i spent two hours at three stores looking for a cute way to store our dog's food?
~ is it bad that we now store our dog's food in a really cute storage ottoman that most likely isn't meant to store dog food?
~ is it bad that i made it my mission to get our backyard/patio super adorable before our friends came over on saturday night?
~ before you say no to the above question, please note that getting the patio adorable involved many (expensive) trips to home depot, me climbing a ladder up a very tall tree to hang lights (i'm terrified of heights), and eight hours of sweaty work by both chris and i.
~ (ok, still not bad...our back yard looks amazing.)
~ is it bad that i bought these pants and shirt using inspiration monday as a justification?
~ is it bad that sunday was spent mainly napping with the kids?
~ is it bad that i have so much grey in my hair, but i don't notice it until i take pictures for the blog?
~ is it bad that i really hope you just didn't scroll up to look again at my grey hair?
~ (if you didn't before, i bet you just did.)

happy monday! (is it bad that i wish it was friday already?)
two birds


  1. hi You Guys, What? I am the first one to link up? What is going on? Yay, you brought back "is it bad!" No-it is not bad that you both have a great floral jeans. I'll be back.

  2. I love those printed jeans! You both look great! I was laughing about the gray hair. It never shows up until you review pics. Too funny and great inspiration!

  3. Oh my you both are rockin the shoes!!!!

  4. Haha, no, none of this is bad! And I promise I didn't scroll up to check out your hair ;)

    Is it bad that I want to run out and buy more printed pants now?

  5. LOVE the floral pants, and love the neon tee! And eating brownie batter is the BEST :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. I knew you had to be Renae's friend! Anyway I don't know which of your wrote me - but thanks for the idea of the eraser. Great idea. Thanks. I think you are both adorable there. And I didn't notice either of your hairs as being gray. You two are so cute. And let's see - are you bad - heck no - you are good doing all those things - I call it really living! Love, sandie

  7. Replies
    1. You two birds seriously need to follow Sandie back on some site. She is awesome! She keeps me going when I not too happy about some of my blogging choices. She is super!
      (ok, I'll back off)

  8. Nope, I would say none of that is bad!! I have totally used Inspiration Monday in the past as an excuse to buy something too!! And brownie dough sounds so good right now. I wonder if I could make some without eggs in it...hmm.

  9. Love both of your looks- Rebecca Minkoff is so stylish, too!

  10. My hubby always eats half the batter of anything I'm baking and I yell at him for it, haha. And I never noticed any grey hair on you!

    The Tiny Heart

  11. love the printed pants! i want to see pictures of your patio! and that definitely makes the batter healthier :)

  12. Yay Megan Bird for the pink! And Nora for the shoes!
    I didn't see any grays...

  13. I laughed out loud at the search for the cute dog food container. That's totally something I would do. It would be bad if you didn't take pics of your garden all decked out. Please, please show us.

    I always love checking out Inspiration Monday, and it's fun to link up this week!

    Sue xo

  14. Loving these outfits! I linked up with you gals this week!


  15. I totally scrolled up! Ha! Still not bad.:)

  16. I'm with you on the Friday thing!
    Love the patterned pants - I wonder if I'll ever be able to get out of my comfort zone & wear a pair!
    Have a great week!
    xx Corinne

  17. It's only bad if it makes you unhappy. Otherwise, it's all fabulous! lol. I am so bad with any kind of batter- brownie, cookie, muffin, cake. I'd probably end up with double the finished product if I would just stay out of the batter :D

  18. I want to steal both of your wedges right now. TOO CUTE!

  19. I don't see any grey silly! :) That is so something I would do using the excuse of people coming over to buy things and do DIY projects. I bet it looks amazing though! I love those little hanging lights!
    Megan I love your pants and I love that you're both wearing cute bright tees instead of plain white!

  20. Oh,I miss you two so much!
    You look great by the way, as always!

    I have a ton of grey and I like it!!

  21. No, none of this is bad. I am totally guilty of using coconut oil in cake/biscotti recipes and feeling more virtuous for doing so.

    I swear I didn't scroll up to look at your hair. :)

  22. I love that you both used hot, bright colors for your tee

  23. is it bad that i now want to see this amazing backyard? is it bad that i got my t-shirt. i wore for inspiration monday, at target too? is it bad that i'm jealous of nora's shoes? is it bad that i had to color the grey out of my hair last friday?

  24. Ha! That was pretty funny! Thanks so much for stopping by today. You guys look so cute in your patterned jeans.

  25. None of the above is bad. All acceptable. And I don't see grey. But I am lurving the printed pants. I LURV Nora's shoes... those are so hawt!

  26. None of these are bad things. In fact, I made my kids cookies, let them each have two and Patrick and I finished off the rest of the batch. LOL I love both looks! What a great interpretation of the inspiration!