Wednesday, July 31, 2013

inspiration picture for august 5: brandy

the inspiration
i tried to think of some funny puns i could use to make this post funny, but they all just ended up making me sound like a boozer. so instead of making jokes, i will just about how much i love this outfit...cute jeans, statement necklace, hot blazer, and shoes that need to be my closet, like yesterday.

so we hop you play along with this fabulous outfit inspiration. if you don't know how to play, but want to join in on monday, click here for the rules.

two birds

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

love*birds: 7.31.13

 things i am loving this week:
~ my kids have been walking our dog by themselves every day this week. we never take him on long walks because he is old, but they have really been enjoying walking him just around the block. i can see them bonding even more with him and i love it.
~ we bought push-up popsicle forms and are testing out new recipes for cold treats. today's flavor, key lime cheesecake (in honor of national cheesecake day yesterday). so yummy!!
~ someone asked me why i have so many kids books to donate. i got to answer with, "well my kids read so much that we can't keep all of the books once they read them because we don't have enough room"...sounds like a great problem to me. (our eight-year old is already on the sixth harry potter book!)
~ running. i know my days of running outside will be ending for the season in about three months, so i am trying to savor my morning runs, even if i don't necessarily want to at the time!

and here are a few more things we are loving this week!

megan bird
babydoll ikat dress
i love the pattern and the easy feel of this dress. i feel like this is the perfect day-to night dress...just switch our your shoes and accessories! plus, it would work in winter with some colorful tights, as well as bare-legged in the summer!

bunny ring
i love that this bunny looks like it's hanging on to your finger for dear life. it's adorable!!

triangle zip tote
i had a hard time picking from the collection of amazing bags on this site. seriously, i want one of each!! i'll take this triangle tote for starters!!

wooden alphabet set
first, i need a free wall in my house. second, i will take this set. i am in love with both the idea and look of this set. brilliant!

australian shepherd print
this is basically a paint by numbers of my dog. i am in love.

Chels & the City
i am loving the mix of this breezy maxi skirt and that cute print on the tank. add a fabulous belt and perfect crossbody bag, and i think we've got the perfect summer outfit!!!

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i mentioned on monday that our parents moved to a new house. i snapped this pic of them as we were all leaving the old house. mom is crying, dad is smiling! they are the perfect combo!

nora bird
ivory jumpsuit

i am obsessed with this jumpsuit! i love that it is a little bit masculine, a little bit girly, and a lot bit fabulous. i seriously need to find somewhere to wear this!

tiny initial ring

how sweet are these rings? i would love a tiny 'n' ring. and maybe my kids initials, too!

crossbody satchel

this is the perfect day to night bag! the size and crossbody strap are great for a day of shopping. and remove the detachable strap and you have the cutest clutch for a night on the town!

swarovski crystal friendship bracelet

sparkly friendship bracelets!? yes, please! these bracelets are so pretty. i would love a bunch to mix and match!

cat eye sunglasses

these sunnies are so chic. i love the two-tone cat eye!

It's Not That Deep

sheree is wearing pretty much the coolest outfit ever in this post. she makes me want to go in my closet with a scissors and cut all of my oversized vintage shirts like this! brilliant!

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ben was teething and miserable for the past two weeks, which was super sad. he was also extra super snugly, which was awesome. i think he is finally over the hump and feeling better, but hopefully he will keep on snuggling!

what are you loving today?

xoxo, two birds

outfit of the day(bird): overall awesomeness

overalls~ from megan bird
shirt~ Old Navy
shoes~ Target
necklace~ Etsy, gift from jim

i haven't worn overalls since i was a kid. and, like many of the things i wore as a kid, they're back! (i was going to say they are back in style, but i guess i am not quite sure if overalls are, or ever were, very stylish. but i digress...) also, like many of the things i wore as a child, i am pretty sure i said i would never wear them again. other things i vowed i would never again wear? skinny jeans (wear them almost every day), leggings (live in them all winter long), and bangs (i can't picture myself without them.) and, of course, here i am in overalls. and i'm not gonna lie. i like them. they are comfy, they are easy to wear, you can throw them on over just about anything, and you can wear them in any season. they are practical mom-wear while still being kind of cool and funky. there is a downside, though. there is really no way to look cute while sitting down in overalls. they kind of bunch up around the middle and it looks a little awkward. but that's easy to hide when you have a giant baby sitting in your lap almost all of the time. ben to the rescue! i seriously might wear these babies every other day! (thanks for the overalls, megan bird! sorry for ruining our blog since i will just be wearing these all the time now.)

xoxo, nora bird

Monday, July 29, 2013

inspiration monday: moving day

the inspiration
anne hathaway
megan bird

jeans ~ Ross
hat, shirt ~ thrifted (shirt is henry's and is being worn ironically)
shoes ~ Target
necklace ~ gift from mother-in-law

nora bird

jean, belt, shoes ~ thrifted
shirt ~ H&M
hat ~ LaCrosse
necklace ~ gift

so i don't have a whole lot to say today. i am having a sad day. the big sad is that my parents are moving. while i haven't lived in their (our) house for 20 years, it is just sad to think that this house they lived in for 36 years will no longer be our go-to home. it was always home, even after i moved out. we moved them out yesterday (my mom has 48 boxes of books...yikes!) and there were many tears shed. we moved everything out and then we went back to their empty house and sat on the living room floor and ate dinner. and then we had to leave...i didn't want to, but i did.

i just might have to stop by in a year or so and ask the new owners if i can get a sneak peek.

on the plus side, their new house is amazing, and like my mom said, "we will box up our memories and bring them to the new house." i know we will create many new ones there.

two birds

Thursday, July 25, 2013

bird.i.y./bird house: reuse, recycle, repeat

i don't know what the actual definition of hoarding is. frankly, i don't want to look it up, because i'm afraid some of it might ring too true with me. here's what i know about myself: i'm pretty creative and i see new and cool things in other people's junk. this self-proclaimed creativity leads me to do things that might be considered hoarding. for example, if i see something that i know i don't need, that i will probably never need, and that no one would ever need, i buy it. being a garage sale and thrift shopper makes buying these useless things easier because they really don't hurt the pocketbook as much as a new item would. so instead of calling it hoarding, i like to call it "seeing the potential" in things.

instead of a diy today, i am going to show you a few ways i have used some of my otherwise useless items. i bought all of these items thinking that i would maybe use them for the wedding; some i did, and some i didn't. chris wanted to throw some all of it away, but i couldn't/wouldn't/shouldn't do it. to prove him wrong, i used them.

item(s) #1: vintage crates
i found most of these crates at a garage sale. one garage sale. i remember the day fondly. i was with the kids and the first garage sale we stumbled upon was a gold mine. i literally filled our range rover – the kids had their feet resting on things, the passenger seat was at capacity, and i could barely see out the back window. gold mine. they were not selling these crates, but i thought i'd ask anyways. at flea markets, these go for anywhere from $10–$50. when i asked if they were selling them at this garage sale, the woman said "i about $1 each?" i quickly gave her the money before she could change her mind and packed them in the car. and now we have a new "linen closet".

the lack of closet space in minneapolis homes is ridiculous. we do have a linen closet that we keep all of our medicine, lotions, etc. in, but i needed a place to hold toliet paper, towels, brushes, and the 500 bottles of perfume i own (not a hoarder).

item #2: ladder trellis
i found three old ladder trellises at an estate sale for $3 each. it was another great sale – someone who loves quirky gardening was getting rid of everything, so naturally, i bought it all. you can see some of the items i bought in this post (two long wooden planters, and two more of the wooden trellises). anyway, i happen to have a lot of jewelry (please don't judge, and please don't send me the definition of hoarder...ignorance is bliss, people), and i needed a nice way to display/store it. i was using a very cute old crib mattress spring (pictured below), which i loved, but the necklaces kept falling off the s-hooks i was using to hang them from the springs. because it was annoying and frustrating, i either wouldn't wear the necklaces, or when i did, and tried to put them back, they would just fall behind my dresser. so i grabbed a few nails and one of the ladder trellises and went to work.

the green jewelry armoire holds my earrings, and the pink suitcase was full of belts.

and after:

the belts are now stored in an old dresser drawer i found thrown in someone's alley. it's resting nicely under the dresser (you can kind of see it in the picture above). this is what i mean about seeing potential in things. someone else saw garbage in an alley, i saw a belt container. you are now probably slowly backing away from your computers because you think i'm crazy.

nora also gave me ben's old dresser (above) which i adore. all in all, i think this looks way cleaner than the old spring did. oh, and look, i even made my bed to take these pictures!! i mean, i make my bed every day. honest.

so, not really a diy, but i wanted to share a few of my easier projects and show that it really is true that one man's trash could, in fact, (literally) be another man's treasure!

happy friday!!
megan bird

outfit of the day(bird): man bands and other awkward things

shirt~ H&M
skirt~ F21
necklace~ gift from mother-in-law
shoes~ Nine West

my neighbor's new 14 week-old puppy, enzo, came out to say hello while i was posing for my outfit photos. which also meant that my neighbor was standing right there and watching while jim was taking these photos. and it was a little awkward. but whatever. i just kept right on posing like i didn't even care. but you can tell by these photos that i am a bit uncomfortable! i'm totally smiling awkwardly and looking at jim, like, "come on, dude. take these photos and let's get back inside already!"
i wore this to the boyz II men/98 degrees/NKOTB concert, which was also a little awkward, but still totally awesome. i have been in love with NKOTB, specifically donnie, since about 1989. i was never lucky enough to attend one of their concerts as a child (when they were in their prime), but i have seen them twice now as an adult. and while their concerts may have been a bit more thrilling and less cringe-worthy when i was a kid, at least now i can drink beer and laugh hysterically with my sister when donnie tries to be sexy or jordan does the running man. and we can make up a name and various stories about the fourth member of 98 degrees, who we never even knew existed. or joke that one of the other members does not seem like he should be in a boy man band but, rather, very much resembles timothy busfield. also, almost every 98 degree song sounds like "water runs dry" by boyz II men. coincidence? i think not. and speaking of boyz II men, there for sure used to be four members, am i right? (only three members performed at this show and megan and i thought maybe we were going crazy. if anyone knows what happened to bass, we are all ears.) so, yeah, i'll take the concert as an adult. way more fun!

happy thursday, all!

xoxo, nora bird

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

inspiration picture for july 29: anne hathaway

i feel like i should tell you all that i was so obsessed with duran duran as a pre-teen that my friends and i would rent all of their videos on vhs (yes, i'm that old) and watch them non-stop. (and many of their videos are not suitable for 12-year old girls.) either way, we watched and watched and watched them – and then we may or may not have written a book about them (ok, we did).

needless to say, i do not own a single duran duran t-shirt, but now i really feel the need to find one. thrift challenge on. in particular, i want this exact one anne hathaway is wearing. that probably won't happen, but we'll see what we can come up with by monday.

even if you didn't love (or even know) duran duran, we hope you'll play along on monday. don't know the rules? click here to read them!

two birds

love*birds: 7.24.13

things i am loving this week:
~ yesterday was jim and my 8th wedding anniversary! each year has been better than the last. here's to many many many more!
~ cookie dipped drumsticks. do yourself a favor and go get some right now. so yummy!
~ hyland's teething drops and baby advil. ben, my poor little guy, has been teething and miserable this week. these are the only two things that have seemed to help!
~ the weather this week. it has been amazing!

and here are a few other things we are loving this week...

nora bird
vintage sandals

these are gorgeous! i am a six, but i would squeeze my feet into these babies for the sake of fashion!

grammar art print

this is awesome! i am a huge fan of grammar (nerd alert!) and it's always a fear of mine that i will accidentally use one of these words the wrong way on the blog and feel ashamed forever!

floral mini dress

the floral print on this skirt is amazing! i love the bright, fun colors!

art print

oh la la! this print is so simple but so cute! i would love to hang this in my home!

leather cuff

i adore the bold graphic print on this cuff! beautiful!

Stylin in St. Louis

jacqueline looks perfectly summery and chic in this outfit! i adore all of the colors happening in this look. and her shirt was only $10! score!

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this might be my favorite photo from our wedding. it was right after the ceremony ended and we walked out to the cheers and congratulations of our family and friends. it was amazing. and you can clearly see how happy we are!

megan bird
orange polka dot maxi skirt
at first glance, i thought this skirt was pink and i loved it. then i read the description and saw that it was orange and loved it even more. it's so cute!

hot air balloon kit
i have a mild obsession with hot air balloons. i would never actually ride in a real one, but i would love to stare at these beauties all day long.

kelly green dress
pantone had it right with this color. i love the color and the silhouette of this dress. it's simple, but so gorgeous.

herringbone fabric messenger bag
i love this bag. it's perfectly casual and so unique. i love that it looks like a clutch/fold-over bag, but i bet it would fit everything you could possibly need in it!

yellow beaded statement necklace
i can't really pull off yellow clothing. but i love the color, so i love it when i find great yellow accessories. this necklace is so pretty and fun, and would brighten up any outfit!

Mama Fashion Files
aracely from Mama Fashion Files looks beautiful in this sleeveless blazer. i never knew i needed a sleeveless blazer, but after seeing this outfit, i think i do. i also think i need a rockin' pair of silver pumps!

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there was no doubt as to which was my favorite instagram picture this week. me and my hubby, just minutes after we had gotten married! i love this picture.

what are you loving today?
two birds