Thursday, June 27, 2013

outfit of the day(bird): getting to know me!

shirt, belt, and shoes~ thrifted
necklace~ F21

i thought i would share a few (hopefully) fun and/or random facts about myself with you today. it's funny, because i read your blogs, and your comments, and kind of consider all of you my friends, but most of us don't really know one another. you know little things about me, of course, from reading this blog or following my instagram photos. and i have met a few of you in real life, which is awesome. but i thought i would share a few little things that i may have never shared and we can get to know each other a bit better. sound good? i don't claim to be the world's most interesting woman, so don't get your hopes up too high! okay, here goes...

~ i have a bachelor's degree in theater arts. i have never once pursued any work in the theater, outside of school.
~ i would love to someday front a cover band. since that is highly unlikely, i sing karaoke. i love karaoke.
~ i am very shy and sort of uncomfortable in social situations. i love hanging out in groups with extremely talkative and outgoing people so that i can sit back and listen rather than be the center of attention.
~ my husband and sisters are the type of people i described above. i hang out with them a lot.
~ i own a hair brush, but do not remember ever using it in the last five or so years.
~ i had massive eyebrows and a uni-brow until my junior year of high school, when my girlfriends basically held me down and waxed it off. after that, i became a serious over-plucker. i regret it to this day and still have to fill in my eyebrows with an eye pencil every morning.
~ i am horrified of most bugs. especially spiders, centipedes, and moths. *shudder*
~ moths are constantly dive-bombing me. ask megan.
~ i hate wearing socks, unless i am working out.
~ i could eat mexican food every day and be happy.
~ i love to dance but i am not a good dancer. although, give me a couple drinks and i think i am!
~ speaking of drinks, my favorites are coffee (hot in the winter, iced in the summer) and wine (red in the winter, white in the summer.)
~ i should drink more water.
~ i was a waitress almost my entire adult life, until ben was born. i have only had one office job. i am now a stay-at-home mom. i am freaked out about what i will do when my kids start school and i have to re-enter the work force! (anyone know of any good theater jobs???)
~ i hate public speaking. even in those circle-group situations where you have to go around and say your name, i get extremely nervous. don't even get me started on when i'm asked to say one fun fact about myself. that's utterly terrifying.
~ i never wore lipstick until this year. now i love it.
~ i love freckles and i wish i had more.
~ i always thought i looked like my dad but have recently realized that i look exactly like my mom.
~ i always cry at weddings. even if they are on tv. i love weddings.
~ i love scary movies and those ghost hunter shows on tv. but i can't watch them because i won't sleep for days afterwards and i will make jim come to the bathroom with me when i have to pee in the middle of the night.
~ i constantly think people are making fun of me. my sisters and dad usually are.

okay, i'll stop for now. i could go on, but this could get really long (as if it isn't already.) perhaps, i'll share more in a future post!

xoxo, nora bird


  1. You are adorable! I love being around more outgoing and talkative people's definitely more my style to sit back & listen/observe :) And OMG I had a unibrow for most of middle was terrible!

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. How fun! These are some things I didn't know about you. Let's go out for Mexican food sometime! I love it too.

  3. Cover bands and karaoke is awesome! This was a lot of fun to read

  4. Love that necklace and those shoes!!!!!! Swoon :)

  5. Mmm, Mexican food! I would have to say that is probably my favorite genre too. I didn't know you had a theatre arts degree - that's really cool! Fun post, I enjoyed reading more about you - we're rather similar in many ways!

    Oh and PS, the bow necklace is too cute!

  6. This was such a fun post! I am the exact same way...I am very shy around people I don't know. Thank goodness my hubby is very extroverted and talkative!

    The Tiny Heart

  7. I love karaoke and hate socks too!

  8. LOL What a fun list indeed! I love socks actually and as soon as I get home and take my shoes off, on come the socks. I can't stand being barefoot. And karaoke terrifies me to death! I love your white jeans!

  9. Haha, I love this! I love to dance too, but am most definitely not a good dancer. Sometimes I'll be dancing around the house and my husband will look at me and tell me not to hurt myself.. I'm also accident-prone! :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. Oh Nora, you are so cute! I could tell you were shy; by your poses and just things you have said in the past. That is ok, honest. I am super out-going so we balance each other out. Have you considered being a set designer? I have a friend who's daughter is ultra shy, but she loves theater and plays. She took some courses in it in college and voila. She loves it. Just an idea. Have a lovely Thursday, k? (I too had a uni-brow and now have to force myself not to over pluck)

  11. I'm glad you did this - it was fun learning more about you!

    I'm shy and awkward and prefer being around a bunch of outgoing people, too, but I'm TERRIFIED of singing in front of people. I would hate doing karaoke. You should totally start a cover band!

    Small groups and ice-breaking activities freak me out, like you, but I don't have a problem speaking in front of larger groups as long as I'm prepared. It's kind of fascinating how different shy people operate.

    Also, bugs, yuck! Couldn't agree more.

  12. We have a TON in common. Except the moth thing. I'm with you on the spiders and centipedes but moths just seem too. . . fluttery to be scary. Maybe it'd help to think of them as night butterflies? LOL.

    I'd love to hear what you think of being a stay-at-home mom.

  13. so cuuute! i was so sad to see that your shirt was thrifted because im looking for one like that haha

    The DayLee Journal

  14. Love all these fun facts...I am a theater major as well but dont do anything at a actual theater!


  15. Cute summer outfit - I love the gray tee with the white pants and fun shoes!
    I am also rather shy and hate group speaking situations. The exception is when I'm teaching - I have no problems speaking in front of a group of kids! :)

  16. weddings make me cry too. and I can't believe you don't use a brush! you're hair always looks so cute too! and I lOVE those shoes!

  17. We have so much in common!!!! My dream is to sing in a cover band! In fact, my sister and I have already made plans to start one when she graduated from college and moves down to my all we need is a band.....haha.

  18. "i love scary movies and those ghost hunter shows on tv. but i can't watch them because i won't sleep for days afterwards and i will make jim come to the bathroom with me when i have to pee in the middle of the night" THIS IS ME!!! Like, exactly. My Hubby would laugh so hard if he read this. I'm also super shy and awkward in social situations and I also had a major unibrown until 7th? grade. So fun to learn more about you! I need to do this on my blog now...
    I love this outfit, especially the cute bow necklace and those amazing heels!

  19. Love learning all the fun facts about you
    I would totally love to come hang out with you

  20. Love this list! We need to karaoke sometime together. :) And I'm as clueless as you about what to do once my kids are all in school. If you think of something awesome, let me know!!

  21. that is so interesting about the lipstick and hair brush! thanks for sharing these. love your outfit! those shoes are sweet.

  22. Love all these! Our little quirks make us who we are! :-)

  23. How interesting! I loved this sharing! I always wondered if you had a job and what you did and also what you were like! Interesting you like to sit back and listen. I like that too, though I also like talking!!!x