Tuesday, June 18, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): i got nothin'

shirt~ Old Navy
shorts~ Marshalls
shoes~ Steve Madden
necklaces~ Etsy and F21

i have been sitting here, staring at my computer screen, for about an hour. i have started three different stories and deleted them all. i have put my computer down and walked away for a few minutes, trying to gather my thoughts and think of something interesting to share, only to come back and stare at the screen some more, my mind blank. it's not like i lead the least interesting life ever. no, my kids are a constant source of entertainment and funny stories. my husband, sisters, friends, and i are always laughing about one thing or another. i just can't seem to think of any of those things right now. i think i am just tired. we have had a very busy few weeks. i feel like summertime is just so busy, with hardly a moment to rest. always on the go. trying to get outside and enjoy the weather and do something fun every day. not to mention getting all the boring stuff, like the piles of laundry and dishes, the grocery shopping, the vacuuming, the bathroom cleaning, the cooking (i think you get the picture), done. and everything is just a little bit harder, a little more tiring, and a lot bit busier when you have small children. i am not complaining. i have a lot of help. it am definitely not doing this all on my own. but i am just tired. and blank. and i am sorry i am a bad blogger because of that.

on another note, if you are thinking this outfit is a bit more fancy and/or shorter than something i would normally wear, you are correct. i wore this for megan's bachelorette party and i just felt like wearing something short and sassy. luckily, this outfit was also extremely comfy, which is a requirement for all my outfits! i wish i had more opportunities to wear formal shorts. i mean, really, don't we all?

xoxo, nora bird


  1. You're not a bad blogger (unless I am too, because I've been there before many a time!). And I love the short and fancy (and comfy - that's awesome!!) outfit on you.:)

  2. I love the scallop on the shorts.

    Having something fun, creative and unique to write about daily is tough. We all have off days.


  3. I totally hear you - I have had a hard time coming up with fun things to blog about lately too! I think it's just summer!

    This is the perfect bachelorette party outfit!

  4. I often get writer's block too. My life isn't always the most interesting!

    I think the scalloped shorts are so cute! You could dress them down to get more wear out of them. :)

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  5. Aw it happens to everyone. Next time I'm sure you will have a really funny kiddo story! You look SMASHING in these shorts Nora!!! I love your hair too!

  6. Those scalloped hem shorts are so adorable, and I really love your necklace!

  7. I LOVE THOSE SHORTS! This is such a great outfit for going out, I am going to have to keep it in mind! Yeah summer is cray-cray. If you take out the small kids, add work and a 10 year old brother you have my life! I feel you lady!

  8. You look amazing! I love this outfit on you.

    And I hear you on the small kids. I love them dearly but between them and the upcoming move I have been a very bad blogger. No time!

  9. Nora, this outfit is great from top to bottom (of your feet, that is) I love your hair! Cute, free and stylish. Those shoes are now mine, right? Hand them over! My address is: ----------, in ---- Utah -----. Send them immediately.

    Hey I have a Giveaway to Zappos going on. check it.

    The shoes? size 7, right?

  10. These shorts are adorable and I LOVE your necklace too!

  11. Your legs look so long in this outfit! I think it's plenty at this point that you're still blogging at all! I'm not sure how I'm going to do it after the baby's born! You're doing just fine!

  12. You look ADORABLE! Perfect for a bachelorette party and a winning combo of sexy/comfy. That's a hard thing to do! I also LOVE your hair color!

  13. Great outfit! I adore the combination of wedge heels with the shorts! T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

  14. I think you look great. I love those shorts on you!

  15. you are one very pretty and busy woman! welcome to the land of fried brains. you outfit is sensational and perfect for a party. :)

  16. Gorgeous hair and color, lippy and outfit. I had my best body ever at your age Nora and I miss it, You look beautiful,hip and leggy. dawn Suitcase vignettes xo