Thursday, July 25, 2013

bird.i.y./bird house: reuse, recycle, repeat

i don't know what the actual definition of hoarding is. frankly, i don't want to look it up, because i'm afraid some of it might ring too true with me. here's what i know about myself: i'm pretty creative and i see new and cool things in other people's junk. this self-proclaimed creativity leads me to do things that might be considered hoarding. for example, if i see something that i know i don't need, that i will probably never need, and that no one would ever need, i buy it. being a garage sale and thrift shopper makes buying these useless things easier because they really don't hurt the pocketbook as much as a new item would. so instead of calling it hoarding, i like to call it "seeing the potential" in things.

instead of a diy today, i am going to show you a few ways i have used some of my otherwise useless items. i bought all of these items thinking that i would maybe use them for the wedding; some i did, and some i didn't. chris wanted to throw some all of it away, but i couldn't/wouldn't/shouldn't do it. to prove him wrong, i used them.

item(s) #1: vintage crates
i found most of these crates at a garage sale. one garage sale. i remember the day fondly. i was with the kids and the first garage sale we stumbled upon was a gold mine. i literally filled our range rover – the kids had their feet resting on things, the passenger seat was at capacity, and i could barely see out the back window. gold mine. they were not selling these crates, but i thought i'd ask anyways. at flea markets, these go for anywhere from $10–$50. when i asked if they were selling them at this garage sale, the woman said "i about $1 each?" i quickly gave her the money before she could change her mind and packed them in the car. and now we have a new "linen closet".

the lack of closet space in minneapolis homes is ridiculous. we do have a linen closet that we keep all of our medicine, lotions, etc. in, but i needed a place to hold toliet paper, towels, brushes, and the 500 bottles of perfume i own (not a hoarder).

item #2: ladder trellis
i found three old ladder trellises at an estate sale for $3 each. it was another great sale – someone who loves quirky gardening was getting rid of everything, so naturally, i bought it all. you can see some of the items i bought in this post (two long wooden planters, and two more of the wooden trellises). anyway, i happen to have a lot of jewelry (please don't judge, and please don't send me the definition of hoarder...ignorance is bliss, people), and i needed a nice way to display/store it. i was using a very cute old crib mattress spring (pictured below), which i loved, but the necklaces kept falling off the s-hooks i was using to hang them from the springs. because it was annoying and frustrating, i either wouldn't wear the necklaces, or when i did, and tried to put them back, they would just fall behind my dresser. so i grabbed a few nails and one of the ladder trellises and went to work.

the green jewelry armoire holds my earrings, and the pink suitcase was full of belts.

and after:

the belts are now stored in an old dresser drawer i found thrown in someone's alley. it's resting nicely under the dresser (you can kind of see it in the picture above). this is what i mean about seeing potential in things. someone else saw garbage in an alley, i saw a belt container. you are now probably slowly backing away from your computers because you think i'm crazy.

nora also gave me ben's old dresser (above) which i adore. all in all, i think this looks way cleaner than the old spring did. oh, and look, i even made my bed to take these pictures!! i mean, i make my bed every day. honest.

so, not really a diy, but i wanted to share a few of my easier projects and show that it really is true that one man's trash could, in fact, (literally) be another man's treasure!

happy friday!!
megan bird


  1. Ohhh I love that ladder trellis idea for jewelry storage. Putting that away in my 'must find' memory bank :)

  2. I'm terrible at keeping track of jewelry - probably because I don't have a cool and decorative way of storing them!

  3. You seriously do some of the best DIYs. I LOVE the ladder, what a creative idea!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. Wow! Great effort on the organizing skills. The other day I stumbled upon a organizing blog gal via Pinterest. OMyGosh! I want HER kitchen, just like it was on Pinterest!!!

    Yes, we had a great time celebrating our heritage and the more recent heritage (since we can do fireworks) since 1985.

  5. Man, I swear I still want you to come to my house and show me how to better organize! I love all of this.

  6. You do such an excellent job repurposing things! I am so locked in to one job per item!

  7. I love when people re-purpose things! I try to find re-uses for everything before discarding things. I only discard as a last resort. But truthfully I keep things to a minimum.

    Thanks for your opinion about Klout. I just see it as a great way to earn perks. It's fun to me. I don't see it as competition. I hate competitiveness in anything. My blog is the last for that...I only have 550 readers on GFC and 366 on bloglovin (hardly a BIG blogger LOL). Your blog is larger than mine. HaHa I view it as me doing a great job with the blog I have and getting rewards for doing so. In ANYthing, one can look at things positively or negatively. Just trying to inform my readers how to get free stuff if they choose to.

  8. Your house if full of cute stuff although I've never seen your basement... I like that ladder trellis for jewelry! I don't think I have enough necklaces for that but I might wear them more if I could see them all!

  9. I love the crates. And now I need an old ladder to store my jewelry! It looks great. :)

  10. I think if you're organized, you can't be a hoarder. I hope. Thanks for the peek into your home, I'm always so curious about how other people organize their stuff!

  11. you did a great job with the crates! love the organization!


  12. So now you'll come do my house right???? I recently have been picking up plastic milk crates.
    I'm going to hang them in formation on the wall (all spray painted the same color of course) and put my books in them.

  13. My Mum always used to say 'one mans trash is another mans treasure'. I love that, especially as I love a good rummage at a carboot sale and in second hand shops.
    You should be proud of your repurposing of these items, they would be thrown away otherwise.

  14. i like this philosophy - seeing the potential in things, I may have to borrow this expression to justify some second hand furniture that needs fixing up!

  15. I'm very impressed! Really good reuses of the items! When I lived in Bali, we didn't want to buy furniture since we were only there for a year, so my friend Thomas, a fellow student, took some old fruit crates and covered the outside in pretty floral fabric and then he used it as a table. When he moved into a furnished home, he asked if I wanted it, which I did. I used the inside as a bookcase and then the top was my bedside table for my lamp and electric fan! Brilliant use and free!x